Friday, September 26, 2014

Review of "Ten Year Crush" By: Toshia Slade

"Ten Year Crush" By: Toshia Slade

Follow your heart and take a chance because you will only regret it.  Gabby has been in love with Cam for ten years.   Cam has been in love with Gabby for the last five years (approx).  Neither have done anything about it and their heart breaks a little each time the other sees someone else.   When Gabby takes a chance Cam pushes her away, not wanting to ruin their friendship.  This one act sends them both down a spiraling path of misery and heartache.   

Gabby's insecurity and heartache sends into the arms of another man as she tries to replace Cam in her mind and heart, but Brandon is not exactly what he seems as his public mask starts to slip to reveal the true man underneath.  While Cam tries to drink and sleep his way out of his heartache.   
Cam is incredibly sweet and romantic with Gabby, showing his softer side.  He is completely dedicated to her and her happiness.  Gabby's shyness is endearing and her blushes bring out a giggle.  Together they make an amazing couple but the twists and turns of their relationship made me want to see them together even more.  If ever a couple were meant to be together its these two. 

This is an awesome debut and it was a read that drew me and got me caught up in the lives of the characters.  Gabby and Cam's story is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at times. 

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