Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Review of "The Lily Series" by Vivian Winslow

"Gilded Lily"
Rating: ☆☆☆☆
Hot Brazilian men and sexuality that will make you want to be Lily Baron. Gilded Lily is the first in a series of the Gilded Flower Series. The first three stories in the series were a nice and easy flow focusing on Lily. Lily Baron finds her fiancé in bed with her sister right before her wedding. As a socialite she thought that it was expected that she would grow up, get married and accept her life as it was. Lily decides to go ahead and go on her honeymoon - solo. She tried to convince her best friend Vi to go with her. Vi is Lily’s sounding board and a good confidant. As such, she encourages Lily to be her new self. While in Rio, Lily is able to spread her wings and look at herself differently. She explores her sexuality, has great orgasms, and starts to fall for Gustavo, a Brazillionaire. Lily loses her subtleness and finds her strength in Rio. It was good to see Lily making mistakes and living the way a women should when young and not yet settling down. Yes there is cheating in the book and I normally don’t like books that have cheating but it worked in this book. At the end of Gilded Lily, Lily is called home for a family emergency. You will find that you want to read the rest of the series to learn more about Lily and who she becomes.

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Calla Lily
Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Too many hawt men to choose from! Calla Lily is the second in a three part set focusing on Lily Baron. It picks up right where Gilded Lily left off. Lily is racing home from her solo honeymoon. She is taking over the family business, where she works hard to save the company. While back home in New York, Lily is still expressing herself and learning about the improved Lily. She is attempting to work things out with her twin sister, Dahlia. While she throws herself in full force to save the company, she does decompress, have great sex and manage to have a vacation. Lily runs into Gustavo, her lover from Rio. It seems like she is always running into him. Is he using her or does he really love her and can’t live without her? Lily has a number of choices for men in her life, including Todd and Alejandro. Todd is a good friend of Vi’s and Alejandro is the Dahlia’s boyfriend’s brother. Lily finds that her mom has a lot more strength than she gave her credit for and her father doesn’t have the same expectations that she thought he did. At the end, the family has to decide how they will handle the company business.

"Tiger Lily"
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Tiger Lily is the third installment in The Gilded Flower Series. Tiger Lily was the best out of the three books for Lily Baron. It picks up right from Calla Lily. Tiger Lily had me captivated to find out what happens with Lily, will she find love, will she find the future she wants. It brought the Baron family together, it resolved what was happening with the family business, Lily fully finds herself and knows what she wants. The best of all was that there were some hints woven in that definitely make you want to keep reading the next book in the series, Blue Dahlia in which we learn more about Lily’s twin sister. The first three in the Gilded Flower Series has been a great read and kept me wanting for more.

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