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Finding Charity by Jody Pardo

Title: Finding Charity 
Author: Jody Pardo 
Genre: Romance 

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Cover Design: Wicked By Design Robin Harper
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Mark Lyon was a beast in the boardroom. Building websites and branding corporations for success was his specialty, and he was good at it. Mark worked hard to earn his place at the top of his field. He let nothing stand in his way, not even Christmas.

Charity Clarke captured Mark's attention with her dirty mouth at first meeting, but her giving spirit stole his heart without notice. When she goes missing, will finding Charity be the gift with enough love and hope to save them both?

Jody was born and raised in New York City and is an only child of an English professor. After 9/11/2001 and a line of duty injury, she left her role as an EMT with FDNY-EMS for a quieter life. She pursued Bachelor's degrees at Arizona State University in Molecular Biosciences and English. Her love of books and introduction to the Indie book world led to many wonderful friendships, and the drive to write and publish was ignited. Jody loves to travel and meet new people and has lived in five states and has visited 48 out of 50 US states. 
 Jody is a single mom to her daughter Ariel Elizabeth and her cat, Bullet. 

Review of "Feeling Lucky" By: Kathy Bryson

"Feeling Lucky" By: Kathy Bryson
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Megan couldn't believe that she got drunk enough to bust up her cousin Brenda's wedding. When her mother told her that her Aunt Julia said that she pushed her to get to the bouquet, she knew that she wouldn't do that. When she got to her job she was very surprised to find out that she won the Fergus lottery. She was fired from her job because it would be considered a conflict of interest of having her advising people about how to spend their money. 

Megan just turned 40 years old, she used to work at the bank. She can't stand her Aunt Julia. Megan is Megan's mother, she is a professor, she is very concerned about Megan. She serves the Queen. Mrs. Carmichael is Megan's friend. she dresses well, she doesn't like leprechauns. She serves the queen. Fergus is the head of his clan, leprechaun, doesn't like getting summoned, she is the owner and CEO of Fergus Gas. Titania is the Queen of Feary. Julia is a very rude person, Megan's aunt, doesn't do apologies. 

This book is amazing. I found it was very hard for me to put down. It's very well written and some parts I couldn't help but laugh at. I loved how I felt connected to the characters. I also found it very hard for me to put this book down.

Review for "Restless Spirits" By: Kathy Bryson

"Restless Spirits" By: Kathy Bryson 
Rating: 4.5

Marilee is on a job hunt since she accidentally set her best friends house on fire. Marilee left work early because she thought that her mother had a doctors appointment, when she finds out that it's because of an interview that her mother set up for her. She wasn't very happy about it. John owns the house that he is going to turn into a Bed and Breakfast, he wants Marilee to run it. 

Marilee is a smoker, she used to work at the bank. She is very stressed out about learning a new job. Her mother drives her crazy. Marilee's mother is very oppionated,she quit her job at the restaurant. She is very prim and proper. John is working on the renovations for the B and B, he bikes everywhere. Gets into a lot of accidents.He is a math teacher, so he isn't able to help as much as he wants to with the B&B. Megan is Marilee's friend. Carla works at the bank has two teenage daughters. Marilee's friend. Robert works at the B&B, Trog's friend. Trog used to go to school with Marilee, he is married. Mr. Smith is John's father, he is very helpful with things at the B&B. Thumbs starts to work at the B&B. Elvis is Thumb's uncle. Works at the B&B, cooks. Jinx is Carla's guru, he is a hairstylist. 

This is my first book by Kathy Bryson and is wont be my last. This book is very well written and the characters were very well developed. I felt very connected to the characters. I can't wait to read more books Kathy.

Review of "The Mourning Doll" By: Karen Joyce Kay

"The Mourning Doll" By: Karen Joyce Kay
Rating: 3.5*

Dark and deep…

It’s been a long time since I’ve read a book set in the Victorian era and, after reading this, I wondered why I stayed away so long. This time period is steeped in so many traditions that the restrictions on manners and lifestyles is felt in everything said and done. The story reads like the time – formal and very aware of the eyes and ears that look and judge everything said and done. The hint of scandal can set society in a frenzy and when there is real conflict – well, the results can be catastrophic.

Sir Lincoln Rinehart is a man of his age though he feels the restrictions and the negative aspects of the society he lives in very deeply. What do you do when your heart and your mind are at war with what others feel is the right and proper way? Rebellion in an era that treats such behaviour swiftly and with almost cruelty is hard-won and not attempted without sacrifices. Lincoln realizes that first-hand as his life becomes rife with conflict and also love. Lady Delphinia has him questioning everything he holds dear, including the good fight he is waging for those less fortunate.

The feel of this story was dark and mysteriously gothic in the way it unfolds. From an almost creepy opening scene to the formality of parliamentary procedure, fear, anxiety, anger and love simmered in every conversation and observation. Almost lyrical in the writing, this story made me think and wonder about what lies under the surface of men and women; and how, regardless of the calendar date, some things do not change…

Paradise Fought: Abel by L.B. Dunbar

Title: Paradise Fought: Abel
Author: L.B. Dunbar
Release Date: Jan 25, 2016
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I'm not a fighter.
I was born into a fighting family. As the middle child, I was overlooked in favor of my older brother.
He took the negative attention, too. In comparison, there's nothing special about me.
I’m not as big as Cobra. I’m not as strong as Cobra. He's the alpha.
I'm a beta.
The second son.
The lesser one.
The one never encouraged to fight, never encouraged to do anything, but stay out of my father’s way.

I'm not a lover either - but I wished to be – that’s why I needed her.
I met a girl in the pouring rain.
Sounds cliché, but it's true. It changed everything.
Because of love, I learned to fight.

Betas come second, but in this fight, my story is first.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

A fighter who has never been a fighter.  A fighter who has only ever wanted to be noticed for who he is.

Abel has always been on the outskirts of his family and of life in general.  Quiet, clever and genuine, he was overlooked.  He has always wanted Elma but she doesn't even know he exists. 

Elma has lost everything when her brother died in the ring at the hands of Abel's brother, Cain.  She lost her protector, her home, her security, her future and her mother.  Abel steps in and pays for her college tuition when Elma discovers the money her brother had set aside for it is gone.   Elma is determined not to get involved with Abel as she has a plan to get back at the fighter she holds responsible for her brother's death.  A new fighter on the block is drawing attention as he hits a winning streak.  Betta is there to prove himself, not only to those around him but, to himself and the woman he loves.

Whilst I struggled with Elma a bit and the way she played with Abel, I can understand her motives and empathise with the intense feelings of loss she is experiencing. Abel is an honourable guy just wanting to discover who he is and be loved for himself.  Who wouldn't want a guy like this?

The writing pulled me in and kept me hooked with plenty of surprises and wow moments along the way.  This is one book you won't be able to put down until the very last word has been read.

If I thought I was going to make a speedy getaway, I was wrong. My savior caught up to me, half way down the walk, outside the finance building. He was quick and a large hand wrapped around my upper arm.
“Whoa, sister,” he said, slightly out of breath. “You almost got away from me again.”
“What?” I questioned. I had no idea what he meant: again.
“Never mind,” he muttered, his hand still on me. I looked down at it and he immediately released me. My eyes pinched as I realized I didn’t mind his hand on my skin. There was something nonthreatening about him. He seemed rather innocent, studious, actually. His shirt was buttoned almost to the top and tucked into his pants. The sleeves secure at the cuffs. His jeans were snug and hugged him well. He wore dark rimmed glasses that screamed smart. Brown boots looked too new on his large feet. It was like he had the right parts but the wrong combination.
His blue eyes were soft and easy to look into. They practically spoke to me, but I had no idea what he was saying. His dark hair was disheveled, a bit shaggy, but cool looking. He kind of looked like a pop star, which was a little too sugar sweet for me. His form was questionable. It was hard to tell what kind of body he had under those clothes. He looked rather preppy, like half the guys at this university. I didn’t want to think about it. I’d just sold my soul for another semester.
“So when do you want to do this?” I asked. His blank stare told me he had no idea what I meant.
“Us,” I said, pointing between him and me.
“I…” His voice trailed off as he gawked at me. His expression changed from confusion to shock.
“I didn’t buy you to sleep with you,” he said, a touch of disbelief in his voice. His face turned crimson, then fell. “Why, have you done that before?” It was my turn to be surprised and offended.
I turned on my heels and began stomping away from him. He was too quick and he caught me again. His hand on my arm halted me. This time he didn’t release me when I peered down at his fingers wrapped around my bicep.
“Look. I need help,” he blurted. His face pinked a little, and it was sweet. “I don’t need help with sex. I need help with before.” His tone dropped, and he looked side to side to see if anyone would hear him. I took his meaning.
“You don’t know how to do foreplay?” I questioned in a loud whisper, trying to hide my astonishment. How could anyone have sex and not know a touch of foreplay?
His face pinked again.
“Not that,” he said, sounding like a child. “The flirting. The dating. The…other stuff.”
I was stunned. I stared at him, taking in his features again. He was kind of cute, leaning toward the potential for good looking. He couldn’t possibly need help with this request. The confusion on my face made him speak.
“I don’t know how to flirt.” The words swirled between us.
“I don’t understand.” I didn’t. I didn’t know what he wanted from me.
“I need lessons how to be…cool: with girls. Call it a tutoring session. I need to learn how to be…seen.” His voice took on a touch of sadness. He couldn’t possibly be serious. I continued to stare at him. My mouth might have actually dropped open a bit, and I noticed he was watching my lips. It was a little exciting the way he stared at them. I licked them and his pupils dilated, filling in more black over the blue. His expression changed. Knowingly, he blinked when he realized I was teasing him. His lip quirked up and a dimple showed in his cheek.
“I need to date you,” he blurted. “To learn how to do, what you just did to me.”
L.B. Dunbar loves to read to the point it might be classified as an addiction. The past few years especially she has relished the many fabulous YA authors, the new genre of New Adult, traditional romances, and historical romances. A romantic at heart, she’s been accused of having an overactive imagination, as if that was a bad thing. Author of the Sensations Collection,Sound AdviceTaste TestFragrance FreeTouch Screen, and Sight Words, she is also author of the Legendary Rock Star series, beginning with The Legend of Arturo King. She grew up in Michigan, but has lived in Chicago for longer, calling it home with her husband and four children.

Same/Difference by D.D. Lorenzo

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Metamorphosis. An exquisite transformation. A necessary mechanism of evolution whereby the change is not only in appearance, but also behavior. My transformation possessed no beauty. Only pain. But just as the caterpillar morphs to a butterfly my strength is refined in the struggle, my flaws cocooned in the dark. If I survive the alteration my reward is to drink nectar and float on the breeze. Where I was once vulnerable, I will rise above. The same, but different. My name is Paige. I'm spreading my wings.


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DD Lorenzo is a contemporary storyteller of love and suspense. She likes to think of her books as "Romance with a Twist"! DD resides in Maryland, The Land of Pleasant Living. She met the love of her life in high school and decided to look no further. Together, they have raised an eclectic and amazing family. When she isn't writing stories, she is rooting for the Baltimore Ravens or the Baltimore Orioles. Her favorite pastimes include spending time with the great people in her life and riding to the Eastern Shore of Maryland in her husband's classic Mustang. DD is currently working on books 5, "Beauty is a Bitch". Just an FYI - Book 1 is a cliffie that concludes in Book 2. Books 3, 4, and 5 are stand alone novels. That will complete the "Depth of Emotion" series.

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