Monday, December 6, 2021

Beautiful Enigma by S.K. Mason


Title: Beautiful Enigma
Series: Ethics of the Heart #1
Author: S.K. Mason
Genre: Contemporary Romance (novella)
Release Date: November 17, 2021
Cover Design: Kate Farlow

“...a feel good, healing, love conquers all type of book with a wonderful HEA.”
“This book was a breath of fresh air. I absolutely loved James and Raven's journey.”

If sex and intimacy is anything based on the men around me, there’s not much to look forward to. But at nineteen, it’s getting harder and harder to pretend I’m normal when it comes to the bedroom.

After finding myself dating one too many douche-bags with a dislike for inexperienced girls, it’s time to take matter into my own hands and what better than to seek the help of a high-class escort to remedy my little “problem”.

The plan is simple enough. Get the V-card out of the way and get on with the rest of my life. What I don’t expect though, is the Aussie Hunk to completely shatter my perspective on sex, men, and pleasure in the process.

Jamie is mysterious. Charismatic. Experienced. He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of. But no matter what, he’s only mine for three days. Or is he?

SK Mason began writing stories in primary school, stories she would sell to her maternal grandmother for a treat. Her paternal grandmother, an avid romance reader, would let her read her Harlequin collection every summer, and soon SK Mason’s books took on a romance turn of their own.

Fast-forward thirty years later and SK Mason was born. A romance lover with a passion for “happily ever after” and pretty groovy ethical twists. In “real life” SK Mason is a little bit like Spiderman, Batman or Superman (and why the hell are all these characters male?!), boring by day, exciting by night. When she’s not working as a health professional, she’s writing stories about other professionals (yes, made up!) and with a gift for setting scenes in health and medical settings, her books aim to be sexy, adventurous, and thrilling romances.

Outside her writing and other professional endeavours, she’s spending time with her family in Australia. Her five children are her life and together they cook, swim and, play Beat-saber. Life doesn’t get better than that!


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