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Author Bio

Rebecca Rohman, is a wife and designer currently living in the Northeastern United States. She was a former Sales Manager for a tourist magazine, and for many years prior, she first did Marketing for a jewelry company, and later a fine wine distributor. About fifteen years ago, she started writing her first romance novel, Uncorked just to purely entertain herself. It was not until early in 2012 when she decided to complete it, and share it with the world. The story was published in February of 2013. Her second novel Love, Lies & The D.A. was released on Tuesday, February 18, 2014.

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Love, Lies, and the D.A.


Excerpt 1:

Their First Meeting

The pretty, young host escorts me to a table for two near a window with panoramic water vistas. Within minutes, a server takes my order. As my café latté arrives, I can’t help but overhear a rude exchange between a man and his leggy blonde with the host that escorted me to my seat.

“Look, I reserved that exact seat yesterday,” he says.

“I apologize sir, but that seat is not available,” the host replies.

“Well, if you were doing your job in the first place, it would be available to me, wouldn’t it?”

“Sir, I’m sorry for the error, but it wasn’t written here. If you like, you can wait at the bar where I’ll be happy to serve you a complimentary beverage of your choice while you wait, or I can accommodate you at an available table now.”

I can’t help but look to see who this asshole is.

Everything about him smells of money. From the designer jeans that hug his ass, all the way to the Jaeger Reverso watch that graces his wrist. He’s hot—probably in his mid to late thirties, tall, broad shoulders, piercing grey eyes, and a head of black hair like I’ve never seen.
Ordinarily, I might have found him attractive, if only he would just shut up.

Everything he says to that poor young girl, who has tried so hard to rectify someone else’s mistake, pisses me off. He’s been nothing but rude and condescending. As I look up, my eyes land straight on his. Then I realize they’re all looking my way. I turn around to look behind me, but there is no one. Then it dawns on me that he’s arguing with the host about my seat.
My meal arrives. I mind my business, and I proceed to enjoy it. Before I know it, I see him approaching my table. I pretend not to notice and focus all my attention on my lemon ricotta pancakes before me, but within seconds, he stands beside me.

“Excuse me, my name is Jonathan Kole. Would you mind terribly if you were seated elsewhere?”

My eyes travel across my pancakes to his broad thighs, to his crotch, and to what I suspect is an extremely trimmed stomach beyond his black ribbed sweater. Then I stare into his grey eyes in silence.

“You see, my girlfriend and I met right here at this table a year ago, and I wanted to propose to her. Here. Today.”

“Actually, Jonathan, I do mind. Seeing that I’m enjoying my meal, surely you wouldn’t mind waiting until I’m done. Or perhaps you can let that polite host, who has done everything possible to accommodate you, have you seated elsewhere.”

“Do you have any idea who I am?” he asks.

Asshole! Your name might sound familiar but who cares…

“No. You could be the king of England and I wouldn’t give a damn.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

“You really want to know?” I ask quietly.

He lowers his head slightly, as if he’s seriously interested.

“I am a woman who walked in on her fiancé screwing her best friend one week before her wedding, so forgive me if I’m not in a sentimental mood.”

His mouth drops open at my response.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, Mr. Kole, I’d really like to enjoy my brunch.”

His piercing grey eyes are glaring into mine. I know he’s angry. His temple pulsates as he stares at me. He walks away completely flushed.

I don’t care. Perhaps if he had been nicer to that host I would have considered his request. However, because he comes from money doesn’t give him the right to speak to people any which way he wishes.

I continue to enjoy my meal and notice him walking hand in hand to the bar with Malibu Barbie. Half an hour later, I ask for the check then purposely make him wait an additional five minutes before I leave.

On the way out, the host looks at me bright-eyed. “No one ever speaks to Mr. Kole that way, Miss McLean.”

“Well, it’s time someone taught him some manners,” I reply. I hand her a healthy tip, and I’m on my way.

Excerpt 2:

Their First Meeting

The three friends, Chella Noon, Vicky Baracle and Kacy Williams, met occasionally for a drink, especially on Friday nights, but tonight was special. They chose to celebrate Vicky’s birthday at Humphreys, a lovely waterside restaurant located on Shelter Island in San Diego. The complex included a hotel, concert venue, and restaurant. Chella lived in a suite at the hotel, making it home for the last year and a half. It was a short walk past colorful koi ponds, and white and orange bromeliad flowers escorted her through the beautifully manicured grounds along the way.

Humphreys was elegant. White tablecloths glowed in the candlelight. Beyond the floor to ceiling windows were views of Shelter Island Marina. The setting sun cast a warm yellow-orange glow on all the boats in the bay. Live jazz from The W.E.S. Group filled the air.
The girls wrapped up sooner than expected at the spa. They arrived a little early at the restaurant and sat at the bar to sip drinks until their table was ready.

It was warm outside, and the cute little number Chella picked up in a quaint dress shop a few months earlier was perfect. She had immediately fallen in love with the dress, the way the soft fabric felt against her skin and drooped over her curves. The brown chiffon complemented her caramel-colored skin, and the short length exposed her long, slender legs. She completed the outfit with a sexy pair of gold glitter and leather Jimmy Choo ‘Loila’ sandals. After some work with the flat iron, her once-curly hair was now straight and placed in an elegant low ponytail to the back of her head. With a touch of make-up, she was ready to celebrate.

Vicky and Kacy’s husbands, Jason and Paul would meet up with them a little later.

“So Jason’s cousin, Christy, is going to join us for dinner,” said Vicky, taking a sip from her mojito. “She just flew in from Santa Monica this afternoon.”

“Thank God,” Chella replied. “If I have to be your fifth wheel one more time I think I’ll go crazy.”

Kacy responded with a smirk on her face, her blue eyes sparkling. “You know, you could fix that easily by getting yourself a boyfriend or at least dating every once in a while.”

“Let’s not go there again, please. A man would just complicate my life right now.”

“Don’t you think that excuse is getting a little old?” said Vicky.

You two have no idea…

“She’s right, Chella. I know that you don’t want to talk about it, but whatever this bad experience was from your past—Sweetie—it’s holding you back.”

“Would you two just drop it? We go through this every time we get together with your husbands. I am perfectly happy on my own. When the time is right, I’ll find someone.”

“Right…” Kacy and Vicky chorused.

“Furthermore, I will be the one to decide when that time will be, so butt out.”

“Fine, fine. But just so you know, if you need help in that department—”

“Yes, yes, I know,” Chella interrupted. “You know plenty of men you can set me up with.”

“That’s right.” Vicky said, smiling. She reached for Chella’s hand. “We just want you to be happy.”

“And what makes you believe that I’m not?”

Vicky and Kacy looked at her in silence, both with pitiful looks on their faces.

“Don’t look at me that way. I’m not your charity case. Look, we’re supposed to be celebrating your birthday. Let’s talk about something fun and exciting. Does your husband know what you’ve done to your hair?”

“You’re a pro at avoidance,” Kacy said.

“You’re the psychologist. Is that what you call it, Dr. Williams?” Chella responded, her voice loaded with sarcasm.

“Jason has no clue. He thinks we all went to the spa for manis-pedis and facials.”

“And you decide to chop off all your hair and go from blond to black. I have to admit it looks awesome.”

“Don’t worry, he’ll love it. He thinks short haircuts are hot.” Vicky laughed as she winked her gray eyes at them.

“Is that so?” Kacy replied.

“He does. Watch and see,” Vicky said.

The girls had just finished their first round of drinks when the server came over to let them know their table was ready. As they were seated, the guys walked in. A stranger accompanied them—a man. It appeared that Chella had been set up after all. He was the perfect cliché: tall, dark and handsome. Even from afar, he had an incredible smile that caught Chella’s eye. Then she remembered someone had lied to her. She glared at Vicky across the table and was about to say something, but the guys arrived at the table and she fell silent.

Jason absolutely loved Vicky’s new ‘do. After making a fuss over her, they all exchanged hugs and kisses. Jason introduced the newcomer.

“Mitch, you remember Vicky, my beautiful wife, and Paul’s wife, Kacy.”

“How could I forget? Hello, ladies. Happy birthday, Vicky. This is for you,” Mitch said, handing her a gift bag and kissing her on the cheek.

“Thank you, Mitch. That’s kind of you. Wow, this is heavy. Thanks,” Vicky replied, and slipped the bag beside her.

Jason continued the introductions. “And I’d like you to meet Chella Noon. Chella this is Mitch Mariani. Mitch and I were roommates in college.”

Mitch turned his attention completely to Chella.

He was gorgeous. His eyes were a mixture of hazel and green, and his jaw was rugged and manly. His lips curved into a sexy smile. He took her soft hands into his, looking directly at her as his eyes dazzled. His dark hair framed his face, and her gaze was drawn to his sweet lips.

“Chella, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, his deep voice snapping her back to the present.

“Same here,” she replied with a sensual smile. He’s sexy and he knows it!

As they took their seats at the table, Vicky and Kacy both sat next to their husbands, leaving Chella and Mitch to sit across from each other at one end of the rectangular-shaped table.
While taking her seat, she could not help but overhear Mitch quietly talking to Jason, their bodies both slightly turned away from the table,

“So this is your idea of a big dinner party?” whispered Mitch.

“Yeah, of course,” said Jason. “I think six of us are a big group, don’t you?”

“Subjective is the word, right?”

“Right. Don’t you think she’s cute?”

“She is, but I wish you told me what you were doing.”

“Why? So you’d find an excuse not to come.”

“Contrary to what you might think, I’m completely capable of handling my own affairs.”

“I’m aware of that, but I just wanted to get things in gear.”

“Right.” Mitch responded then looked across in Chella’s direction. His gaze collided with hers.
She’d been caught eavesdropping. She quickly looked away, completely flushed with embarrassment.

Chella was not amused at being set up. She glanced at Vicky and Kacy, but they simply returned her annoyed look with innocent smiles. Knowing it wouldn’t be appropriate, and not wanting to complicate an already uncomfortable situation, she decided it was best to brush it aside and try to enjoy the night.

After the appetizers, Kacy got a phone call and had to leave because she had an emergency with a patient. Both she and Paul quickly said their goodbyes.

After the entrees, Jason got a call saying the alarm at his boat rental office on Coronado Island had gone off. Mitch and Chella told them they’d take care of the bill, and Vicky and Jason left, too.

“I hope everything will be okay,” said Chella.

“Me, too,” Mitch replied, chuckling. “I’m not so sure our friends are being honest with us, though. It seems a little convenient.”

“I have my suspicions, but I’m not so sure they’d go that far. Especially on Vicky’s birthday.”

“I was under the impression that I was attending a much bigger dinner party with lots of people.”

“And I was under the impression that Jason’s cousin Christy was the sixth person attending. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw…” Mr. Sex God “you,” Chella replied, laughing.

“Well, I have to admit, despite the fact that I had no clue I was being set up, I’m glad I met you. You have this way of commanding one’s attention.”

Charming! “Is that so?” She replied, blushing from ear to ear.

“You do. You’re beautiful, in more ways than one, from what I can tell.”
As are you. “Are you this charming with all the girls? Or have you reserved that especially for me?” Shit… I actually said that aloud…

“It’s the truth. I have no hidden agenda, Chella. Why do I get the feeling you don’t trust my kind too much?”

Until then, she had managed to keep eye contact with him, but when he blatantly asked her the question, she glanced away, opting to look at the view instead. The conversation turned from playful to serious, and she needed to change that—fast. Trusting a man she just met with painful details of her complicated past did not seem like a bright idea, no matter how attracted she was to him.

Author Interview

1. Tell us about your book/books?
I write contemporary romance novels with elements of suspense.

2.  How did you get started as a writer?
I began writing my first book over a decade and a half ago to entertain myself. I never saw myself as a writer, but fifteen years later, I came across the file on my computer and decided it was a project I needed to complete. I needed to finish what I had started. It was not until early in 2012 when I decided to complete it, and share it with the world. The story Uncorked was published in February of 2013. My second novel Love, Lies & The D.A. was released on Tuesday, February 18, 2014.

3.  What’s a typical day like for you?
Email/social media
If I have a design job – work on it
Email/Social media
Dinner with hubby

4.  Describe your workspace.
My living room… lol. White sofa, dark wood furniture with green and brown accents.
5. Tell us 3 interesting things about you.
I’m a muti-faceted person. I love and enjoy doing many different things. These are just a few:
I love to paint, I enjoy landscape photography,and I love the ocean.

6.  Favorite quote:
"Let you conscience be your guide."

7.  Best and worst part of being a writer?
Best  - my imagination is my only limitation.
Worst – not being able to make everyone like my book 100% of the time.  I’d like to make everyone happy and although (According to reviews) most people who read my books like them, is sad when someone says they were disappointed or they did not enjoy the book.

8.  Advice to writers?
This is a learning process for me. It's hard work writing a book. It’s even harder getting it out there and getting it noticed. Be organized and be prepared for sleepless nights.
Nothing will come easy. You will knock on many doors and be told NO many times, but don’t give up.

You will be criticized, sometimes nicely, other times harshly (Sometimes critics forget authors are human beings too) but try to grow a thick skin as quickly as possible. No matter how great a novel you and others feel you might have written. Someone will always have something negative to say—Focus on the positive, learn from the negative. In those moments of difficulty, you may become angry; you may even cry but never allow the opinion of others to become your reality. Never give up.

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