Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review of “Her Master’s Courtesan” by: Lily White

“Her Master’s Courtesan” by: Lily White
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

      This was one of the most amazing books I think I have ever read! From start to finish I was engulfed in Aiden and Rebecca’s world and didn’t want to leave. Rebecca lives an ordinary life as a college student. She is young and beautiful, and has lots of friends. Her life changes forever the day she meets Aiden. Seemingly nice, attractive, gentlemen Aiden and Rebecca begin to talk at an Art Gallery where she is studying a piece of art for school. Rebecca is captivated by the racy artwork, and Aiden seems to be intrigued by her interest. Aiden is a “Master” he kidnaps women and trains them into submitting and then sells them to the highest bidder. He kidnaps Rebecca, raping her, and turning her into his slave, to ultimately sell her to a psychopath buyer. As much as Aiden changes Rebecca, she also changes him. Rebecca comes to realize that her life before wasn’t so great after all, and with there being no chance for freedom from her new life, she finally learns to live with it and be happy. The ending of this book was AMAZING! I never saw it coming, ok well maybe I was praying in the back of my head it would happen, but there were no signs that it would until it actually did. As much as you want to dislike Aiden for what he does, you cannot, especially in the end. As much controversy as this book has had lately I want to state that I find Lily White’s writing refreshing and honest. She is an amazing author, and does not deserve this negativity. I stand behind her personally, and being the owner and creator of LBM Book Blog. -Tina Dawid-


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  1. I have heard a lot about this book lately and its controversy. It sounds really good I cant wait to read it. Thanks for insight on what its about.