Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review of "Veiled" by: L. Chapman

"Veiled" by: L. Chapman
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
        This is book 2 in the believe series.  I really don't think that you have to read the first book to understand what happens in this one. It's time for Jenny's wedding to Rich. Jenny is looking forword to her hen party. Megan organized her hen party. She invited Rich's sister Michelle. Jenny is so busy organizing the wedding that her love life with Rich isn't the same. Rich is having doubts about marrying Jenny and is pulling away from her the reason behind isn't discovered until late in the book. This is a story of many characters. Jenny is very organized and strong. Megan is a strong, caring, and very helpful. Mark is Megans boyfriend he is very strong and caring. Rich is Jenny's fiance isn't sure if he wants to get married anymore.  Warren is a very strong and caring individual. You first meet Warren in this book. When Jenny and Warren meet there is an instant attraction.This is a another great story by L. Chapman. Again what sold me was how well the characters were developed and how they fit together. Another reason why I loved this book is because the flow of the story is really good. I truly enjoyed this book!!

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