Thursday, December 23, 2021

Saving Dare by JE Adams


Title: Saving Dare
Series: Flawed Hearts #1
Author: J.E. Adams
Genre: Small Town Romance
Release Date: December 21, 2021

A captivating small-town romance where timing is everything.

Kaylyn Shaw knows what it means to start over. After her husband’s trial, she changed everything about herself: new identity, new job, new city. But, her trust issues persist.

Darren “Dare” Watkins thought he’d hit rock bottom when his combat injury forced him to be medically discharged from the Navy. Slowly but surely, he’s managed to piece together a new life.

While volunteering as a swim official, Dare meets Kaylyn. Sparks fly for him, but she isn’t as easily impressed. Just when things start to change between them, Dare stumbles upon confidential information about Kaylyn’s past.

He wants to protect her – to keep her safe. Kaylyn has other ideas. Will her trust issues prove too strong, or will Kaylyn be able to take a chance on love?

Saving Dare is a stand-alone contemporary romance. It features strong steamy scenes and intense imagery. Trigger warnings include suicidal ideation in a main character, threat of rape, descriptions of violence, combat injuries, and PTSD.

JE Adams was born and raised in a small town in northern Illinois, but you’ll now find him in the beautiful mountains of northeast Georgia. The scenery that surrounds him invokes his soul in ways that allow him to freely appreciate and explore all that nature provides. Creative thoughts seem easy to come by with the idyllic backdrop of America’s finest rural countryside as inspiration.

Being a Navy veteran who likes to explore the intricacies of military romantic relationships through honest and compelling characters, Jim is pleased to present his first book in the Always and Forever series. This story will captivate the reader and open their eyes to how our uniformed men and women traverse through the complications of love and patriotic duty.

When not reading or writing, you’ll find JE enjoying classic movies, exploring the numerous jeep/hiking trails in the area, and officiating swim meets. He never fails to find something to fill his days and entertain his spirit.


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