Thursday, December 30, 2021

Taming Lucia by Raissa Donovan & Addison Wolf


Title: Taming Lucia
Series: Spoils of Victory #2
Authors: Raissa Donovan & Addison Wolf 
Genre: Dark Reverse Harem/Mafia
Release Date: December 28, 2021

Am I their partner... or their pet?

Victor promised me that I'd be one of the team. That I'll stand at his side, helping him mastermind my father's demise. I'll direct Saint to finding our enemies, and I'll tell Angelo when to pull the trigger.

So why does it feel like they're humoring me? Why is every single victory only followed by another humiliation? I need to prove to them that I'm important to their operation. I need to prove that I'm not expendable.

I need them to need me, or else I might end up shattered in pieces so small, there's no way to put me back together.

Note: This work contains extremely dark themes (see below) with potentially triggering content. Read at your own discretion.
*MMMf, dubcon/noncon, captivity, complete sensory deprivation, watersports/desperation, somnophilia, D/s, medical kink, drugging, cockwarming, spanking, breathplay/choking, enemas, M/f anal, double vaginal penetration, violence, blood, gun play, and more.

“Thank you,” I tell her, and she tenses up so deliciously. “I think I’ve found our activity for the evening.”

“I’m not doing anything with you,” she says, like she really thinks she has a choice. “You can just fuck off, for all I care. Go spend some time trying to train Angelo if you need something to entertain yourself with. Or better yet, make some progress against my father.”

“Oh, Lucia. You’re forgetting something.” I take her wrist and begin to squeeze tightly. I don’t have Angelo’s sheer power, but I’m strong enough to make her wince and try to pull away.

“What?” Lucia asks, her voice suddenly high.

I look her in the eyes and say coldly, “You’re not the one in charge here.”

Addison Wolf is the pen name of Adara Wolf, for writing dark (MM)M/f romances. Under either name, she enjoys writing dark situations and characters finding themselves in very dubiously consensual situations. Please check her website for a full list of works and detailed content notes for them.

Raissa Donovan is the pen name for M/M writer R. Phoenix. Raissa has ventured into writing dark (MM+)M/f romances.

As R. Phoenix, she writes anything from pretty pink fluff to dark noncon twincest. She prefers to write dark — the darker, the better — but sometimes her muse takes her to some pretty strange places. Her books are primarily available on Amazon, but the especially taboo works are only at Smashwords.


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