Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review of "The Melody in our Hearts" by Roberta Capizzi

"The Melody in our Hearts" by Roberta Capizzi

           Valerie was a surgical resident on the fast track to success in the field until she couldn’t take the loss of one of her patients. She decided to transfer to the emergency room, afraid to lose more patients in surgery. Her childhood best friend Ryan, a successful jazz pianist invites her to come see him in Miami. After singing a song he wrote especially for her at his concert, and the only suite available to them being one with a single king size bed the reader is saddened that the two don’t take advantage of it. The two remain platonic despite her friends and his fans believing otherwise of their relationship. After returning from Miami, Valerie learns that Ryan is dating a model, while Valerie starts dating a paramedic, Jake. Unfortunately for Jake, when he kisses Valerie for the first time she is only thinking about her first kiss with another man, Ryan. Both Valerie and Jake’s and Ryan and Jennifer’s relationships are short lived. When Valerie is forced to operate on Ryan when he comes into her emergency room after being in an accident, their relationship becomes so much more. This book is truly lovely. Flashbacks throughout take you through how Valerie and Ryan become friends, then lovers. It is truly refreshing to read a love story where you are able to see all the little moments that lead up to their falling in love. This story will appeal to those who truly enjoy the romance of falling in love. The Melody In Our Hearts doesn’t offer much in the way of sex scenes, although there are a couple of instances where the couple do make love, I am happy to say that I was well satisfied and captivated by the story so much more without that aspect. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

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  1. Sounds like a good read, I'll have to get it! GREAT cover!!