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Finding It All by Stacey Komosinski


Title: Finding It All
Series: Finding Happiness in Harmony
Author: Stacey Komosinski
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: May 18, 2021
Cover Design: Angelique from The Book Studio

Twenty-five-year-old Chloe Larson has never had a relationship or been really kissed by someone. After a rough childhood spent hiding a secret and being ridiculed, Chloe believes she’s better off with only friends around her. That way she can’t get hurt or misused. She spends weekends living life to the fullest with her best friends and roommates Gaby and Jess and weekdays proving her worth as a newly promoted reporter. The thing is, she doesn’t have time for anything romantic. But secretly she longs for that special connection with someone.

Chris Sherman is bored of the selfish women who flock to him. Recently out of a relationship, he isn’t looking for love. But everything changes when he meets Chloe Larson. She has a way about her that excites and intrigues him, leaving him desperate to get to know her.

Will they both find the courage to let each other in and experience the joys and pains of love, life, and happiness to find it all?

He pulled her panties down, over her toes, and tossed them to the floor. Then slowly he brought his fingers back to her, finding the spot between her legs. He knew she wanted him when he touched her, and she shivered. He slipped a finger inside, and she groaned against his mouth, making him hard. “Take me to bed,” she begged.

Chris smiled. “Not yet. I still have things I want to do to you.”

In a husky, demanding whine, she protested, “But I need you now.”

“I want to watch you let go with my hands, then we’ll go to the bed.”

In tantalizing circular motions, his fingers expertly teased her. She felt tight sensations building in her core.

He stopped to pull her T-shirt over her head.

She moaned. “Please, don’t stop. I need you so bad.”

Stacey Komosinski grew up in a small Pennsylvania town strongly influenced by her mother's passion for reading. She read her first romance novel in her early twenties and hasn't stopped.


For Vacation Only by Mila Nicks


Title: For Vacation Only
Author: Mila Nicks
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 11, 2021
Cover Design: Leni Kauffman

When blue-blooded Blake Mulligan gets jilted at the altar, he breaks free of his ‘predictable’ reputation by going on the honeymoon cruise anyway—without his snobby, socialite fiancĂ©e. For the next fourteen days he hopes to escape reality and pretend he hasn’t suffered the humiliation of a lifetime. The last thing he expects is to meet beautiful songstress Jubilee Collazo with her honey-sweet voice.

Jubilee is talented and passionate and doesn’t just march to the beat of her own drum—she dances to it. While she longs to do more than croon cover songs from a cruise ship stage, she enjoys seeing the world. Her love of travel makes her the perfect person to show Blake around each exotic stop of the Mediterranean cruise.

What starts out as a simple tour guide arrangement, quickly grows into something more. Despite their different backgrounds, Blake and Jubilee discover an incredible connection they never imagined possible. But as their final destination approaches, so does reality. Like points on a compass, their lives seem to be charted in opposite directions—his to the Hamptons and high-society, and hers back out across the rolling seas. Can anything short of a perfect storm keep these two lovebirds together?


Title: The Perfect Hero
Series: The Themis Series #1
Author: Anna Bishop Barker
Genre: Seasoned Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2021

Hired to follow a trail of blood, bodies, and madness, Logan Pressley and the Themis Group are looking for a killer. Not just a killer—The Slayer.

Logan is not looking for a woman. At 45 years old, he has had enough of humanity, and wants no part of the myth that people call love.

Starting a new life, Maggie Robertson is not looking for a hero. Hell, she’s not even looking for a watered-down version of one. Romance, she has found, is a wasted phenomenon for the young, and the days for being swept off her feet are long past.

Then there was that one-night stand. The night Logan and Maggie lost themselves in each other. In that single night, all the carefully laid rules were broken.

She went back to studying her wine glass. “Well, after Mark was taken, I kind of went off the deep end a little.” She didn’t look at him. This was hard enough without seeing his face while she pushed through. “I became obsessed with protecting him, and part of that was falling down a rabbit hole of internet horror and bad guys.” She didn’t elaborate on how far she had fallen and how hard it had been to crawl out.

“You blamed yourself.” It wasn’t a question.

She met his eyes and the expression in them, the gentleness mixed with something she couldn’t exactly name, made the back of her eyes prickle.

“Yes.” she whispered.

It took a couple of minutes before she could resume, but when she felt she had command of her voice again, she continued. “Sam suggested that I turn what I was going through into something constructive. I was already pretty disillusioned with teaching.” She paused and considered her wording. “No, not disillusioned, exactly. I was burning out, though. And during my trip in the dark, I found I had a fascination with following trails and putting puzzle pieced together.” She grinned slightly and shrugged. “And I always had a girl crush on Clarice Starling.”

She had tried to lighten things with her last sentence. It didn’t work. He looked at some point over her shoulder and repeated her words. His voice was flat.

“Your trip in the dark.” He paused. “I had a trip in the dark.”

“Tell me.”

I was born in Kentucky and raised in Florida, so I am a southerner through and through. Since I was old enough to pick up a book, I have been a voracious reader. I wrote the usual poetry and short stories in high school, and I kept the dream of writing in the back of my heart until opportunity and encouragement helped me to realize that dream.

I live in Tampa with my kids, grandkids, dogs, various other livestock, and way more books than is strictly healthy.

Hot Romance.
Humor & heart.

Grown up stories for grown up people. This is what I write. There's food, music, dogs, the occasional geek reference, and quite possibly an inappropriate joke. There will likely be dead bodies as well.

Three random facts about me:
1. I was bitten by a shark when I was 14.
2. I have read War and Peace. (When I get to the afterlife, I am demanding that week of my life back. Sorry, Tolstoy.)
3. It is my sincere belief that any situation can be improved by eating some cheese.

My live philosophy is this - guard your inner peace and read dirty kissing books.