Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lisa's Book of the Week: 'Interview with a Master" By Jason Luke

"Interview with a Master" By: Jason Luke

I thought long and hard about which book I would choose this week as I have so many gems sitting on my kindle.  The deciding factor in the end was the fact that the follow up was published this week.  The follow up was on that I oneclicked immediately, although not read yet. 

'Interview with a Master' sat on my kindle for a few months before I read it (yes I know how silly that was) and I have no idea why I waited for so long.  With a lot of hype surrounding this book, I so did not want it to disappoint and it so didn't! It exceeded my expectations.  This quickly became one of my favourites.  It has set the bar high in terms of its quality but it differs from other novels featuring Masters and their submissives.  It is does not push the lifestyle in your face and scream at you.  It introduces you to the world in a very understated way.   

An incredibly well written book that draws you in to Jonah's story of being a Master. He is dominant, confident and articulate without being arrogant. He is thoughtful but speaks his mind and has an understanding of women that just screams wow off the page at you.  
In telling his story in this way, we get to see his very thoughtful insights into how he views his role as a Master. He is a Master that thrives on deriving pleasure from the women who submit to him.  
Leticia's character grows in confidence as his story unfolds and she becomes bolder with him in a subtle way. The way that their relationship grows and develops is not in your face but done with subtle nuances.  Both find themselves falling for the other before they even consciously realise it. 
And wow!! The ending was not what I expected - it was so much better than the very predictable endings that we see in pretty much every other book in this genre. I like the unpredictability of it and together two very well developed and likeable characters in Jonah and Leticia. An amazing read that leaves you wanting more! 

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