Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review of "Lorehnin" By: Jenna Elizabeth Johnson

"Lorehnin" By: Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

This book is out of this world. Robyn has a soft spot for the homeless people that live by the creek that runs by her house. Jerry is one the homeless people that Robyn has befriended. Jerry told Robyn about a group of kids that took the mama cat and the baby kittens. Robyn went to see what he was talking about and she found a group of people with black sweatshirts and hoods to cover up their faces. She was leaving to call the cops when she almost fell and brought attention to herself. One person from the group caught her. She recognized the tattoo, when she was in a pagan group called Earthbound they warned her about called Noctyrnum who like to perform sacrifices and is not a group to be messed with. Robyn went home after school and work to find Noctyrnum standing in the yard. They wanted to kidnap her. The kidnapping plan went wrong when someone came to her rescue. Robyn shouldn't be able to see what her rescuer is wearing but she is able to see. The Rescuer's name is Devlin . He was wondering if Robyn is Eile? If you want to know what Eile is you will have to read the book.
Robyn works at the Green Tea Leaf which is an organic cafe, bookshop and gift shop. She was in a foster kid until a family decided to adopt her. At the age of 18 her parents packed her bags and told her that if she wasn't going to live by there rules then they can't support her any longer. She is pagan. She has long black hair with lavender highlights. She goes to school at Cuesta. She lives in San Luis Obispo. She is part of a pagan group called Earthbound. She hasn't gone to a meeting in months. Johnathon works at the Green Tea Leaf with Robyn. His mother is African American and his father is white. When they take trips to Africa his father really stands out. Wants to go out with Moira. Kelly works with Robyn and Johnathon at the Green Tea Leaf. Kelly goes to school at Cal Poly. She is a year behind Robyn in school. Her parents own a vineyard out in Edna Valley. Evan goes to school with Robyn. Quit going to Earthbound meetings because its not what he wanted. Joined Noctyrnum. Devlin hunts Daormorrig. Has to return to Eile when he is hurt. Protects Robyn from the Daormorrig. Very strong and attractive. Robyn and Devlin are attracted to each other. Moira works at Green Tea Leaf. Her and her brother Mikael. Mikael owns Noctaine.
As I was reading this book I felt like I was a part of the story. It felt like I could feel the pain that the characters go through. I connected really well with Devlin and Robyn. When reading this book I felt sad in some parts and happy in others. Do Devlin and Robyn act on there attraction to each other?
I truly enjoyed this book. I was very sad to finish this book. I wish it could go on forever. This is my first book by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson and it wont be my last. Amazing author.

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