Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Invasion Trilogy Blog Blast by Angela Fattig

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Blurb for Book 1
‘The world in 2044, filled with hate and corruption, finds that the ‘God’ of the Bible is not what He appears to be or is ‘He’. 
Dr. Jay Winder, a man with a secret unknown to even him, alongside Dr. Mandi Stevens must work with a government he disagrees with in order to save the human race from extinction.
Faced with said extinction, he finds love in a burning world filled with rubble, ash, death, and betrayal.
Does he have the strength, and can he find the will to overcome his past and vanquish the enemy in time? Or will he allow his secret and the betrayal to cause their demise?’

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Blurb for book 2
'Things are not what they seem to be.
Jay and the world were lied to. The Aliens are not God, but what, who are they?
Jay, along with his new found love, Mandi must battle forces unseen to save Earth with a faith that is barely hanging on.
Mandi has a secret. Will her secret be enough to keep her alive? Or will it be enough to cause her demise?
Deception, Lies, False Friends, and Secrets... Is their faith strong enough? When it matters, who will fall and who will stand the test of time?
Who will remain true? Is this the Biblical downfall of Man?'

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