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Claimed by the CEO by Corinne Mazille


Title: Claimed by the CEO
Series: Woodmeadows Pack Book 1
Author: Corinne Mazille
Release: April 27, 2021
Genre: Paranormal Romance

As alpha of the pack and CEO of a growing tech company, I have a lot on my plate. I don’t have time for distractions.
What I need is someone who can manage my schedule or at least answer the damn phone correctly. Someone reliable and efficient, someone who will make my job a hell of a lot easier.
What I don’t need is a complication like Holly. When my sister brought her in for the job, she seemed like the perfect candidate— maybe even over qualified. I hired her on the spot. That was a mistake.
Now all I can think about is taking my new PA and bending her over my desk— making her mine.

Personal assistant to the illustrious, sexy as sin Axel Steele; what could possibly go wrong...
I’ve wanted a change of scenery for as long as I can remember. And losing my job, it seemed like the perfect time to start over and take a chance working for my best friend’s brother.
The job was easy, but not fraternizing, well that was a little more difficult. Especially when we go away for business trip and can't keep our hands off each other.
But there’s more to Axel than I realized and I find myself caught up on a world I didn’t even know existed. I wasn’t just sleeping with my boss. I was falling for the alpha.

Goodreads Review - “The world Corinne has created is both fascinating and compelling.”
Goodreads Review - “I'm not normally a shifter reader but I must admit I did enjoy this story and would read more from the series.”

“Wait, please.” I grab onto his arm, making him stop and look at my hand on him. “Come on, she’s a big girl. You’ve got to know she’s not a virgin anymore. She is twenty-four.”

He growls like a full-on growl.

“Whoa!” I tighten my hands on him. “Okay, maybe you think she is. Okay then, let’s say she is. Can you take me home, please? I’d like that ride now.”

He shakes me off, walking out into the night and toward a set of stairs that must go up to an apartment above the bar.

Shit, shit, shit! I have to stop him.

Scrambling through my brain, I think back to our college days.

What would Holly do?

She would throw herself at him.

Okay, I can do that, I think…

I dart around him, climbing a few steps before turning to face him, the extra steps putting me at his eye level. The intensity of his proximity and heated stare nearly makes me falter, my heart pounding loudly—the chocolate of his eyes now almost golden. I place my hands on his chest to stop him, but he doesn’t appear happy. Come on, Jess, you need to do something, and quickly. You need to do more.

Gliding my hands over his chest and down to what feels like an eight-pack, we both drop our gaze to my fingers moving freely over his body, so hard and strong. Wow, I have never felt such a rock-hard body. Seen, yes, but not touch like I’m doing right now.

His chest rises and falls in rapid pumps while his eyes stay glued to my movements, making me realize this surprise touching is affecting us both. Our heavy breaths the only thing between us. His grip on the handrail tightens, and his other hand flexes then curls to make a fist. I lean forward, and while he’s distracted, I gently touch my lips to his, faltering forward when I do, electricity coursing through me and making me feel alive. Luckily, he breaks my fall by wrapping his arms around my back and under my ass before lifting me, forcing my legs around him. I deepen the kiss, needing more of everything he can give me, and when he makes a noise that’s a mix between a growl and a moan, I know he has the ability to take me to sexual heights I’ve never been.

I’m so lost in our dueling tongues that I don’t realize he has started to climb while carrying me. I’m impressed—at my height, no one has ever lifted me, let alone carried me up steps.

“Why are we moving?” I ask breathlessly, my hands frantically roaming his head and pushing him closer to me before I latch back onto his lips.

As I let out a moan, his fingers clench my ass, and I drop one hand and lift the hem of his shirt to feel his warm skin. Unceremoniously, he loosens his hold on me, nearly making me fall over as I plant my feet back on the ground. He steadies me before taking a step back and dropping his hands. He fixes his shirt and runs his hands through his hair as he takes a few deep breaths before turning away from me and banging relentlessly on the door.

Huh? Maybe he didn’t feel the same burning heat at our connection like I did. And dammit, I’ve seen Holly make this move back in our college days, and she never got rejected.

“Open up now, Scott. Holly… get your ass out here now,” he bellows.

The door cracks open after a few minutes, revealing who I now know as Scott, shirtless in only his jeans, which are not zipped, and… “Oh wow!” I say, exhaling.

Holly’s brother snaps his head to gape at me, his eyebrows furrowed.

My name is Corinne Mazille, and I love to write romance in all different tropes. I started writing a lot later in life, but once an idea formed in my head after reading hundreds of books, I couldn't stop. Coming up with characters and worlds is so much fun, and I can't wait until I can do this fulltime.

I never really thought of myself as being artistic, but years ago, I did start a makeup course because I would have loved to work on movie sets, but real life got in the way and a job opportunity arose that I couldn't turn down. But I still have a massive love of makeup and can very easily spend hours watching make up tutorials on youtube.

And I am blessed with a daughter who I have trained well. She loves to play with makeup, although I do find pieces missing from time to time.

We are also huge Disney fans in this house, and we are currently planning our next trip, this time hoping to get to Disney World.

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