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Author Spotlight~ Isobelle Cate

Isobelle Cate is a woman who wears different masks. Mother-writer, wife-professional, scholar-novelist. Currently living in Manchester, she has been drawn to the little known, the secret stories, about the people and the nations: the English, the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh, and those who are now part of these nations whatever their origins. Her vision and passion are fuelled by her interest and background in history and paradoxically, shaped by growing up in a clan steeped in lore, loyalty, and legend.

Isobelle is intrigued by forces that simmer beneath the surface of these cultures, the hidden passions, unsaid desires, and yearnings unfulfilled.

Book 1 in The Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series

There is an on-going war between two breeds of immortal warriors who carry human, vampire, and werewolf blood, the Cynn Cruor and the Scatha Cruor. The Cynn Cruor wants to live in harmony with the human race. The Scatha Cruor wants to enslave them. Finn Qualtrough, a Cynn Cruor warrior is on a mission to find Dac Valerian, the leader of the Scatha Cruor responsible for the deaths of many, including his parents. When he pursues three Scatha warriors who can lead him to Dac, he happens upon a woman who awakens a desire within Quinn to claim her as his own.

She is the very essence of his immortal life.

Eirene Spence is an insomniac and a computer genius who loves walking in the park at midnight. She stumbles upon the Scatha Cruor and is almost killed until a handsome stranger rescues her. His touch ignites a hunger inside her that only he can satisfy.

He is her soul.

By some twist of fate, one of Eirene’s clients is Dac Valerian. She is able to tell Finn and the rest of the Cynn Cruor where Dac is hiding. Now Dac wants her dead.

Will Finn be able to keep Eirene alive and at the same time fulfill his mission? Will Eirene’s wish to be part of Finn’s life come true knowing that he is destined for someone else?

*Warning: intended for mature audiences 18+

Picking up where Book 1, Rapture at Midnight, left off – Book 2 in “The Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series”

When Roarke catches a glimpse of Deanna in Dac Valerian’s club, he searches for her in the streets of Manchester just to prove that he hasn’t lost his mind. He is unable to believe Deanna is alive when he’d buried her himself nearly five hundred years before. But when Deanna turns up on the street facing the Cynn Cruor’s headquarters, Roarke needs to know why she’s hid herself from him all these years.

Knowing her secret can only destroy whatever feelings Roarke has left for her, Deanna remains silent until circumstances force her to reveal everything.
Hearts are broken on both sides, but Roarke and Deanna have to work together if they are to find a way of ending Dac and the Scatha Cruor’s power once and for all.

Desire rises and passions are rekindled.
Will their pursuit of Dac lead to another chance at happiness?
Or will it forever tear them apart?

*Warning: Contains explicit content and graphic details. 18+ Audience

Forever at Midnight, Book 2 of the Cynn Cruor Bloodline Series

Deanna’s whole body was on fire. Her hands cradled his rock hard erection, moving up and down, teasing, gently twisting its length while Roarke continued to plunder her mouth and tease her nipples.
She smiled against his mouth. Roarke lifted his head and looked at her with lust burning in his eyes.
“I'm thirsty,” she said.
“You want to get a drink, now?”
She laughed softly at his confusion.
Then his mouth curved into a slow grin when she went down on her knees. She heard his sharp and quick breathing as she continued to fist him. She sighed in contentment as her hand moved up and down Roarke’s velvet encased granite shaft.
“Do your worst, my lady,” he rasped, his hands running through her hair.
“My worst, my lord?” She arched her brow. “Oh, my lord, I intend to do my best.”
She gently fisted his glans before she flattened her tongue to lick the underside up to his cock head. Her finger spread his pre-cum over the tip before she licked, flicking her tongue against the tip. His flavour exploded on her taste buds. He was huge. He was salty. And he was delicious. She always had a penchant for anything Roarke.
She kept her eyes on Roarke, enjoying the play of emotions on his face. She continued licking the underside, prolonging his wait. He groaned and held on as she teased the thick vein on the underside of his rod. As she reached the base, she opened her mouth wider and drew his balls into the wet haven of her mouth. Her lips sucked while her tongue laved. Roarke threw his head back, a guttural sound emitting from inside his chest. He looked back down.
“You torment me, my lady.”
She fluttered her lashes and grinned, before she stiffened her tongue. If lust could get any hotter, it was in Roarke's golden eyes. She’d never felt this kind of power over a man.
It was very humbling.
Roarke's breathing came in gasps the closer her tongue got to his cock head. Then as though teetering close to the precipice, she slowly raised on her knees, her eyes still on Roarke before she enveloped as much of his entire shaft into her warm mouth as she could.
Roarke groaned loudly in pleasure.
Her heart felt like it was bursting from her chest. Her mouth and tongue revelled at the feel of Roarke's penis as she pampered him. Up and down. Sucking. Licking. Laving. The feel of his shaft's skin against her mouth's inner walls was exquisite. She relaxed her throat to take him as deep as she could. She closed her eyes and hummed.
She could feel he was close to the edge. Bobbing her head faster, in concert with her fist pumps, she sought to please Roarke in every way she could, rolling his tightening sac with the other hand, loving the groans coming from deep in his chest. Her forefinger slowly inched underneath the sac and she pressed on his perineum.
“Deanna! Oh, fuck!”
With a guttural shout Roarke erupted inside her mouth.
She closed her eyes as pleasure washed over her. She swallowed his essence, milking him for all he was worth. Her mouth continued moving up and down, even as Roarke buckled in front of her. Even on his knees, her mouth was still on him.
“Deanna.” His voice was strangled as he removed her from his overly sensitive shaft. He lifted her face and gave her a long hard kiss. She moaned against his mouth, letting him taste himself on her tongue. “Now, that’s one sexy way of feeding me.”
“Hhmmmm...” she purred before she sat on her feet. Her arms loosely encircled his neck as he kissed a trail to the sensitive spot behind her ear and down the column of her throat. “You really have to go, Roarke.”


Graeme Temple is nearly killed during the Cynn Cruors’ siege of Dac Valerian’s fortress on the Isle of Man, when he takes a silver bullet intended for his Dux, Roarke Hamilton. While on the mend, Graeme meets Kate Corrigan, a woman who enkindles his lust, his desire to possess, his need to protect. It is Kate who gives him a reason to be a better person than he was before.
Kate is an investigative journalist who has been following a local councilman she believes is involved in human trafficking. When she meets Graeme one rainy day, the attraction she feels toward him is something she longs for but refuses to have. Kate is about to expose the councilman when her friends are kidnapped to silence her. But she refuses to let go. Knowing that the councilman can wield his extensive influence over the police, she looks for help from outside.
Thrown together, their attraction for each other becomes a passionate conflagration that will not leave them unscathed.

But not all is cut and dried. Graeme finds out that the person Kate is after is the very person he has been searching for, for centuries. A great sacrifice is made that can break them apart. Will the feelings they have for each other be more than enough to get them through this storm? Will Graeme be a better man when this debacle is over, and will he be the man to break through the walls of Kate’s heart?

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Midnight's Atonement, Book 3 of the Cynn Cruor Bloodline Series

Kate rolled her eyes good-naturedly. And that’s when she felt she was being watched. Could it be the sexy stranger? She looked at the counter but she couldn’t see him. She turned back to nurse her drink, the feeling not leaving her. It wasn’t the feeling she got when she was being stalked. It felt more like the protective yet sensual kind, a whisper of a touch against her skin. Her spine suddenly tingled with an awareness which sent signals down to her core, causing the nub inside her sex’s folds to throb in tandem with her heartbeat. She looked around again even as she tried not to squirm and moan because of the delicious sensations occurring between her legs. She gasped when she felt liquid heat beginning to soak her panties. Her breasts swelled of their own accord and she had to brace herself on the table when she felt her nipples harden as though someone was teasing them. Kate swallowed hard. She was breathing heavily and she could feel herself flush as the sensual hunger inside her built up steadily.
Oh God, was she about to have an orgasm? In the bar?
“Kate, are you all right?” Tommy’s voice sounded far away, his concerned face appearing hazy.
Instead of replying, she made a mad dash to the exit. She could feel her body begin to tighten. She bit down hard on her lips to stop the moan from rolling out of her, but her body refused to follow. Her release crested within her like a wave about to lash against the rocks. Unmindful of her high heels, she sprinted across the grass, cutting through the cement paths and the Manchester Eye’s booth, and away from KRO, making a beeline for the concrete seats closer to the nearly deserted Market Street. She got some curious stares but she didn’t care. Just as she closed in on a stone seat, she let out a soft cry of ecstasy. She gripped the seat. Sittingdown only intensified her climax. Her body shuddered as her release spread strong over her body, causing her womb to clench before radiating out and around her breasts and hardened peaks.
“Oh, God,” she breathed, pressing her thighs together to stave off what was left of her climax. But that, too, only further pleasured her when her clit twitched repeatedly between her legs.
She shot him a glance.
“Tommy,” she said hoarsely. “I’m not staying. Tell Anthea and Flo I’ll talk to them tomorrow.”
Tommy took out his phone. “I’ll let them know now. I’m taking you home.” He gave her a cursory glance. “What happened?”
“Nothing. I’ll be fine.” She was slowly starting to feel like herself again. She heard Tommy speak to Florence telling her he was taking Kate home. He ended the call.
“Darling, you’re not fine,” he retorted, catching her when she stood up unsteadily. In a lower voice, he said, “If I didn’t know any better, you just came.”
“Thomas Mitchell!” she said aghast, her face heating up. She punched his arm and winced. Hitting Tommy’s muscled bicep with her soft fist was a mistake.
“Hhhmmm…” Tommy looked at her with a critical eye. He let go of her when she could stand properly.
“Even under the streetlights I can see you’re flushed and your eyes are still dilated. Kate, hellooo, it’s me. The sexy gay you turned to when you needed to cry your eyes after you realized you’ve been had.”
“Well, that time you were still skinny, not all buffed up and someone to die for.”
Tommy’s mouth twitched.
“You’re not my type,” Kate huffed and laughed softly. “Though I saw a few men eye you in the bar.”
Tommy rolled his eyes. “They can wait. You, on the other hand, can’t.”
Kate couldn’t argue as she nodded her assent. She couldn’t understand what had happened to her. Not even when she read what others called trashy romance novels did she get this turned on. She wondered if the attraction she felt for the stranger had anything to do with it. But that was impossible and farfetched. No one could get that
turned on by just imagining a man, could they? Someone whose touch she longed for, his hands caressing every inch of her, his breath covering every inch of her skin to bring it to life, to feel his lips on hers. To make her feel needed, wanted, and desired. That she was the only woman in the world for him. Kate shook her head to dispel her thoughts. She must really be crazy or utterly deprived of sex. The former she already knew. The latter was a choice.
“Take me home, Tommy.” She looked up at him, her eyes showing her vulnerability. She could be like that with Tommy and he’d take care of her. He was some hunk of a brother.
Tommy hugged her to his side before they started walking to the car park. The cold air did a lot to taper the heat of her body. The episode had left her spent and she
just wanted to crawl into her bed and relive the afterglow alone.

Always alone.

1. Tell us about your book/books?
I write both erotic contemporary and paranormal romance.  My first novella, Love in Her Dreams, is a contemporary erotic romance published by Secret Cravings Publishing.  It is Alec and Tamsyn’s story of how they only dream of each other until they finally meet.
The Cynn Cruor Bloodline series about immortal warriors with vampire/werewolf/human blood who protect the human race from their nemesis, the Scatha Cruor is published by Beau Coup Publishing.  There are three books out now on Amazon.  Rapture at Midnight (Book 1) is Finn and Eirene’s story, of how Eirene stumbles upon the Cynn Cruors’ nemesis, Dac Valerian.  Forever at Midnight, Book 2 is Roarke and Deanna’s story.  Torn apart more than five centuries ago, Roarke finds out that Deanna is very much alive. Midnight’s Atonement is the third book in the series.  It follows Graeme and Kate’s story.  Dac Valerian has disappeared but the Cynn Cruor have to face a new enemy.  I am in the middle of writing the fourth book which will be Zac McBain’s story.
I also have ventured into Historical Fiction.  Lakam, is the first book in a series about a woman persecuted for her beliefs in 17th century Philippines. 
2. How did you get started as a writer?
I have Secret Cravings to thank for this.  Love in her Dreams was a novella I pitched to them and they took a chance with me.  I will be forever grateful to them.
3. What’s a typical day like for you?
A typical writing day – normally the weekends - would be to wake up at around 7am, stick a tube of coffee in my arm (actually a huge mug) and start pantser writing! I take a break when hubby and son wake. We have brekkie before I go back to writing and getting waylaid by Facebook.  During the work week, I try to put in as much writing as I can at night.
4. Describe your workspace.
Adorably cluttered.  There are receipts behind and underneath my laptop, a bottle of vitamins and water beside the thesaurus, the printer is in front of a non-working fireplace,  and either mug of coffee or a glass of Apothic Red by the laptop
5. Favorite books?
Oh wow, a lot. At the moment, I have the Mammoth Book of Ancient Wisdom on my desk.  I love Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet.  It’s a staple. As for romantic fiction and its sub-genres, I love Donna Grant, Tina Folsom, Natasza Waters, Katherine Rhodes, Sable Hunter, Gray Dixon, N.j. Walters, the list goes on.
6. Tell us 3 interesting things about you.
Hhhmm….let’s see….1) I’m not originally from the UK. 2) I drag raced a Lotus Esprit in the last millennium. 3) I used to read the Tarot.
7. Favorite quote:
 “Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” 
Albert Camus
8. Best and worst part of being a writer?
Best part of being a writer is that I get to entertain – or at least try to – readers with the stories I write.  I also get to explore things that I would probably hesitate to do in real life. The worst part? I’m beginning to develop writers block. So not good!

9. Advice to writers?
Never give up. Always reach for your dream. Always learn from other authors. And most of all, don’t procrastinate. You want to be a published writer, right? ;-) On the other hand, if you can’t find a publisher, try indie publishing; but make sure that you have a good editor. No amount of self-publishing will help if the manuscript is full of holes.

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