Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review of "Do you Believe" by: L. Chapman

"Do you Believe" By: L. Chapman
         This is a story about friendship at Christmas.  Megan wishes that Mark was Lucy's father because he is so good with her. Jenny is pregnant but she has had a miscarriage before so they are keeping a very close watch on her. Megan is trying to make this Christmas really special for Kate because this is the first Christmas that they are going to have her. It is a story of inter-linking characters. Megan is a strong, caring and loving woman. Mark is a very strong and patient man, when it comes to waiting for Megan. Lucy is Megan's daughter she is very sweet and lovable. Jenny is a very strong individual, she is also very loving. Warren is a very strong and caring individual.  Conner is a very loving and caring father to Kate who is very sweet and also very shy. The characters act like a big family and support each other. This is a great story. What sold me on the story was how well developed the characters are and how they all fit together really well. I truly enjoyed this book!! I can't wait to read more of L. Champman's work. This is my first book by L. Chapman.

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