Friday, March 21, 2014

Review of “Stuck in Between” by: Blakely Bennett

“Stuck in Between” by: Blakely Bennett

       Jacqueline, or Jaqs, as her friends call her, has been in love with her best friend Bond for years. Their relationship is that of best friends with benefits, nothing more, since Bond also likes to sleep with other women. When someone unexpected shows serious interest in Jaqs Bond finally decides that he wants a serious relationship with her. When the man Jaqs loves proposes a unique arrangement Jaqs must choose what her heart and body want most. Bond is a seriously sexy player, the guy you lust after that will never keep himself to one woman. At least that's the feeling you get until you learn his tragic back story. Aidan, the third in this love triangle, hid his affection for Jaqs for years and can't do so anymore after seeing all the hurt Bond has caused. While seemingly a nice guy, behind closed doors he's a little kinky and I love it! The sex scenes in this book are mouthwatering and I can't imagine what reader wouldn't want to be stuck in between these two hunks.

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