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Review of "The Long Road (Finding Ava Series)" By: Jennifer Loran

"The Long Road (Finding Ava Series)" By: Jennifer Loran 
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

This is the third book in the finding Ava series. This is the story for Dillon and Dani. 
Dillon goes back to North Carolina to help his father Matt with his furniture business that is going under. Dillon gets stranded at the airport in Chicago, all flights have been grounded because of the snow storm. While he is at the airport he sees Dani for the first time since she ran away eight years ago. She gets a room at the airport hotel and she offers to room with Dillon because there are no more rooms available. He doesn't want to room with Dani but when other men offer to take her up on the room, he gets mad about the men, so he decides to take her up on the offer. Dani is going back to help get the furniture business back on track. Dani would help get the business back on track is by doing accounting and negotiating of expenditures. Dillon doesn't trust Dani, he thinks that she is only there to help her father. Its Dani's father who is trying to buy the business. 
Dillon Conrad had a marketing job in New York that he quit to go help get the family business back on track. He hasn't seen Dani in eight years, when he does finally see Dani all his feelings come back. He is a very strong and handsome individual. Dani Portman wrote a letter to Dillon when they both were really young. She left North Carolina for a reason eight years ago. If you want to know the reason you will have to read the book. She is a very strong person, she became a partner for the furniture busniess because she believes that they can get this business up a running again. Their is an attraction between Dani and Dillon, even after eight years not seeing each other. Matt Conrad is Dillon's father, owns a small furniture store, he has heart problems that he hasn't told Dillon about. Thomas is Dani's ex fiance, he works for Douglas Portman. He is trying to get Matt to sell his business to him but with every thing her does they refuse to sell the business. Thomas is trying to get Dani back but its not working. Shane is Dillon and Dani's friend. Quits his marketing job in New York after getting a call from Dani to help with the business. Handsome and very strong individual. Douglas Portman doesn't like the Conrads and is trying to buy their business from them. He doesn't like the fact that Dani is down there helping the Conrads. Douglas wants Dani to marry Thomas, but Dani doesn't love Thomas. 
When reading this book I felt really happy and I laughed a lot. This sums up the humor in the book that made me laugh. “ I'm sorry. Seriously, I am. So, do you spend a lot of time chasing after cock?” I also felt like the characters went along together really well. I really connected with them. 
This book was really good, I couldn't put the book down. Even though this is the third book in the series I really understood what was happening. This is my first book by Jennifer Loran and it will not be my last. She is a really good author. 

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