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King by Kenzie Macallan


Title: King, a Romantic Military Suspense Novel
Series: Deep 8 Book 2
Author: Kenzie Macallan
Genre: Romance Suspense
Release Date: November 16, 2021

"It's the mystery of this story that 1st grabbed my attention and it's the way secrets and lies are discovered and unlocked that kept me enthralled." Bren, Goodreads ★★★★★

"...before I knew it I was sucked in to the world of Beck and Pippa. Y'all are just gonna have to read this awesome book that had me on the edge of my seat to find out what happens with ALLLL of that!!" Michelle Van Mourik, Book Bub ★★★★★

She’s a hacker turned agent. He will become king to a diamond empire. Can two unlikely lovers survive a sinister conspiracy?

Former MI-6 agent Beck McKenzie needs a fresh start. So after his break-up, he takes an assignment in Zambia to connect with his long lost family. But when lies about his past begin to unravel, he’s determined to find out who is trying to kill him.

World renowned hacker Pippa Stevens lives life on the edge. So as a newly recruited agent, she jumps at the chance to investigate suspicious activity at an African diamond company. But when she discovers the truth behind the lab-created diamonds, she must move forward on a deadly mission despite Beck’s protest.

As Beck uncovers the betrayal of those around him, he fights his attraction to Pippa. And when the sins of his brother comes to light, he must protect her at all costs, so history doesn’t repeat itself.

Can Beck and Pippa uncover the truth about the diamonds and to find their way to true love?

KING is the second book in the riveting Deep 8 romantic suspense series. If you like steamy scenes, exotic locations, and enemies-to-lovers romance, then you’ll love Kenzie Macallan’s captivating tale.

Buy KING to claim your empire today!

*This book can be read as a stand alone.

I grab my suitcase stuffed with goodies and climb the stairs, with Jobi in tow carrying the rest of my luggage. My eyes focus on Beck’s beautiful yet stern face, and I smile.

“Hello, darling. How are you?” Charm usually works.

His tight lips relax as he looks at me with questions I can’t decipher. “I’m good.” His eyes dart over to Jobi. “I’ll take those. Thank you, Jobi.” They do a weird handshake I’m not even going to ask about.

He waves his hand to the front door. “After you, love.” His deep baritone voice does things to me that shouldn’t be legal, especially the way he accents the word love.

The door shuts behind me with a click. His voice hits me from behind with increased volume. “No, I am not your boyfriend. I’m on a mission, and I have a job to do. This isn’t an all-inclusive holiday. I know you’re new at this but do try to keep up. I’m not even sure why Neil sent you.”

I whip around and my face and ears grow warm. “Screw you. If you think for one minute, I’m going to take your bullshit, you can guess again. I thought if my cover was your girlfriend, us being close wouldn’t be questioned.” I step closer and crane my neck up so I’m about a foot from his face. He is so hot, and I am so screwed. “This job is very serious for me. Despite what you think, I’m here to help in any way I can. I know I’m new to this and I have a lot to learn, but you don’t have all the answers either. By the way, there’s no I in we because we are on a mission. Now, where’s the bathroom? It’s been a long trip.”

His eyes widened minutely. “The restroom is down the hall, third door on the left. We have a dinner engagement with Wafiq and his girlfriend in a half hour. Dress appropriately. And for the record, I didn’t ask for backup. I work alone, that means without a partner.”

After his directions, I turn down the hall and flip him the bird over my shoulder, hoping he’s watching my ass.

Kenzie lives with her husband in New England and is a huge dog lover. She has been fortunate enough to travel all over the world to places like Africa, Greece, Switzerland, Holland, France, England and, of course, Scotland. Edinburgh is one of her favorite places.

It’s all led to an overactive imagination. Creativity seems to be part of her soul as she paints portraits, takes photographs, and bakes. Cooking seems to elude her, but she loves to garden and work out!

They have all added to her storytelling especially when writing about strong women and alpha men. She looks forward to adding to her adventures with her readers.

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