Friday, April 16, 2021

Blind Expectations by Nikki Leigh


Title: Blind Expectations
Series: The Boys of Tonopah Series
Author: Nikki Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 5, 2021

Amazon Review - “Great debut novel!”

Jenn the Readaholic - “A solid debut!”

Wendy’s Book Blog - “Intriguing story!!”

At seven years old my world went dark and no light has touched me since. Left alone in a world I didn’t fit into any longer I struggle with my blindness daily. Despite the darkness that shrouds me I see light in one place, with one person. He has no idea how much hope his light has given me. Until one fateful January night when I confessed my feelings for him only to be instantly crushed. Now I am surrounded by darkness once again….

At 21, I met the most amazing resilient girl, she was going to prove to people that her disability didn’t own her. At 25, I watched in fascination as she became an incredible young lady; much too young for me. At 31, I wished that she would ‘see’ me as I was beginning to see her, beautiful, determined, and independent but all that changed in a handful of cruel words. Now at 33 all I prayed for was a second chance to fix my mistakes….

Rating: 3.5* 

I very much liked the premise behind this book. Asia is blind following a horse riding accident but is fully living her life. She has endured so much abuse in her life that it is amazing that she survived and is as kind, loving and trusting as she is. She has been in love with Grayson for a long time but circumstances were never right. The much in demand architect is back in town, helping out his parents. 

The entirety of her life has been controlled yet she has been abused and ignored. Understandably she wants to take full control her life and decisions. So when Grayson goes all caveman on her her instinct is to resist and to run. Yes sometimes he comes off as controlling rather than protective. It was this tendency to run rather tell him how she was feeling that became irritating for me.

The first part of the book is about the reader getting to know the characters and becoming invested in their relationship - there were times that my patience wore thin with the way that they kept making the same mistakes. The later part was very much where the story very much got going and this was very emotional to read. 


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