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Shadow Dancer by Addison Kline Blog Tour

Shadow Dancer by Addison Kline

Book 1 in the Shadow Series

Release Day: September 12, 2014!


Some secrets should just stay buried. On the day Tristan Morrow is born her mother goes missing, prompting an investigation that produces no solid leads. Fast forward 15 years, and the Morrow family still doesn’t know the truth behind Catherine Morrow’s disappearance. When 15 year old Tristan is required to write a biography on her mother for a school assignment, she learns the truth about her mother’s fate, and is hell-bent upon finding out who was responsible for her death. But when Tristan herself goes missing too, everyone is suspect, even her own father. Set in rural Fox Hollow, PA, Shadow Dancer unravels a web of lies, deceit, madness and corruption. Can investigators crack the case before Tristan meets the same fate as her mother? And who is responsible for the disappearances? There is much uncertainty as the investigation unfolds, but there is one thing that is certain: Tristan Morrow holds the master key to the entire riddle.

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Rating: ☆☆☆☆

I really liked the mystery and intrigue in Shadow Dancer. It was even a little reminiscent of Poe with ravens that lived on the edge of the Morrow’s land. Shadow Dancer introduces us to Tristan Morrow, a young girl that has never known her mother. Tristan receives a school assignment to do a biography on her mother. This assignment interrupts Tristan’s life and her family as she searches to find out why her mom left.

Tristan has a tight group of family and friends who would and did do anything they could for her. I did have to get used to the fact that Tristan’s older brothers and cousin were in the same class and had similar assignments. Something that is not all that unusual in private schools. Also it took a while to get a handle on Tristan’s dad and uncle’s ages as it seemed that would have made Tristan’s brothers older and they could have possibly remembered more about their mom and that time. Their ages were revealed at the end and it made sense.

The best character was Jenna DiNolfo. A new hire to the police department returning home from working in the big city. She thought she was going to get a quiet laid back job. Sergeant DiNolfo was a strong woman and not afraid to do her job. Her first day in she was busting chops and in deep in order to help Tristan and her family.

Shadow Dancer used different points of view, including flashbacks to Tristan’s mom, to tell some of the pieces of the puzzle. The story kept me wondering and guessing about parts of the mystery up until the end when it wrapped up the puzzle nicely. The end of the book brought the school assignments back into the mix to end on a good note.


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