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Author Spotlight~ Linda L. Picl

 Linda L Picl was born in Illinois in 1955. Grew up to work in many Chicago suburb libraries. from that decided it might be fun to write her own book. So she wrote the contemporary romance Next Time Love Comes, published by Beau Coup Publishing. She also has a second book in the works with Beau Coup, Solitary Dreamer. she now lives with her husband and obnoxious poodle Elliot in a suburb of Milwaukee.

Sometimes marriage isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes you have to take your own life in your hands and change it for the better.

Elizabeth Peters knows this and when she meets Aiden Roberts and his handicapped child, she realizes she'll have a fight ahead of her if she wants this man in her life.
Aiden Roberts has met the perfect woman, Elizabeth Peters. She's gorgeous, funny and loves his son and family. What more could he ask for? The only problem is – they are both married to other people.

Despite the huge obstacle, Aiden is convinced they should be together. But is the one perfect night they shared enough to make her want to leave her marriage?
Elizabeth Peters wonders if it is possible to outgrow a marriage. Of course it is and sometimes it takes all you have inside of you to make the change that will make the rest of your life worth living. Elizabeth Peters and her husband Vince are at a dangerous crossroads. His career is all he cares about. His wife and family have been pushed to the back seat of his life, leaving Liz with the realization she has to be the one to take control of her own destiny. Many woman consider leaving their marriage but Liz knows she's the one who’s going to have end it. When she meets Aiden Roberts who has already lived an incredibly hard life and needs her love, she knows this is her big chance to have everything she’s always wanted. Meeting his family during an almost fatal event, she knows she loves them all, including Aiden's son. The problem comes when she is dragged back into the fold after a devastating accident leaves her husband also needing her like he's never needed or wanted her before. Liz walks a fine line between caring for another man and his family and taking care of the man she's been with for so many years.

Where does she draw the line between concern and love? Her past and her present collides when Vince doesn't remember their love is over, forcing her to relive the past and possibly have to do so for the rest of her life. She has to find the solution to everyone else’s problems before she can fix her own. Elizabeth also has to decide which destiny she wants.
Aiden and Elizabeth’s story celebrates the fact that life is short, we all deserve as much happiness as we can grab.

Next Time Love Comes. Reaching the truck, he didn't relish the thought of letting her go and pushed things farther than he intended by leaning in and giving her a long lingering kiss. Her lips were so warm and inviting all evening, his eyes naturally gravitated to them and he couldn't resist the urge to kiss her one more minute.
Reluctant, at first, she returned the kiss not expecting the feelings that stirred inside her. Although he desperately wanted to prolong the kiss, he knew he'd better loosen his grip and give her a chance to run if she chose. To his surprise, she grabbed his jacket and pulled him back to her for one more amazing kiss

1. Tell us about your book/books?  Next Time Love Comes is a second chance romance for everyone involved. We have Liz Peters who is stuck in a marriage with an absent husband and Aiden Roberts whose wife deserted him after she caused an accident that seriously injures their baby boy. They find each other and decide now is the time to get on with their lives together. It’s a story about trying one more time to find that special person you are supposed to be with.

2. How did you get started as a writer? We had just moved to a remote house in the country, finding a job wasn’t easy considering the closest library (I was a circulation clerk) was a few miles away and they kept their employees forever. So while I kept applying with them I had many hours to spend thinking about writing a romance. Being around books so much (I had three library jobs before we moved to the country.) I thought it would be easy to plop a story down in a few hours or so…wrong! It took me five years to get this story right.

3. What’s a typical day like for you? I get up , get the housework done, check email, play a few fb games…all writers do that , don’t let them kid you. Then I get down to writing, or planning or thinking, depending on the day.

4. Describe your workspace. It’s an upstairs bedroom office. No bed, just computer desk and lots of paperwork strewn everywhere. It’s good though because between the dog, and the rest of the house being downstairs I do get my work out every day.

5. Favorite books? Anything by Robin Carr, Jayne Ann Krentz, Sharon Sala, Victoria Laurie or any of the authors at Beau Coup Publishing.

6. Tell us 3 interesting things about you. I’m a Master Gardener, that doesn’t get to garden much anymore (we moved to a townhouse). I volunteer at the local hospital gardens. I love poodles.

7. Favorite quote: Life is too short to spend with people you don’t like.

8. Best and worst part of being a writer? Best…is this, finally being recognized for something that took five years of my life to do. Worst. Haven’t run into anything yet. I hope there’s not a lot of bad things to worry about.

9. Advice to writers? Keep on truckin’…keep at it until your fingers bleed and you can’t see straight anymore. Then maybe you’ll have something you can sell. 

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