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SALE Out of the Shadows by Bethany Shaw

Excerpt from Out of the Shadows, Werewolf Wars #1

Lark didn’t know what to grab for her sister. Sarah was picky in what she wore and when. She thought a nice mixture would go over best. With a sigh she opened the closet, packing several dresses before going to the dresser.
Devon stood in the doorway. Lark could feel his eyes following her around the room. Normally she hated being watched, it unnerved her. This seemed different, like she was a mystery he was trying to solve. She thought the feeling was mutual.
There was animosity, then sexual tension. One minute she wanted to punch him, the next she wanted to throw him on a bed and ease the desire thrumming between her thighs. No one pissed her off, and turned her on, like Devon did.
Lark sucked in a deep breath wanting to clear the naughty images from her mind. She was here to get clothes for Sarah, not daydream. Done with the closet she moved to the dresser taking out the necessities before adding in shorts and shirts.
Finally finished, Lark pushed down on the bag, as she tried to get the zipper to catch. It was too full. With an exasperated sigh she leaned further in to it.
“Need help?”
“That would be nice.”
Devon stood opposite her pushing down on the bag his biceps rippled under his black shirt sleeves. Lark blinked, cleared her throat, and zipped the bag shut. Her hand went to the handle meeting Devon’s there. His warmth encompassed her fingers sending a volt through her.
“I got it.” Devon gripped the handle and her pinky finger.
“Thanks.” Lark moved her hand away. Her heart kicked up a notch, and she let out a shaky breath needing to put distance between them. “I think that’s everything.”
Devon looked at her as he lifted the bag from the bed. “You sure? I think you might have left some of your things in the drawers and closet.”
Lark gave him a wry smile. “That’s Sarah’s bag. It’s probably a good thing she was preoccupied with Preston. We would’ve been here forever and there would be nothing left in the drawers or closet.”
“Lucky for me they like to go horseback riding.”
Lark rolled her eyes. “I honestly don’t know who they think they’re fooling with that line.”
Devon shrugged. “You’re only young once.”
“That line work on girls?”
“So you’re one of those guys?” The question popped out before she could stop it. Heat flared across her cheeks and she turned and walked toward the door.
“No, that’s Vincent. I date, just not for extended periods of time.”
“In other words, you dump them before they can get to know you, or you develop feelings for them.” Lark walked toward her bedroom. The more they talked the more she was beginning to realize things about him.
“I don’t see the point in getting serious with a woman. They will ultimately freak out when they find out I turn into a wolf and howl at the moon.”
“It’s not that bad. Do you really howl at the moon?”
“Really? It didn’t work out for several of my broken hearted pack mates. The werewolf gene is dominant too. It’s rare but if there were offspring they would be wolves. It’s a turn off for women too. At least if they want human kids. And I suppose I could howl at the moon, but I don’t feel the need to.”
Lark shook her head a smile crept across her face at his joke. “Is that why everyone is single?”
Devon set the suitcase down once they got in her room and looked at her. “Relationships don’t usually work out well for us. Most people aren’t as understanding as you.” His head cocked to the side, his eyes burning into her.
Lark felt a shiver flutter down her spine from the intensity of his gaze. Unable to bare the look, she ducked into her bathroom double checking she had everything. Get a grip.
“So, you can have kids with humans?”
“If we wanted too, but like I said it’s rare. Two werewolves have a hard enough time reproducing sometimes, let alone a werewolf and a human.”
“I’ve noticed there is a bit of a female problem too. Emily is the only female wolf I’ve met besides Beatrice.” Lark grabbed her bag from the bed. She stole a quick look at him, his eyes still watching. Lark quickly flicked her gaze away. Tension pooled in her stomach, their conversation and his looks becoming more intense each second.
Devon picked up Sarah’s suitcase and moved to the door. “I don’t know the average but my mom had three boys before having Emily and that was considered good by our standards. For whatever reason - and trust me people have looked into it - more boys are born than girls.”
“Does that mean you guys are in danger of extinction?” Lark bit her lip, taking the opportunity to stare at his backside. He looked delicious, his ass perfectly sculpted in his dark wash jeans.
“That’s one of the reasons why Emmett is going to such lengths to get Emily back. Having a female in the pack means power, and he secured a deal to trade her to another pack.”
“She told me. I think that’s disgusting.” Lark shuddered despite herself. “Your father is a creep, no offense.”
“Emmett’s not my father.”
The hostility in his voice startled her. Though the anger hadn’t been directed at her. She’d inadvertently hit a nerve, and had gotten a reaction. “I’m sorry.”
“We should get going, it’s getting late.”
Lark sighed, whatever moment they were having was fading away. But a part of her wanted to salvage it. She wanted to learn more about Devon. “I think I am going to open the bakery tomorrow.”
“No one is stopping you. You were the one who was afraid.”
Lark bit her lip anger bubbling up inside her, heat flushed her ears and cheeks. His voice was indifferent like he had completely shut down. “I guess you’re back to being a jerk again.”
“Let's go.” Devon motioned toward the door, Sarah’s case in his hand.
“Fine.” Lark stomped her foot, the move immature, but she was pissed. Glaring at Devon, she walked to the door. She was infuriated, having reached her boiling point.
“You know what? No.” She spun back around and marched up to him. Eyes locked on his. “I’m tired of this! Either we come to some sort of peaceful existence or we just…” she shook her head in frustration. The words getting jumbled in her head as she tried to get them out. “…we just stop. After everything that’s happened these past few days, I just, this is-”
Devon’s lips crashed against hers, cutting her off. Her breath caught. Her mind spiraled in a whirlwind of sensations and thoughts. His tongue traced her lips. With a sigh, her lips parted and his tongue glided against hers. The bag dropped from her hand. The momentary confusion lifted, replaced with desire.

His stubble scraped her chin and his hands wound in her hair. Lark traced over the plains of Devon’s chest, wrapping her arms around his neck. Body humming with want as heat scorched it’s way to her core.

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