Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review of "Secrets (Luxuria Trilogy #2)" By: Galia Ryan

"Secrets (Luxuria Trilogy #2)" By: Galia Ryan
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

This is Stephanie's story. From Choices we know that she is the owner of Elite Escort Agency and is responsible for introducing Anna into the world of escorts.  Secrets is about Stephanie's journey from losing her virginity to her father's best friend and becoming his mistress to how she ends up at Elite. 
Stephanie's life is built on secrets as she begins her sexual journey with Charles and becomes his mistress.  If the truth were to come out it would destroy both families.  Even though Stephanie is mature for her age, she still has a lot to learn in terms of sexual development and meeting one of Charles' other mistresses is a real eye opener for her.  It expands her sexual experience and helps her to understand her place in the world as a mistress. 
Stephanie is an intellectual woman who has worked her socks off to become a lawyer but when tragedy strikes her family, she is forced to reconsider her options.  When she meets a sexy American who uses her body for himself and for his business associate, she starts to see her place in the world in using her body to gain a secure financial footing. 
Along the way she finds a man who she believes that she can truly settle down with and be happy.  Can it work with the secrets that she carries?  
Stephanie's confidence in herself enables her to go for what she wants and get it.  She has confidence in her body and is not ashamed of using it.  She is a woman that is confident and comfortable with her sexual nature, which means that she feels free to experiment and try new sexual experiences.   
The men that she meets along the way are successful, strong, confident and have dominant tendencies, pushing Stephanie to the edge.  With strong characters and lots of spice and naughtiness, this is a book with lots of thrills.  You with either love or hate Stephanie and I love her for her confidence and sheer determinedness in going for what she wants. 
Whilst I expected this to be a direct continuation from Choices, it did not disappoint.  With raw emotions, lots of confidence, oodles of hot men and a strong, independent woman, you can’t go wrong with this read. 

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