Monday, March 24, 2014

Review of "Choices (The Luxuria Trilogy)" By: Galia Ryan

"Choices (The Luxuria Trilogy)" By: Galia Ryan 
Rating: ☆☆☆☆ 

The choices that we all make shape our futures.  This is certainly true for down on her luck Anna.  Hit by the financial downturn and struggling to pay her bills and debts, banker Anna is desperately trying to find a second job.  She tries all the usual avenues of bars and restaurants but without experience she is out of luck.  When she spots an advert for an Escort Agency, she reluctantly sets out to investigate and finds herself taking a tentative step into the world of high-class escorts. 
This is her journey as she explores the world with a variety of clients.  These include an older gentleman who initiates her into the work of an escort; an estate agent; a construction worker; a 17 year old and more.  But her ultimate client is Adam.  He demands her submission over and over again, pushing her to her limits.  Anna relishes her time with him and the control he exerts over her but will it be enough for Anna?  Will Anna be enough for him? 
When Anna meets Jake outside of work, can she make it work?  Will she be honest with him?  Can she make a vanilla relationship work? 
Anna is in a desperate situation when we first meet her but she is tough and picks herself up, dusts herself down and tries something way outside of her comfort zone.  Escort work suits her and she grows in confidence with each new client.  The reasons for her continuing as an Escort change as she pays off her debts, but it is her choice to continue on.  She is confused by how she feels when she is with Adam but she needs the dominating character that he is.  Adam is successful, confident and knows exactly what he wants and for now that is Anna's complete submission. 
With a cast of down to earth characters and some incredibly hot and spicy scenes, this is a read that is sexy and captivating.  It is a perfect blend of sweetness and naughtiness. 
The choices that Anna has to make will shape her future.  What will she choose? 

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