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Taming Lucia by Raissa Donovan & Addison Wolf


Title: Taming Lucia
Series: Spoils of Victory #2
Authors: Raissa Donovan & Addison Wolf 
Genre: Dark Reverse Harem/Mafia
Release Date: December 28, 2021

Am I their partner... or their pet?

Victor promised me that I'd be one of the team. That I'll stand at his side, helping him mastermind my father's demise. I'll direct Saint to finding our enemies, and I'll tell Angelo when to pull the trigger.

So why does it feel like they're humoring me? Why is every single victory only followed by another humiliation? I need to prove to them that I'm important to their operation. I need to prove that I'm not expendable.

I need them to need me, or else I might end up shattered in pieces so small, there's no way to put me back together.

Note: This work contains extremely dark themes (see below) with potentially triggering content. Read at your own discretion.
*MMMf, dubcon/noncon, captivity, complete sensory deprivation, watersports/desperation, somnophilia, D/s, medical kink, drugging, cockwarming, spanking, breathplay/choking, enemas, M/f anal, double vaginal penetration, violence, blood, gun play, and more.

“Thank you,” I tell her, and she tenses up so deliciously. “I think I’ve found our activity for the evening.”

“I’m not doing anything with you,” she says, like she really thinks she has a choice. “You can just fuck off, for all I care. Go spend some time trying to train Angelo if you need something to entertain yourself with. Or better yet, make some progress against my father.”

“Oh, Lucia. You’re forgetting something.” I take her wrist and begin to squeeze tightly. I don’t have Angelo’s sheer power, but I’m strong enough to make her wince and try to pull away.

“What?” Lucia asks, her voice suddenly high.

I look her in the eyes and say coldly, “You’re not the one in charge here.”

Addison Wolf is the pen name of Adara Wolf, for writing dark (MM)M/f romances. Under either name, she enjoys writing dark situations and characters finding themselves in very dubiously consensual situations. Please check her website for a full list of works and detailed content notes for them.

Raissa Donovan is the pen name for M/M writer R. Phoenix. Raissa has ventured into writing dark (MM+)M/f romances.

As R. Phoenix, she writes anything from pretty pink fluff to dark noncon twincest. She prefers to write dark — the darker, the better — but sometimes her muse takes her to some pretty strange places. Her books are primarily available on Amazon, but the especially taboo works are only at Smashwords.


Dare to Need by Brianna Remus


Title: Dare to Need
Series: Falling for You #2
Author: Brianna Remus
Genre: New Adult Romance Erotica
Release Date: December 28, 2021

Fate brought them together.

Will tragedy break them apart?

Every broken piece of me had been stripped away so that, like a phoenix, I would be able to rise from the ashes of my past.

He’d been the one to show me the truth of who I was. Who I am. Without him, I would still be chained to another man and a life that was killing me slowly. Taking every last piece of my soul and twisting it into something so unrecognizable, it was a miracle I was able to find myself again.

Garth was my sturdy rock against the violent waters that had threatened to rip me apart last year. His faith that I was strong enough to break through the facade I had been wearing for years was the catalyst that changed everything for me. I turned my back on the scared, insecure girl I once was and let the light shine on the confident, brazen woman I was becoming. My dreams were coming true and I had the most incredible man by my side to see me through it.

But that’s the thing about love. It blinds you. And you can’t see the storm that’s peaking over the horizon until it’s too late.

As my mind roamed with torturous thoughts, I felt my throat constrict, my shoulders tense, and my stomach churn. My body was reflecting what I couldn’t quite process through the mess in my mind. It ached for a release of the anxiety blossoming like torrid flames in every corner of my soul. All I wanted was for this to go away—for my mind to calm and for the world I built for myself to be right again.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard the subtle click of the bathroom door opening and like a moth drawn to a flame, my body rose from the lounge chair. Needing to be close to her—the only thing that would quench the wild fire roaring through my veins.

As I stood between the flowing sheer curtains on the edge of the balcony, I saw her in a way I’d never seen her before. The planets, moons, and stars themselves blared past me. All of them were completely insignificant compared to the woman who stood only a few feet away from me. She was the center of the universe, her gravitational pull the only thing keeping me from floating into oblivion where I’d be alone with my wretched thoughts.

Closing the infinite space between us like it was my sole mission in life, I had no strength left to calm the storm that thundered through me. I needed to feel her and damnit if I didn’t want to take everything from her—her touch, her kiss, the very breath from her body.

Everything I felt for Eva was no longer quantified by desire or wanting. I needed her like the very air I needed to breathe.

And so I claimed her as such.

The soft rumble of her moan as my lips melded against hers was a calling to my tortured soul. I buried my hands in her silken hair as she opened up to me, our tongues lulling against one another. Tasting, exploring every inch the other was willing to give. And we were both willing to give it all.

My left hand traced down the nape of her neck, over her shoulder, and to the front of her chest where her breasts were wrapped in a soft black mesh. Each swollen nipple was a reminder of the pleasure I was capable of giving her. She hissed against my lips as I rubbed her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Letting the sensitive skin roll between the thin fabric.

“Don’t tease me, baby,” she murmured between kisses.

“Tell me what you want, doll face.”

Her eyes were lustfully hazy as she leaned back and said, “You know exactly what I want.”

Taking the briefest moment to shrug off my suit jacket to give me more access, I pulled her against me once again. Searing my mouth to hers, desperate to taste the minty tang of her tongue against mine, I tugged on the mesh fabric and felt the heady weight of her breast as I cupped it with my palm.

Her skin was so fucking soft, all I wanted to do was fall into her. Knowing how decadent it would feel to have my cock wrapped in her delicious folds. But I wanted to take my time—to show her just how sorry I was.

So I cradled the back of her head in my hand as I dipped low and took her sensitive peak in my mouth. Sucking and tugging on her nipple had my cock straining against my pants, frantic for release. Her skin was soft as satin and her pleasure was hard as stone. I loved every second of her whimpers as I nipped around the edges of her jaw.

I sucked in a sharp breath as Eva ground her pelvis against my cock. I could feel the heat of her desire, even between the fabric of our clothes. She was ready. So fucking ready for me.

She looked like a fallen angel as she arched her back, pressing her breasts forward until I claimed her with my mouth. Long strands of her auburn hair fell between my fingers, cascading toward the floor.

“More, baby,” she whispered through her desire. “I need more.”

Abiding her command, I lifted her against me and slowly backed her toward the bed. When I felt the back of her knees meet the frame, I slowly eased her down.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.”

With a wicked smile that I knew would be my demise, Eva trailed her fingertips from the edge of her neck to the valley between her freed breasts and down further over the middle of her toned stomach.

“Say it again,” she coaxed as her fingers continued to travel south to the edge of her matching black mesh thong. The thing was so fucking small, it was a miracle it hid anything at all.

As the tips of my fingers found their way over the clasp of my pants and the zipper below, I never took my eyes off her.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” I growled. The fabric of my pants and boxers pooled at my feet just as Eva arched her back in response to my words. My mouth watered, desperate to devour every inch of her skin.

When her fingers dipped below the edge of her see-through thong, I said, “Now that’s not fair at all. I wanted to be the one to touch you first.”

“Well, stop spending all your time gawking and get over here.”

I cocked a brow as a chuckle rumbled in my chest. “Yes, ma’am.”

With each step I took closer to the bed, it felt like I was not only closing the physical gap between us, but the emotional one as well. I’d spent the past week and a half internally running from everything. Even if I didn’t want to admit it to myself, I knew I was scared as hell. The world was on fire around me and the only thing capable of pulling me out of the flames was her.

Eva released her hand from under her panties and wrapped her arms around me as I pressed my body against hers.

“That’s better,” she whispered against my ear. A shiver ran over my skin from my neck all the way to my toes.

Bracing myself on my elbows, I framed her face with my forearms. Flecks of honey dusted her brown eyes the same way the stars dusted the night sky. Beauty in its most perfect state. And she was all mine. This incredible, brave, and sexy-as-hell woman was all mine and I’d nearly fucked it up because I couldn’t keep my head screwed on straight.

Unexpected tears welled in my eyes. Eva shifted underneath me, her head tilting to the side as her jaw tensed.

“What’s wrong?”

Closing my eyes for a moment, I shook my head. “I’m so sorry for how I spoke to you yesterday. You deserve better than that.”

“Shhh,” she cooed as she reached her hand up, running her delicate fingers through my hair. “There’s no need to apologize for anything, babe. You’re allowed to have this time to sort through everything. I know that this time is going to be difficult and you’re going to have moments of lashing out. But I’m not going anywhere. I promise, I’m not going anywhere.”

I let out a deep sigh. It was the words I’d needed to hear the moment I heard my mother’s voice on the phone that my father might not pull through—that he very well could have left us all here without him. The thought of losing Eva—to my own stubbornness and stupidity—plagued me in a way I’d never known. To hear her say that she not only was going to stand by my side through all of this, but that she understood what I needed soothed every aching crevice of my soul.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you, Eva Barnes, but I am so thankful you’re mine.” I rubbed my thumb against her left temple in slow circles and the smile she gave me stole the very breath from my lungs.

Reaching my hand down, I found the edge of her panties. Her lips parted, a sinful moan telling me exactly what I wanted to hear when I tugged the thin fabric to the side. She hissed through clenched teeth as I gently rubbed three fingers over her clit.

“Fuck, Eva. You’re so wet. So fucking ready.”

Through thick lashes, those flecks of honey swirled with desire that was ripe for the taking. And I wanted to take all of her—every single bit she was willing to give.

My cock flexed as she arched her back, grinding her sweet little pussy against the palm of my hand. Slowly, I flattened my hand against her mound as I slid my middle finger through her slick entrance.

“Yes,” she coaxed.

“Tell me what you want, doll face.”

“I want you inside of me,” she said as she rolled her hips up and down, grinding herself against my palm.

Without hesitating, I slid my middle finger inside while she continued to grind herself against the palm of my hand. Her smooth pussy pulsed around my finger as I flattened myself against her and took her hard nipple between my teeth. Tugging and pulling as she continued to ride my hand, my cock was so fucking hard against the side of her thigh.

“You keep riding my hand like this and I’m going to cum before I even get inside of you,” I growled.

Her husky laugh floated between us as she said, “Where’s all that restraint you usually have?”

“It’s fucking gone.”

Eva whimpered as I withdrew my hand from between her legs. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I flipped her over so her perfect little ass was taunting me. I stood up at the edge of the bed between her spread legs and she shook her hips side to side.

“Fuck, Eva.” I smacked her ass hard and she scampered across the bed, squealing in delight.

“Oh, no you don’t.” I grabbed both of her ankles and pulled her back to the edge of the bed. Positioning myself between her legs, I grabbed both sides of her hips and tilted her taut ass up, giving myself the perfect angle.

“Good girl.”

When she snickered, I smacked her ass again lightly before I smoothed both my palms against her cheeks in slow circles. The ache to be inside of her was growing stronger by the second as I hooked my thumbs around the tiny fabric of her t-back thong.

A breathy moan escaped her as she flattened her chest further into the bed, tilting her ass up for me, just the way I liked it.

If it were any other day, I would have slowly pulled her thong over her ass and wrapped it around her ankles. But today was different. My need for Eva was feral as I ripped her thong, the tiny straps falling against her upper thighs and revealing the pink flesh underneath.

Over her shoulder, Eva furrowed her brows at me. “Hey! I liked those.”

Grabbing my length, I gently pressed the head of my cock at her entrance. “You’ll like this a lot more. Hold on tight, beautiful,” I husked as I rolled my hips forward. Her wet pussy grabbed at my cock as I sank deeper and deeper.

With every inch that I took from her, the torment I’d felt over the past week started to melt away. Sex had always been more than just pleasure with Eva, but the connection I felt as I leaned forward and wrapped her tiny waist in my arms, our bodies melding together as one, was the unbinding of shackles I didn’t realize were chained around my heart.

Every stroke that made her quiver with pleasure was an apology for the venomous words I’d spewed. The tender kisses we exchanged were a promise that we would get through this storm together. And as our breaths quickened with the rising lust of our climaxes, I knew that everything would be alright—as long as I had her by my side.

Brianna Remus is a Florida-based author who lives with her husband and three pups. She started her writing journey in 2016 to ward off the woes of graduate school. The light-hearted hobby quickly turned into a passion-filled dream that consistently distracts her from the real world.

When Brianna isn't working as a psychologist or writing books, you can find her getting lost in the worlds created by others (through books and movies), spending a day at the ocean, or taking a walk in the forest. She loves to spend her days outdoors surrounded by the beauties of nature.