Friday, March 14, 2014

Review of "Her Dragon to Slay" By: Julia Mills

"Her Dragon to Slay" By: Julia Mills
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

      A story of soul-mates, with humans, dragonshifters, hunters and magic. Definitely not your traditional love story! Dragonshifters are men and dragons who occupy the same space with the dragon being called forward when needed. It is an ancient way of concealing dragons from human eyes. Rayne is a dragonshifter and an incredibly hot one at that and carries the mark of the dragon. Whilst flying through the skies in their dragon form, he is pulled by his dragon to Kyndel, a curvaceous, sassy human woman. She is his mate and she will complete him. Rayne saves her from attack by a human and hunters that leaves him injured and weakened. Rayne is the commander of his unit and is incredibly strong and instantly wants to protect Kyndel from harm. Kyndel on the other hand is fiercely independent, confident, tough and certainly doesn't take any messing from people. Together sparks fly as they are instantly drawn to each other. Julia Mills is a very descriptive author. The passages are beautifully written, describing in great detail their first encounter and the time they first spend together. There is a contrast in the styles of writing depending on the POV, with the language used for Rayne older in style and Kyndel modern. This represents the fact that Rayne comes from an ancient line that is full of tradition, whereas Kyndel is very much a modern day woman. Julia Mills manages to blend this together perfectly. This book takes it's time in moving through the story as it explores the emotions and reactions of Kyndel and Rayne to their first meeting and the immediate attraction they feel towards each other. When they come together, it is incredibly hot and they certainly have stamina! Character exploration is the driving force of this book but equally it has a great story. Once Kyndel comes to the same realisation as Rayne that they are meant for each other and she realises that she completely trusts him, the plot picks up in pace with the pack of hunters hunting him and Kyndel down. There are lots of twists and turns that keep you interested to the very end and with lots more dragonshifters searching for their mates, there is lots of scope to explore in future books.

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