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Alpha Men of the Otherworld by L.M. Mountord


Title: Alpha Men of the Otherworld
Titles: Blood Lust & Alpha Heat 
Author: L.M. Mountford
Genre: Paranormal / Vampire / Werewolf Box Set
Release Date: October 31, 2021

The battle of the Species is about to rage, and only the true alpha will come out on top in the Lord of Lust hottest new duo boxset that sees vampires and werewolves lock tooth and claw…

Blood Lust

Sooner or later, the thirst always wins…
After a thousand years, Lucian had given up any interest in the world. His only concern that night was finding his next drink, preferably from a flavoursome twenty-something with loose morals and no expectations. Then he saw her…
Kate is just a girl from the country, who came to the city with her brother to find a life away from their parents’ car crash. That is until the police came knocking on her door one morning and ripped her new life apart.
Now she has nothing and no one, with only one on her mind…
When these worlds collide, and the things that go bump in the night come calling, can they mend the rifts in their souls and give each other what they need?

Alpha Heat

Danny Royce knew this was a bad idea. A terrible idea. The worst idea in a long sad history of bad ideas. He didn’t have any choice. He was desperate.
He needed her help.
And it meant going back home…
Danny has spent the last ten years running.
His father was the alpha of the Wolves of Lupus Latr, the most powerful Werewolf Clan in Southern England. Born of ancient and powerful line, his life should have been devoted to protecting his pack.
But when his father fell in a battle with the werewolves ancient enemy, and his big brother lost the rule of their pack, all that changed. His mother spirited them away in the dead of night, far far away from whatever fate the new ruler had in store for them.
Yet now he’s come of age, and things have come into motion that he can no longer run from. Now he must return home to Lupus Latr to face his old pack. However this is not as simple as it sounds. For a wolf in exile to return home, first he must prove himself worthy of his pack.
It’s a dangerous road to walk, and should he survive, he would then have to kneel before the new alpha. Erza. A fierce and powerful she-wolf wielding mysterious powers.
However, Erza has an offer for Danny.
A proposal she can not afford for him to refuse.
And she’ll do anything to get him to accept…

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Sweet Temptations

A self-confessed tiger fanatic, L.M. Mountford was born and raised in England, first in the town of Bridgwater, Somerset, before later moving to the city of Gloucester where he currently resides. A fully qualified and experienced scuba diver, he has traveled across Europe and Africa diving wrecks and seeing the wonders of the world.

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Release: Need 2 Have U by Alexandra Silva & Sophie Blue




***NOW LIVE***

Need 2 Have U

by Alexandra Silva & Sophie Blue



This is Parker's book, in the Sweet Vine series of standalone reads.

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Single Dad Romance


#N2HU #CoverReveal #AlexandraSilva #SophieBlue #SweetVineSeries #BareNakedWords



Life's never easy. Complicated should be my middle name. I didn't expect my life to pan out quite this way—a single dad with a crazy-ass ex—but I got used to it. I live my life for my son while taking over the family empire my father has all but walked away from. Nothing else in the world matters...

Until she walks into my hotel armed with sass, flair and a show-stopping smile.

Summer O'Shea makes me forget all the reasons I should distance myself from any more complications. The more time we spend together, the harder it is to resist her charm. All of a sudden, complicated doesn't sound all that bad.


When I moved to LA, I had one goal: graduate design school and make a career for myself. Turns out that the City of Stars requires more than a small town savings account. Working as a bartender in Beverly Hills isn't all that should be pretty simple...

Except for him. Dedicated father. Hands on boss. Smoking hot. Totally off-limits.

Parker Hawthorne is everything I can't resist. One look and I'm gone. Head over heels and heart over head.

It's too bad that the heart doesn't always get what it wants.

Books 1 & 2 **ON SALE**

Love 2 Jingle U - Love at first sight (99c)
Love 2 Hate U - Enemies-to-lovers (1.99)
Need 2 Have U - Single dad


Meet Alex

Alexandra Silva is a tequila loving book hoarder. She lives in London with her two boys and three cats.

She writes Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense. Her stories are raw, heartfelt and sexy. With flawed, dirty talking and sexy as hell heroes, and feisty heroines that give them a run for their money.

Salted Caramel Coconut lattes are a real weakness along with dark, taboo romance and angsty new adult reads.

Meet Sophie

Sophie Blue is a hopeless romantic and avid reader. She fell in love with reading at a young age and can always be found with her nose in a book. She started writing after having her baby and published her debut rom com in May 2020.

A coffee addict and HEA junkie, Sophie lives just outside of London with her husband and mini me. She writes contemporary romance filled with fun, sweet feels.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Stranger by J.J. Grice


Title: Stranger
Series: Dark Matter Security #1
Author: J.J. Grice
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: October 29, 2021
Cover Design: Magen McMinimy, McMinimy Design

"Holy moley...I was so hooked from beginning to end! …if you like suspense, action and some steamy romance, I guarantee this is one story you don't wanna pass up!" -Mia Orozco, Goodreads Reviewer
"The chemistry between these two was so intense and beautiful at the same time."-Jennifer Bemis, Goodread Reviewer
"If you love romantic suspense with action this book is definitely for you.” -Shannon Godwin, Goodreads Reviewer

I’m not a good man. I’m a killer. I take care of business and I don’t blink an eye when I do so. But they seem to be convinced that I’m the right man for this job. They say I’m the only one who can protect her, to save her from the abusive life she lives. I will do it. But when all is said and done, who will save her from me?

I’m trapped. Trapped in a marriage to a man I don’t recognize anymore. I have no one to turn to and nowhere to go. When a mysterious stranger approaches me, offering me the freedom I’m so desperate for, I jump at the opportunity to escape the hell I live in now. But did I just run from one danger into the arms of another?

J.J. Grice is a married mother of three who has had a passion for reading and writing for as long as she can remember. Her dream has always been to become a published author.

Afraid that not a single person would be interested in reading what she wrote, she put her dreams on the back burner while she focused on raising her family.

It wasn’t until her husband and a close friend convinced her to just go for it, that she finally decided to dive into the crazy world of self-publishing.

After completing The Maine Stay series, her first full-length series, she quickly discovered that people actually want to read what she writes! She now works from home as a full-time author and is truly living out her dreams!