Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lisa's Book of the Week: "Butterfly" by Charlie Daye

"Butterfly" by Charlie Daye

There are very few books that leave you wanting to shout about it from the rooftops.  For me, it is subtle in its perfection and it doesn't throw in lots of drama to keep you hooked.  It doesn’t need it.  Yes, it is a love story and it does have a twist but it is not an in your face twist.  It is a subtle twist and adds to the story rather than takes away from it.  'Butterfly' is immensely powerful in the message that it sends out to readers, purely as a result of the beauty in the writing from the author, Charlie Daye. 

Jonathan Bishop is a 985 year old warlock, who casts a spell to bring his soul mate to him.  The spell brings Avirea Blackwell to his hotel.  He instantly dismisses her as she is only average looking.  Yes, every woman reading this instantly will hate Jonathan but he has a friend in James Marsters who actually has his head screwed on. He sees past the way she looks and sees her inner beauty and convinces Jonathan to give her chance.  So through the guise of employing her to work in his hotel, Jonathan starts to see her inner beauty and watches as she grows in confidence under his attention.  She flourishes into a beautiful butterfly.  As Jonathan looks and sees her inner beauty, his feelings for her start to grow and develop into a love that will last an eternity, if Avirea will give him a chance. 

This story about a person's beauty is more than skin deep is one that should inspire women who feel judged only upon the way they look.  It is a lesson for men, in that they risk loosing a woman who could be perfect for them because they make a judgment based on looks.  Inner beauty lasts a lot longer than outward beauty and is a true measure of a person.  Avirea's sassiness and ability to stand up for herself to Jonathan shows her as a strong, independent woman: one that he can't walk all over and that is what he needs in a life partner.  Jonathan will grow on you, despite his initial failing.  He is sexy and grows as his feelings for Avirea develop.  He changes himself under the attentions of Avirea, for the better. 

Warlocks and magic, not your thing?  It's not obviously a book from this genre.  The magic world blends in with the human world and is not obtrusive in the story.  Yes, the magic world has a part to play in the story and, yes, something happens that involves the magical world but it is not overly dramatic and could easily have taken place in the human world. 

A love story that I can't stop singing the praises of and I'm running out of adjectives to describe how awesome I think this book is!!  This is one that I will be returning to again and again.    

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