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Blog Tour: Tressie by Blaine Hislop

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by Blaine Hislop
Genre: Horror 
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Framed for the horrific murder of her daughter, a mentally disabled Tressie is denied justice in the courtroom, as well.. Sentenced to die, she is brutalized, tormented, and humiliated in prison before she's put to death. 

That should have been the end of it. And for many it is. But for those left with nightmares, the terrifying screams that start echoing across the valley years later are a warning.
When nervous, frightened, townspeople demand the source of the screams be found and stopped, Mayor Trebellhorn calls in a team of Ghost Hunters. 

As Travis and his team are sent in to investigate the long abandoned prison, they quickly learn that there's still one prisoner that's been waiting a long time to be set free...



Blowing out my breath… this book was intense. It is not the kind of book that you stay up all night and finish. No, this book you put down, go decompress, read something light, then go back to it. The prologue starts out with evil. But then the evil just gets worse. Tressie is a mental challenged woman that has had a daughter, Trina, who is also mentally challenged. Because they are different most, not all, of the town’s people treat them like dirt and beneath them. Tressie and Trina are treated as if they don’t have feelings.

When Trina is attacked and dies as a result, Tressie is the lead suspect. Not because she did anything wrong – but because certain people could and did pull strings. The people of Griffin’s Peak is a town where the well to do look down upon everyone else. The powerful live at the top of the hill and everyone else is below them literally and figuratively. As the attackers pulled the strings to make it look like Tressie was guilty, that’s when the real evil starts – the evil that are human beings who only care that they are taken care of, their secrets are hidden, including the everyday people that let the power of crowd pressure and influence what they think without question. Tressie is treated horribly and like an animal during the trial. Everyone is ready to suddenly believe that she is a bad person.

The vileness of people only gets worse when she is convicted. As she is dragged off to prison and there treated to really gut wrenching abominable behavior. It was difficult to see first the travesty of injustice served to Tressie, but then to see what happened in prison. To know that people can do such evil things. Tressie dies abhorrently in jail.

After a few years, the prison is shut down. But what happened in the prison still affects the town. The mayor eventually brings in a paranormal team to help dissuade the rumors of the prison. The team finds the evil and lets it out of the prison. As intense as the book was, I’m finding that I will have to read the second book to find out if Tressie gets vengeance and justice or if the evil let out of the prison will just continue to be evil and torment the town.

I noted from the author’s bio that they hope this book would be made in to a movie. My opinion is that this would be an excellent movie – just one that you would see in the middle of the afternoon and not at night.

Blaine Hislop is a researcher and writer from Canada who splits his time between the Frozen North and the Dominican Republic. He is married and loves a good scare. Tressie told him to write this book, so he did

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