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Review of "Unusual Awakening" by: S.M Knowles

“Unusual Awakening” by: S.M. Knowles
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

            I have to admit I have never read a young adult romance before. I was very intrigued when I saw the title of this book. Rylee Everley’s is the oldest of three sisters, and it is up to help and take care of her younger twin sisters because their dad has been deployed to Afghanistan with the Army Reserve.  Lauren, Rylee’s mother does have her up and down days missing her husband, but she is a good mother. Rylee has this uncanny ability to hear her father’s voice, and it all starts when she has a run in with a school bus.  At the beginning of the book you watch Rylee’s life change as her father leaves, the beginning of the school year and the accident are all revolving around Rylee. Rylee has very good friends, especially her best friend Lyla, who is definitely the exact opposite of Rylee. Lyla is the outspoken, fun, party girl, and Rylee is the quiet, stay at home, help take care of her sister’s type. Lyla is convinced that there is something going on with Rylee and their family friend’s son, Brock Parker. Brock is the typical jock, but he is also very friendly, helpful, and caring. Brock even helped Rylee’s mom pick out her new cell phone and car for her birthday. Is there something between them? Unfortunately there is not, and by the time Rylee figures out that she may have feelings for this boy is when Adysin comes into the picture. Rylee and her aren’t quite friends, but they share a group of friends, including Brock.  Rylee tries to warn Brock that something is off with Adysin, and boy is she right. Adysin’s family travels through time in portals. Her mother is a witch, yet her dad is 100% human, which makes her a half witch. Adysin can hear Rylee talking to her father, and she knows she hears him, but the problem is that also means Adysin can get into Rylee’s head as well. She definitely doesn’t want competition when it comes to Brock, how far will she go? I enjoyed this book very much. It was a good change of pace for me, being that my normal reads are intense; it was nice to sit back and enjoy this story. Geared towards young adult, I believe this also can be a lovely story for adults like me.  S.M Knowles is a fabulous writer. Flowing perfectly from paragraph to paragraph this book was entertaining, and very well written. 

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Review of "Vegas to Varansai" by: Shelly Hickman

Vegas to Varansai, By: Shelly Hickman
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

      Anna is known for her niceness not her beauty - she is still on friendly terms with her gay, ex-husband and is putting up with a lot from her current boyfriend, David. David is selfish and a drunk - never a good combination. When he feels like he's being held back by their relationship, he ends it. Meanwhile Anna has reconnected with an old classmate. Kiran had serious weight issues back in school but time has been kind to him. He remembers Anna as one of the few people who spoke to him in school and was actually nice to him. Their relationship starts with friendship as both are still vulnerable from stuff in their past and present. David selfishness rears his head and decides that now someone else is showing an interest in Anna, he wants her back. Kiran takes Anna on a journey of self discovery to India and gives her the space she needs from her situation. Their relationship builds into something more. This book takes its time to tell their story, building a solid foundation for Anna and Kiran's relationship. Though, as always, things do run smoothly and David will not let Anna go with a fight and a lot more booze. Anna and Kiran are beautifully written characters with a network of supporting characters.

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Review of "Awoken" by: Billie Jade Kermack!

“Awoken” by: Billie Jade Kermack
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

     Grace O’Callaghan leads a normal life with her mother and brother Cary, her father having died years earlier.  Her normal life is turned upside down when she meets Beau.  Beau Milner, with his copper hair, striking blue eyes, and toned body was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome to Grace from the minute he walked into her photography class but there was something a little off with Beau.  As a young child Beau was one of two survivors in a horrific accident that killed his father instantly and his mother from injuries shortly thereafter.  He was tossed around from foster home to foster home during his childhood, and after an incident in which furniture was stacked upside down in the middle of a room and Beau was accused, he was forced to stay within a hospital until his foster mother Gwen takes him in.  As Grace and Beau grow closer, she learns he is awoken, he can see spirits and it is his job to help them travel to the other side.  Unfortunately his gift also leaves those he loves, Gwen and Grace, susceptible to being harmed by spirits and both women are attacked by them.  When a particularly evil spirit can’t get what it wants from Beau’s foster mother Gwen, he begins to torment Grace on a nightly basis.  Another spirit overtakes Gwen’s body to torment Grace, causing them to seek the help of Gwen’s friend to free her.  When Grace’s birthday arrives, it seems as though Grace and Beau are finally going to have a moment’s peace from the supernatural, but Beau realizes that shadows are coming for Grace and won’t stop until they use her to destroy him.  Glen, a serial killer while he was alive, now a spirit, decides that he will overtake Grace’s body and use it to kill not only his former coworker Gwen but Beau as well.  Gwen and Beau intend to have Grace draw Glen’s evil spirit out so that they can finally send him to Hell but will Grace and Beau’s love survive it all or will Grace be lost to evil?
     Awoken, by the talented Billie Jade Kermack, is the first in the Shadowed Veil Series.  This book is pleasantly surprising.  It’s a love story with a bit of Sixth Sense and a battle between good and evil.  Beau, the male lead, has the weight of the spirit world on his shoulders, and Grace, having seen death firsthand with her father, is an open and understanding outlet for Beau.  These two misunderstood characters understand one another perfectly and form a love that seems unbreakable.  The plot twist at the end of Awoken is refreshing and unpredictable, leaving the reader anxiously awaiting the sequel.  I would recommend Awoken, as it appeals to readers in a number of genres such as young adult, new adult, romance, and paranormal.  

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Review of "Pradise Taken" by: CM Hutton

Paradise Taken, By: CM Hutton
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

        Jake and Kaye met in college and became really good friends. Jake married Claire, while Kaye married Rob.Jake and Claire live in Texas, while Kaye and Rob live in Arizona. Rob and Jake decided to combine their engineering experience on one company Riverbend Inc. Kaye waited in Arizona until the oldest finished his freshman year in high school, while Claire waited in Texas.After the move to St. John Island Kaye and Rob decided to have one last party before school started, so they invited Claire, Jake and all their neighbors over for dancing, drinking, and pool fun. Rob and Kaye shared a very passionate kiss everyone clapped and cheered, except Jake. Jake finally admits to having feelings for Kaye. Do Kaye and Jake do anything about there feelings? I really enjoyed this book.

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Review of "First Class to New York" by: AJ Harmon

"First Class to New York" By: AJ Harmon
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

          Harmon has given us the beginning to a great series! In First Class to New York, we meet Janie Anderson and Matt Lathem. Both of these people have had to deal with something seriously tragic in their lives, yet they are both the type of people that get back up again and move on. I really enjoyed Janie’s character because although she struggled through the past year she gave us a beautiful story of her own transformation. She showed us all that you can always be okay. Mr. Sexy Matt gave us the refined bad boy vibe…although he is still enjoying his non-refined playboy lifestyle. In Matt’s story we see him grow as a character and realize who and what he really wanted out of life. I truly enjoyed this story even though there was a massive cliffhanger…I’m not saying it was a bad cliffhanger just kind of made it necessary to get right back on the Internet to purchase the next book in the series! I’ll let you in on a little secret the rest of this series is completely just as amazing!!! I will definitely be pushing this book in my recommendations!

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Review of "The Invitation" by: Erika Wilde

"The Invitation" By: Erika Wilde
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

          A sign of a good series is that you can join it mid way through (not ideal) but can still follow the story without feeling like you're intruding. The Invitation falls into this category. There was enough backstory to help the new reader understand the situation and the characters but not too much to put off those who have read the rest of the series. Dean and Jillian are continuing with their plans to add some spice to their love life after their sons have home. This book centres around their 20th Wedding Anniversary celebrations and both have unique and personal presents for each other - Dean's is a very exclusive invitation to the sex club 'The Players Club'. Will Jillian accept or will it be a step too far? Dean is a bad boy turned good - very tough, strong and dominant. He does have a vulnerable side, which comes out with Jillian. He wants what is best for the woman that he loves but sometimes his past gets in the way. Jillian is a strong woman in a quiet way and goes after what she wants. A really read with plenty of hot scenes. My only problem is that I now need to read the rest of the series!

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Review of "Cain's Salvation" by: Sarah O'Rourke

“Cain’s Salvatation,”By: Sarah O'Rourke
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

      Dr. Cain Turner was only six months into his deployment he misses grass. He sends a letter to his fiance to break things off because he doesn't feel like the same man he was when he left and he wont do that to Faith. Faith owns a bar with her three sisters and she is involved in a bar altercation where she falls and hits her head and has to have stitches. I Loved this book. Its a book that I would read this book over and over.

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Author Spotlight: AJ Harmon!

1.Tell us about your book/books? I wrote New York and then Portland immediately followed, and Justice followed and suddenly the First Class Novels series was born. It tells the story of the Lathem family of New York City; 7 boys, although one is already in a committed relationship, so we have six very sexy eligible bachelors to work with. There’s a total of 9 books in the series and I miss them already and the last book only came out in November. They should be read in order but they can hold their own as individual books. Most of the family show up in every book, so it’s nice to know who everyone is from the beginning. J Each brother has their own story of how their heart was captured by the women they never knew they desired. And there are a couple of books about the entire Lathem clan that was an absolute blast to write. They have become my family and I adore every one of them. The new series, Sky Romance Novels, will all be stand-alone books and are characters that begin their literary journey on a flight on Sky Airlines. The first book, due out in just a few weeks, San Diego, tells three stories connected together because the book begins as they all board a flight to San Diego, for one reason or another, complete strangers whose lives intersect because of their destination.  I have one novella available on Amazon, Beginning Again, and I’ve started working on my next book (not a part of the Sky Romance series) which I am SUPER excited about, which will be available this summer. I’m staying busy! J
2. How did you get started as a writer? I was dared to write a better novel than a popular trilogy series I said I wasn’t overly impressed with. The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve been a full time writer for 18 months and I can’t imagine doing anything else! I am amazed that I had the guts to take the challenge and the commitment to actually finish First Class to New York. When I was done, I was hooked and I knew I had made a life-changing decision to become an author. I feel truly blessed.
3. What’s a typical day like for you? I’m addicted to Facebook, so the first hour (or two) is spent browsing, answering messages, sharing and posting, and then I move on to emails. Finally, around the middle of the morning, I open up my current WIP and attempt to get the juices flowing. Sometimes I can just delve right in where I left off, but a lot of the time I have to re-read, do some editing and then its lunch time! J I really work my best in the afternoons. I can crank out a few thousand words once my fingers hit the keyboard. At some point during the day I do try to say Hi to my husband (he works from home, too, although on the other end of the house) and my dog, Max, quite often interrupts me and demands attention. And of course, I’m ALWAYS on Facebook!! My husband and I always have dinner together and spend an hour or two watching a TV show, or movie, or playing a game, and then I’m back on the computer – back to Facebook and sometimes back to writing. Then it starts all over again the next day.
4. Describe your workspace. I have a home office where I work. It’s bright and has big windows where I can sit and look out over the Columbia River Gorge and I find it inspiring to have such a beautiful view. There are pictures of my kids and my husband and my dog all over and I always have music playing on Xbox Music or Pandora. It helps me think. Oh, there’s also a treadmill in here – it’s covered in boxes…and dust! LOL
5. Favorite books? All of Jane Austen’s books, although Persuasion is my favorite. I love Men in Kilts by Katie MacAllister and I read everything by Stephanie Laurens and Mary Balogh. I love contemporary romance but love Historical too and these women are the bomb!
6. Tell us 3 interesting things about you. Ummm, well, I’m from Australia and consider myself a true blue Aussie. I would love to be on the Food Network show Chopped, although I’m sure I’d get chopped in the first round. And I have to be near water – it is pretty much a necessity for me to exist.
7. Favorite quote: Practically anything ever said by Oliver Wendell Holmes. But my favorite is probably, “What lies before us and what lies beyond us is tiny compared to what lies within us.”
8. Best and worst part of being a writer? The freedom and flexibility to write when the urge arises is a great blessing. However I often lack the self-discipline to make myself write.

9. Advice to writers? Just sit down and write! Lots of people ask me how I made the time to write three novels while I was working full-time. I just did! I didn’t watch TV, I barely ate. Every spare minute was spent giving these characters in my head a life and story they demanded. Just do it!!

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Review of "Mermaids Lament," by: Lori Worley

“Mermaids Lament,” by: Lori Worley
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

          This is one of those books when you start you think, ok this is going to be different. At that point you’re like well, it can go one of two ways I’ll either hate it or love it. Me personally, I really enjoyed it. I take pride in wanting something different to read, and have never shied away from that. Mermaids Lament by Lori Worley is a unique story that will keep you entertained. Aggrafina is a mermaid who comes from the seas where her dad is the king, and her mom well, she has her own set of issues. Her mother lost her sight in an explosion by the fishermen and since then has not been the same. She wants something different for her daughter, and is going to make that happen. Her mother ultimately makes a deal with the devil. Not really the devil, but an evil sea creature who takes her mother’s voice, which is one thing she had left, and in return gave her witches poison that would ultimately give Aggrafina the life her mother wants for her, and she was willing to sacrifice for her daughter. Should she be grateful? This is quite a painful experience for Aggrafina and as this is happening her father is holding her down, and the last thing she can remember is him ripping down the side of her tail, and then everything goes black. She wakes to rough hands swimming her over his body, who is this man? She can smell him, and he reminds her of the ocean, but should she be afraid? She has come to the realization something is wrong with her, she is now deformed, but doesn’t understand why. Adrik is a cold man, and yet here he is saving this mermaid. Why? Adrik doesn’t want to be like his father who made his living as a fisherman. Adrik despises the ocean, and everything it stands for, and now that he is the owner of his parents land, he has changed his fortunes by the means of a freak show. Yes, that is right, freak show. He is going to bring Aggrafina back to his compound and make her part of the show because she is a freak just like the rest of them, so he thinks. He is disgusted by her, and wants nothing to do with her, but wants to make money off this mermaid, who now apparently is growing legs?! Did her mother sacrifice her voice to make Aggrafina human? Will Adrik change his views on this magnificent creature? She is beautiful, and he knows it, but in the future can he let go of the past and maybe even love someone like her? Who knows, read Mermaid Lament to find out. This novel is beautifully written. It will keep you on your toes, make you squirm a little, and wonder what is going to happen, because when all seems so bleak, maybe that is when the sun comes out. 

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The Reviewers Of LBM Book Blog!

~LMB Book Blog Reviewers~

       Hello.  My name is Wendy.  I’m a thirty something mother of five married to a Navy Chief.  We live in Virginia near the beach with numerous animals ranging from dogs and cats to the more exotic ball python snake and ferrets.  I have a degree in Criminal Justice and am working on a Masters in Education.  I am an avid reader and am also currently writing my own book, which is similar in nature to Nicholas Sparks’ work.  In my spare time I love to read, work on my book, and crochet.  I am looking forward to sharing my love of reading with all of you and am truly blessed to be here.  

I'm Lisa and I'm 34 from North Wales, UK.  I work full time for an information service for families (trained librarian) and am mum an 8 year old daughter.  I love reading and can read up to 7 books a week.  There is nothing better than curling up with my kindle and reading a good book.  I will read pretty much anything as long as it has good characters and story.  Outside of reading I like watching football (soccer) and rugby.

BreAnna- I'm 23 years old. I love to read, shop, and play with my three nephews 8,6 and 3. I love to watch football. My favorite Football team is the Green Bay Packers. I live in Iowa. I'm a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls. I'm an Proud Army sister. 

Laura- who is married, has a 4-year old daughter named Rachel and is a full-time student at Eastern Oregon University. Laura is on target to graduate in June 2014, with her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Leadership, Management and Organization. Laura loves to read, sew, and do crafts of all kinds. In her spare time, Laura likes to spend time with her family and riding her Harley.

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Author Takeover Tomorrow Night: Kelli McCracken!

Hey there! Tomorrow night 6pm Central/7pm Easter author Kelli McCracken will be doing an Author Takeover on Tina's Book Reviews facebook page! Here is what amazon and others are saying about her:

"Prophetic dreams, psychic connections, and a bond that defies space and time...What the Heart Wants is a refreshing twist to the paranormal genre."
5/5 Stars, Reviewer

Do dreams foretell the future? Are there soul connections that go deeper than love?

Dylan McBride is tired of his rock star lifestyle. Between the nosy press and crazed fans, all he wants is to be left alone...and find the angel who's been plaguing his dreams for months. Maybe longer.

When he meets Heaven Lewis, his world is turned upside down. Not only is she the girl from his dreams, he notices he can sense her emotions at any place and time.

Being involved with a celebrity is the last thing Heaven imagined...or wanted. Especially since her last relationship nightmare. Yet resisting Dylan doesn't come easy. Something about him pulls at her heart. And her soul.

Will Dylan's celebrity status be too much for Heaven, or can he convince her to surrender to What the Heart Wants?

~ * ~

More Acclaim for What the Heart Wants...
"Simply captivating. I dare you not to swoon."
-Amber Scott,
Bestselling Author of Irish Moon

"Mystifying and intriguing. What the Heart Wants will steal your breath away."
-Your Need to Read
5/5 Stars, Reviewer

"I felt the angst and love of both characters. Dylan and Heaven really touched a place in my heart.
-Elena Gray,
Author, Night Visions

"A mesmerizing story that hooks you in right from the beginning and will keep you intrigued until the very end."
-J.B. Reed,
Author, Deadly Shamrocks

Get your copy here: Book 1

Get your copy here: Book 2

Review of "Smuggler's Moon" by: Cynthia Wright!

“Smuggler’s Moon,” by: Cynthia Wright
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

       Julia Faircloth is the oldest child and she likes it that way. Julia likes to take charge and care for her family. Her father has a gambling problem that only makes matters worse, and her mother adores her husband and thinks ladies should act in a certain way. When Lord Sebastian Trevarre arrives in Bath where the family has just moved to Turbans things are going to change. After one of Julia’s fathers lost gambling endeavors, she finds a note in her father’s jacket with Lord Sebastian’s name on it. When she goes to speak with this despicable man about trying to understand her father needs help and to forget his debts things don’t go as planned. Julia is in a situation she cannot control and she doesn’t like it. Unexpectedly after one last bad game against Lord Sebastian Julia’s father has put the entire family in jeopardy. What else is there to do but to find a way to rescue her family, but this is once again out of her control. Lord Sebastian thinks that Julia’s sister is a much better match for a wife, but Sarah thinks otherwise. In an attempt to save her family Julia switches with Sarah to marry Lord Sebastian.
      To say the least he is not pleased. After he finds no other reason to argue he consummates the marriage and oh boy that was way overdue. The sex is very lusty and sensual, something Julia has never experienced. They travel off to Cornwall where they will be living in the run down estate Trevarre Hall where they will begin their married life based on lies. What Julia doesn’t know is all this ill will towards this man who caused her family distress will fade, and soon only time will tell what will happen. Along the way Sebastian will find out some life changing news about his own deceased parents and Andre and Devon Raveneau who were friends of his parents. Come to find out Andre has a past with his mother, but is it good or bad? It will definitely stir up some emotion in a seemingly emotionless man, Sebastian. Smuggling is a big part of Cornwall, and Sebastian wants to make the money back his own brother gambled away so he has no choice but to join the trade, but he is more pleased then you think. Adventures are to come, and the risks are high but if Sebastian can pull it off he will make the money he needs, but in time will his plans change? Julia is going to affect him more then he knows, and he has definitely changed her. Will they be happy? Safe? Read Smuggler’s Moon to find out!!! This was a great read, just like every other book I have read by Cynthia Wright! It captures you, and keeps you entertained, and by the end you are in love with the characters. A must read!    

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Zach Love author of "Sex In the title!"

        I have a lot of bookie friends and that means i get a lot of suggestions to go and LIKE this page or that page. Last night when laying in bed after reading for awhile, and my eyes were tired from a three hour physics class, so I decided to go and check out some of these suggestions. I don't even remember who shared this or what not, but I came across a new group going created by author Zach Love. The group is called, "100K Strong for Zack Love's Private Stuff." To say the least I was intrigued...who is this guy? I know a lot of women authors of romance novels, but never have i come across a MALE! With the vast majority being females who read these books i was very intreseted in finding out more. I googled this so called Zach Love, and found a lot of people talking about his book, "Sex in the title." When going to Zach's website it states this, "Zack Love graduated from Harvard College, where he tried to create a bachelor’s degree in Women. With the bachelor portion of that degree in hand, he settled in New York City but – to afford renting his bed-sized studio – found himself flirting mostly with a computer screen and stacks of documents. Determined not to die a corporate drone, Zack decided to sacrifice sleep for screenwriting, an active social life, and Internet startups offering temporary billion-dollar fantasies. To feed his steady diet of NYC nightlife, he regularly crashed VIP parties in the early 2000s and twice bumped into his burgeoning crush, a Hollywood starlet. But – much to Zack’s surprise – neither of those awkward conversations led to marriage with the A-list actress. Zack eventually consoled himself by imagining fiascoes far worse than those involving his celebrity crush. In the process, he dreamed up a motley gang of five men inspired by some of his college friends and quirky work colleagues. And thus was born Sex in the Title. But the novel is not autobiographical: Zack never had his third leg attacked by any mammal (nor by any plant, for that matter). In fact, keeping his member safe has been one of Zack’s lifelong goals – and one of the few that he’s managed to accomplish.” 

     So this got my mind racing...what does this Zach Love look like? We all have fantasies of characters in a book, but what would a male author of a romance book look like? Is he hot or is he some frumpy, glasses wearing, bald headed man? I'm hoping not. haha. This book has now made it to my personal TBR list, and I'm hoping that you'll join me fellow bookies in taking a chance on this book. A romance novel from a man's perspective could be very dirty will these encounters be? Guess we'll see...hehehe

     The book description for "Sex in the title" on Amazon reads, "New York City, May 2000. The Internet bubble has burst, and Evan's boss fires him with an email. The next day, his girlfriend dumps him, also via email. Afraid to check any more emails, Evan desperately seeks a rebound romance but the catastrophes that ensue go from bad to hilariously worse. Fortunately, Evan meets someone whose legendary disasters with females eclipse even his own. To reverse their fortunes, they recruit their friends into a group of five guys who take on Manhattan in pursuit of dates, sex, and adventure. With musings about life, relationships, and human psychology, this quintessential New York story about the search for happiness follows five men on their comical paths to trouble, self-discovery, and love."

Check out this sexy and hilarious male version of Sex and the City -- it'll leave you laughing out loud with FIVE new fictional boyfriends by the time you're done!

If you would like to join the group "100K strong for author Zach Love's private stuff" go here:

Get your Copy of "Sex in the title" here:

You can also visit his website:

Author Spotlight: Melissa Brodsky!

1. Tell us about your book/books: Adina is a character I came up with in 2009 after I had choked down a vile mini bottle of red wine on a flight out of LA. It took me four years to figure out how to take her story, the prologue of Adina Falling, and create an entire life around her. Finally, I figured it out and Threads of Fate series was born.

2. How did you get started as a writer: I always wanted to be a writer, for as long as I can remember. Somehow, I lost that goal during the first meandering part of my life journey. But, I took this crazy little side path and co-wrote a book called Dark Redemption with Nicole Andrews Moore and I haven't stopped writing since.

3. What is a typical day like for you:  A typical day in my life? Seriously? Do you really want to be that bored? I drive kids, I stare at my computer until I'm drooling, I drive kids again, I clean the house, do the laundry and if I'm lucky, I might get a couple thousand words written.

4. Describe your workspace: Usually, I sit at the kitchen table facing the window. I share my table/desk with a couple cats that like to perch on my keyboard sometimes, or my lap other times. During the day, my work/office/home is loud due to these dogs I have. The bark. AT EVERYTHING. It sort of drives me insane.

5. Favorite books: Rebecca by Daphne duMaurier, A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, A Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger are three of my faves.  Mostly I go for genre these days. Paranormal is my favorite...I love vampires.

6. Three interesting things: I have ADD and was recently diagnosed and medicated for it, which is a shame because had this been done when I was younger, I would have ruled the world by now.  I don't like bananas, there is something gross about them.  That's two...I guess there aren't three interesting things about me. Hm.

7. Advice to writers: My best advice would be to just do it. You want to be a writer then write because if you aren't writing then you aren't a writer, you're a dreamer. 

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Author Spotlight: Lori Worley!

1. Tell us about your book/books?  My debut novel is a dark fairytale that looks at the struggle between what the heart wants and what the soul needs.Aggrafina is a mermaid cast out of the sea and the life she knows. She is found by Adrik, a man who is bitter and lost amongst his own kind. The show is where Adrik allows the world a small glimpse into the anomalies that hide in its forests and wash up from its seas. Aggrafina becomes an unwilling participant in the show just as her presence causes Adrik to become an unwilling participant in reliving parts of his past. Despite the new relationships found within the stone buildings on an isolated island Aggrafina'srestless heart wants only one go home, but will she? I am also editing my first Contemporary Romance and plan to release more deconstructed versions of fairytales.
2. How did you get started as a writer? I don’t really remember how I got started as a writer because I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. I did have a defining moment a little over a year ago that pushed me to finally write and finish a book. I was in a weird place, feeling restless and I heard a song by Green Day that fit the emotional state I was in. I went home and found the initial eight pages of The Mermaid’s Lament that I had written a year before and wrote an additional 22,000 words in the next month. That was the beginning.
3. What’s a typical day like for you? A typical day is getting the kiddos off to school and gettinga green tea, it’s a must. Depending on the day I fit in some writing while the kids are gone and during their multiple after school activities, i.e. Ballet, Swim, and gymnastics. I do the typical mom stuff but I am both lucky and cursed with insomnia so that’s when I fit in more writing, reading, music, and movies. The insomnia oddly is what probably helps me stay sane.
4. Describe your workspace. My workspace is an old wood desk that I have covered in stickers, song lyrics, and quotes. I have the walls covered in postcards I have picked up in museums, an 8x10 black and white of Ernest Hemingway. The postcards are of other people who I have loved and been inspired by such as Jack Kerouac, Anne Sexton, and pieces of art. I have an odd antique nun and a Dexter bobble head amongst other weird gifts I have been given over the years or picked up at Comic conventions. The centerpieces of my workspace are a large black and white Bob Dylan poster and my laptop.
5. Favorite books? Wow. Favorite books? I would say my top five books are as follows: Little Women – Louisa May Alcott,  Garden Of Eden – Ernest Hemingway, The Outsiders – S.E Hinton (Dallas Winston was my first book boyfriend), The Opportunist – Tarryn Fisher, and The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman.
6. Tell us 3 interesting things about you. My most prized possession is a copy of The October Country by Ray Bradbury that I had him sign after a lecture he gave. He signed it on my favorite story, The Small Assassin. I listen to Bob Dylan and Green Day at least once every day. I won honorable mention once for a newspaper that sponsored a “Write Like Hemingway” contest when I was thirteen. Until the week before the contest I had never read Ernest Hemingway and thus began a lifetime love affair with his writing.
7. Favorite quote: “Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard” – Anne Sexton
8. Best and worst part of being a writer? The best part of being a writer is being able to show people what my dreams and musings sound and look like. The worst part is explaining that sometimes the characters write themselves and getting a lot of odd looks. My brain is like a waiting room and I’m just there to write down the case study for each patient.
9. Advice to writers? Write what you know, what you feel, and what you love so others can understand and see the world as you do. Just don’t think it will be easy and that you won’t give away parts of yourself in the process.

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Author Spotlight: Cynthia Wright!

1. Tell us about your book/books? I’ve written 14 novels that are now available as ebooks, all historical romances. The best known are the Raveneau & Beauvisage series (which intertwine). Now they are being joined by SMUGGLER’S MOON (The Raveneaus in Cornwall) , the first book in a new series that launches on January 23rd.
2. How did you get started as a writer?  I was always a voracious reader and began writing my own versions of favorite books while a child. (I wrote a sequel to Gone With the Wind when I was 14.) I wrote CAROLINE when I was 22 and sold it to Ballantine Book without an agent. I was under contract to Ballantine for 20 years.
3. What’s a typical day like for you?  I love to do a bit of social networking after breakfast, then start work. I have a great little “writing goals” group and we keep each other moving forward. If I’m working on a book, I try to keep going at least until I’ve met my goal of 1300 words per day. I also spend time on revisions, and on research – reading, making notes, reviewing.
4. Describe your workspace. Our 1935 Spanish bungalow is fairly small, and now our one spare bedroom is my dedicated office. I like to have my books and materials close at hand, so I have bookshelves and files built into the pedestals of my desks. I have a laptop on one desk and a desktop on the other. Sometimes I take my laptop out to our vintage Airstream and write there, where there are no distractions.
5. Favorite books? SO manyt! It’s easier for me to name authors than books. I was very inspired by Kathleen Woodiwiss and Georgette Heyer. I love Daphne du Maurier, who sparked my interest in Cornwall when I read her books in my teens. Gone With the Wind will always have a place in my heart!
6. Tell us 3 interesting things about you. I became a writer before I had any other job, and eventually I needed to be with people. I worked as an interior designer for many years and then returned to college  and earned a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant 2 years ago. (I started to publish my backlist as ebooks while in college, and decided to return to writing full time when readers embraced them so warmly.) My husband and I have a tandem road bike that we love to ride. We’ve put 12,000 miles on it.We have a restored 1959 Airstream and love to get away in it when we can. It serves as a guest house in our backyard and my two little grandsons love to play house there.
7. Favorite quote:  “The end of our exploring will be to arrive at where we started, and to know the place for the first time.” ~ T.S. Eliot
8. Best and worst part of being a writer?  Best – Being my own boss, working at home, & making my own hours. Worst – Resisting temptation to play hooky – which can happen right at my own desk, with the internet!

9. Advice to writers? Don’t compare yourself to others. Write what you love and don’t give up!

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Upcoming Review of "The Mermaid's Lament" by: Lori Worley

"My world blurred around me and collapsed in a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors. I felt the faint feeling of my mother’s fingers as she traced the shape of my eyes and the line of my bottom lip but rougher hands replaced them, sealing my nostrils and shoving my head back with unexpected pressure. I could taste the bitterness of all my mother’s lost hope in the witches’ poison, sliding down my throat, thick with resolve. I fought against it, sending tendrils of black mucus into the water around my face. The agony was already spreading as though my father had used the same hand he had restrained me with to begin ripping my tail down the side of me, and then there was only blackness and it was blinding. Aggrafina is a mermaid cast out of the sea and the life she knows. She is found by Adrik, a man who is bitter and lost amongst his own kind. The show is where Adrik allows the world a small glimpse into the anomalies that hide in its forests and wash up from its seas. Aggrafina becomes an unwilling participant in the show just as her very presence causes Adrik to become an unwilling participant in reliving parts of his past. Despite the new relationships found within the stone buildings on an isolated island Aggraafina's restless heart wants only one go home, but will she?"

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Upcoming Review of "Smuggler's Moon" by: Cynthia Wright

I have read many books by Cynthia Wright, and had enjoyed them ALL!! Now I have a chance to review Smuggler's Moon for I Heart Books and I'm thrilled! Can't wait to get in bed and get started!!

A marriage begun in deception...
Feisty Julia Faircloth is used to managing the lives of her eccentric relatives, so when darkly dangerous Lord Sebastian Trevarre arrives in Bath and proposes to her shy sister Sarah, she switches places with the bride to save her from a shockingly carnal wedding night.

Against his better judgment, Sebastian consummates a marriage to the most provoking, appealing woman he's ever known, and then is forced to live with her in his neglected yet enchanting estate on the coast of Cornwall. Life there is turbulent, not least because Sebastian keeps many secrets. Will his reckless pursuits succeed in restoring his fortune...or cost him the lady who holds his heart?

Step back in time to magical 1798 Cornwall, England, with Julia and Sebastian - and reunite with Andre and Devon Raveneau, as Andre discovers that his life and Sebastian's are inextricably linked.

*The special pre-order price of this book is $3.99, available only through Amazon. Regular price is $4.99

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Review of "Seducing Anne" by: Chanse Lowell

"Seducing Anne" (a SHROAG novel) by: Chanse Lowell
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

          Most people have their specific genre they like, and I do too. Romance. When a novel is different from your normal, does that make it bad? Seducing Anne, by Chanse Lowell is definitely different. I was sort of confused with the transition from the prologue to chapter 1. Guy Moore went from what seemed like a very long time ago with his language and appearance to in Chapter 1 wearing a modern day rock band t-shirt. As an agent of SHROAG, Guy has completed more assignments impregnating women of the past than any other agent. He has just come back from a mission and is ready to retire, but that’s not what they have planned for their best agent. He has to time travel to ensure the birth of Elizabeth I to preserve history, and his DNA is the one that matches making him the only agent for the job. How is Guy to supposed to get into the good graces of the women who played with the kings heart for seven years? As a SHROAG agent you are supposed to stick to a strict set of rules, well not Guy. All the other agents drug and artificially inseminate their target, but Guy; well he likes to do it the old fashioned way. Guy is a seasoned agent, and has never fallen in love with a target before, but will he survive meeting Anne Boleyn, seducing her, and knowing what the future holds for her? This book is definitely different, but after the first few chapters I was surprised how much I liked it. The love triangle between the King, Anne, and Guy is so entertaining. It is a mix between historical romance and science fiction to me, and let’s not forget about the sex…because it’s great. There is a lot of mature things in this book so I’ll give you the warning the book has posted on Amazon, “… intended for adults, 18+. Story includes bondage, dirty talk with crude language, dubious consent, and graphic consensual sex. There is also a graphic birthing scene that some might find offensive. Characters portrayed are 18 or older.”

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Author Spotlight: Sarah Dosher!

1. Tell us about your book/books?
My first two books are mature YA.  Haven from the Storm was my first novel followed by its prequel, Before the Storm.  They are a part of the Storms of Life Series.
*My most recent book is a standalone NA title A Blue Tale.

2. How did you get started as a writer?
I've always been a huge reader with aspirations of writing.  Once self publishing hit the scene I saw a way to share my stories but still wasn't sure I had enough of a story for a novel.  But after hearing Blown Away by Carrie Underwood I found the inspiration for a story that just continued to grow and grow.

3. What’s a typical day like for you?
I work full time in healthcare, so a typical day for me is spent at work followed by family time with my husband and 4 year old twins.  After everyone has gone to bed I try to write for at least an hour everyday.

4. Describe your workspace.
Since I'm not a full time writer I don't really have a designated writing space in my house.  Most of my writing is done while I'm sitting in my bed.

5. Favorite books?
It's far easier for me to list my favorite authors than books. haha  For some reason narrowing it down to books causes me anixety.
Kristen Ashley, Jamie McGuire, Madeline Sheehan, Gillian Flynn - I will read anything these women write!

6. Tell us 3 interesting things about you.
1. I'm not very interesting. haha
2. I live in a very, very small town in Oklahoma.
3. I'm addicted to Diet Coke.

7. Favorite quote:
I love quotes so I have a lot that are my favs.  Here's one I'm reciting to myself a lot recently.
And though she be but little, she is fierce.  - Shakespeare

8. Best and worst part of being a writer?
Best is sharing my stories with readers and having them be touched in some way.
Worst is sharing my stories and being ridiculed in some way for doing so.

9. Advice to writers?
Write!  No matter what you think you can or can not do, just write and it will all come together.

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Upcoming Review of "Seducing Anne," by: Chanse Lowell

Hey Ladies! New Review coming this weekend! Check out "Seducing Anne," by: Chanse Lowell!!! Read with me, and let me know what you think!!

"Symptoms of time travel are never fun—ask Guy Moore. He just returned, and now he's being thrown back in time. His assignment? To impregnate Anne Boleyn. As an agent of SHROAG, he's completed more assignments than any other agent, and is ready to retire. Too bad Elizabeth I needs to be born to preserve history, and his DNA is the only one to do it. How will Guy seduce Anne, the woman who kept Henry VIII at arm's length for over seven years? And how will he keep from falling for her in his efforts?"

CONTENT WARNING — This story contains scenes of an explicit, erotic nature and is intended for adults, 18+. Story includes bondage, dirty talk with crude language, dubious consent, and graphic consensual sex. There is also a graphic birthing scene that some might find offensive. Characters portrayed are 18 or older.

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Review of "Adina Falling" by: Melissa Brodsky Review

“Adina Falling” by: Melissa Brodsky
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

          I feel like I just started this book five minutes ago! It went so fast, and I couldn’t get enough. When reading an eBook sometimes you don’t realize how far you are compared to a paperback. When I got to the end I was actually sad. Adina Falling is about a vampire, and so much more. She works as an erotica author, and a best- selling one at that. Adina LaCroix is a beautiful young vampire. She was born a vampire, and has the looks of being forever 21. Adina has a lot of pressure on her from all different sources. Her mother is a very over protective obsessive type who calls her constantly; her publisher is also constantly calling her because she never makes her deadlines, and the Elders who eventually will want to set her up in an arranged marriage. The Elders are the oldest form of vampire and they are the law. Adina has a lot happening and fast. She gets a visit from her ex-husband Michael who is crazy, a blind date her mother has set her up on, and a night out with her friends. Adina hasn’t thought much about love after her first marriage went bad, and she has trouble opening up to people so she is just like a character in her books, it’s all about sex and lots of it. When she is least expecting Adina on a night out to the Blue Club with her friends meets a very sexy male vampire named Caleb that might just have the power to steal her heart. What bad timing. Adina still has her blind date the following night, and even tells Caleb about it because she doesn’t want to start their relationship off on a lie. Adina will go from not wanting to fall in love with anyone and being ok with being single to having too men that she is smitten with when she meets Xander her blind date. Who will she choose? Stay tuned for the next book in the Threads of Fate series.

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Review of “Lussuria” by: S.J. Molloy Review

“Lussuria” (The Luminara Series) By: S.J. Molloy
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

            File in I for Intense. Lexi Robertson is a Physiotherapist who has a troubled past. Lexi’s life is changing she is moving into a new space for her business, but a trip away from life is just what she needs. Nightmares consume her and Lexi can't let anyone in, until she meets Lucca. What Lexi doesn’t remember is her and Lucca has had an encounter in the past. Lucca happens to need some medical attention and comes to her new office to have his back looked at, and Lexi is mesmerized by this Italian Stallion. Even after work, she can’t seem to get him out of her head.  The night before her trip to the beautiful Tuscan cooking course in a Villa in Val D'Orcia near the Chianti hills outside of Florence with her best friend Hazel, Lexi has all the girls over for a good bye wine and dine night. Even after all the torment of her childhood Lexi is a very caring person. She loves her brother Cameron, grandparents, her friends, and she even takes the time to care for her elderly widowed neighbor. Lexi’s mother who is the center of her troubled past is getting mental help at the moment, and it is hard for Lexi to talk about her or her past. Lexi is a very anxious and untrusting person because of the horrible things that have happened to her in her childhood, and she has the scars to prove it. She has never opened up to anyone, but soon enough she will know what to trust and love feels like. When Lexi and Hazel arrive to the Villa in Val D’Orcia what Lexi doesn’t expect to happen does just that. Lucca is there. Is it Fait or is Lexi being stalked, she isn’t sure which to believe at first because of her own fears, but soon enough she will know. The love from this man will change her forever. Even in their short time together Lexi will grow into the 26 year old women she is supposed to be. Love, Pain from the past, Sex, and trust are all parts of this novel. The first 100 pages will set you up to be captivated, so don’t give up on Lexi and Lucca. 

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Review of "A Blue Tale" by: Sarah Dosher

“A Blue Tale” By: Sarah Dosher
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Eli Blue Savage lost the first man she ever loved, her father. Kirk Savage was a rock god, and he loved his daughter. Eli has followed her father’s footsteps with taking over the record company her father built Savage Man. What Eli doesn't know is that one night will change her life forever, when she meets Deacon a dark mysterious musician, but what she doesn't remember is they have had an encounter in the past. Heartache isn't over quite yet for Eli, who will have her loyalties tested, and her drug addict mother is partially to be blamed. A love triangle between Eli, Deacon, and Shaw Eli’s ex will make for tough times, but Eli knows who her heart belongs to. Music, Love, Sex, and Betrayal are all part of this wonderfully written novel. This novel consists of chapters written back and forth between characters perspectives. You won’t be able to put this book down, but at the end when you do you will smile. A true fairytale for the underdog. “Sometimes you have to keep living more for those that love you, than you do for yourself.”

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