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Author Takeover Gracie Wilson 3/26/2014!

Gracie lives in Windsor, Ontario with her husband. Her grandparents, who live in a small town just outside of Windsor, raised Gracie with the support of her family. She is the oldest of three sister and has a large extended family. In her spare time, she is a very active reader and diving into a new book every chance she can.

She writes New Adult/Adult Romances. “The Lonely Girl” was her first publication, although she now has three additional projects coming.  One, which is another series Storm Corp (April 2014), two Twisted(coming 2015) a trilogy, and Loving The Unloved is a stand alone that will be coming late 2014/early 2015.

Feel free to contact her about The Lonely Girl and her upcoming books at graciewilsonauthor@gmail.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/graciewilsonauthor or www.facebook.com/gracie.wilson.author1

The Lonely Girl

“What about you, Jake? Why can’t you take a step back and let me take care of my girlfriend?” 

Oh no, Keegan, don’t, as much as I love you I’d be lost without Jake. He’s the whole reason I survived last summer.

“I’m not going anywhere, no matter how much our friendship might make you insecure. She’s my best friend and I won’t live my life without her,” Jake answers. 

“I’m tired of being punished for Michael and Dillon’s mistakes. Clearly I didn’t realize what I signed up for but it sure as hell wasn’t playing second fiddle to a dead guy and her best friend,” Keegan snaps back.

Determined and Derailed: Storm Corp Series Coming April 29th 2014

Determined And Derailed: Storm Corp Series

Teaser (unedited)

“You crawled right into my soul and took away all that darkness that I had boiling up in there. You saw through my damn darkness and right into my heart. You wormed your bone ass right in there and just took over. You set me free Lexi. You saved me.” He kisses me with such force I’m lost in all the sensations but have this overwhelming feeling of goodbye. My eyes spring open and I see by his expression that I am right. “I love you Alexis Storm, Always.” Before I have the chance to say anything I feel his hands let go of mine and I am falling from the second story window to the ground below.

Determined and Derailed: Storm Corp Series Coming April 29th 2014

Teaser (unedited)

“I have to finish this and I’ll never stop. I can’t I wish I could but I won’t be done with this until he’s been dealt with and I’ll never be safe. So I’m going after him this time and I’ll risk everything.”

“Lexi please that’s not a risk I’m willing to make.” I shake my head and step back coming out of his arms. “But I am Nolan.”

Teaser for Determined and Derailed: Storm Corp
(Warning Mature scene)

When I look away from his eyes I can barely form words now. Looking at him I see his solid chest and notice he has a nipple piecing. I giggle cause him to stoking my bare skin on my back. “I never thought of you with one of these.” I flick it and he moans grabbing my backside and pushing me against his now solid erection. I have no doubt that he wants this as badly as I do. “I’m glad you’ve been thinking of me.” I groan and capture his mouth with mine. He picks me up so that my legs are straddling his waist and he walks us into a bedroom placing me on the bed gently. I look up at him and take in his appears causing me to become breathless at the sight of him. There’d never be another man I looked at like I looked at him; he brought sex appeal to a whole new level.

I tug on his pants bring him down on top of me and start to roll him onto his back. I straddling his legs I start to undo his pants and when I’ve done that he lifts his backside off the bed allowing me to pull down his pants without much effort. I shuffle up so I’m sitting right on top of him causing him to groan with the pleasure of the near contact. He swiftly grabs my behind turning me onto my back with him on top of me. I go to undo my pants but he stops me. No not now if he stops this now I may kill him with my sexual frustration. “Let me do that.” He slowly undoes my pants shimming them down slowly until they are now beside the rest of our expelled clothing and we are left in nothing more than our underwear. “Beautiful, how are you so damn beautiful Lexi?” He bends down and starts trailing kisses down my stomach cause me to shiver with satisfaction. I am losing my though and falling into a place of bliss with every kiss. I am almost there when I feel his mouth on me and I prop myself up in a fright at the connection.

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