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Blog Tour: Love Undone by Diana Nixon

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Love Undone
By Diana Nixon
Available from JUNE, 3rd 2014
What would you do if all your memories were gone?
One day Kassie wakes up and realizes that her life is nothing but an endless emptiness…
One tragic incident takes away everything that she has ever cherished and loved: family, friends and all the best moments that she ever lived through. 
Now everything seems unknown, including a beautiful stranger,
whose mere look makes her heart beat faster. 
Who is that reckless and mysterious man? Is he just an old friend or an enemy? Sinking into the vortex of indescribable emotions, they will give in to the most irresistible temptation ever,
just to fall in love with each other, again and again...

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I never thought that the sound of a doorbell could sound so awful, but the moment it woke me up the next morning, I desperately want to kill whoever was standing behind the damn door. I looked at the clock that showed 7:00 in the morning and dragged myself to the hall.
Coming!” I shouted irritably to the impatient knocking. My unexpected visitor was obviously out of his mind to come so early.
What the hell happened to you?” Daniel growled, bursting through the door.
Morning to you, too,” I said, not even bothering to answer his question. Even suffering from a hangover, I noticed how damn good he looked in a pair of low-rise jeans, black leather jacket and a matching shirt, with a few upper buttons undone.
Bro? Is that you?” Emily asked from the living room.
What were you… Uh, an all-girl party? Seriously?”
Pipe down!” she hissed, hiding her face under the pillow.
I almost had a heart attack because of you two,” Daniel said angrily, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Do you even know how worried I was?”
Why would you worry?” I asked, yawning. “We were fine.”
Fine? Do you know that phones were invented to make our lives easier?”
It’s not the best time for your smart-ass comments. What’s your problem anyway?”
I tried calling you dozens of times, and neither you nor my sister blessed me with an answer! What was I supposed to think?”
That we didn’t want to talk to you?” Emily said.
I giggled at her comment.
I can’t believe I’m actually trying to straighten up two dead-drunk girls.” Daniel sighed, leaning against the back of the couch.
Sorry, we thought you were too busy to join our party,” I said.
You could have at least let me know that you were okay.”
Look who’s talking!” Emily said from under the blanket. “Mr. Its-none-of-your-fucking-business-where-the-hell-I-am.”
She needs more sleep,” I said quietly. “Why don’t you give me a few minutes to take a shower, and then I will make us something to eat?”
Sounds good, considering that I haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon.”
Why not?”
Problems at work.”
I hope everything is all right now?”
Okay, I’ll be right back,” I said, heading for the bathroom.

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