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Steal My Heart

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Steal My Heart
Heroes of Seaside Point, Book 3

Realtor Alexa Sharpe enjoys a successful career, confident in her people skills until she must negotiate with a certain, sexy fireman.  Never mind that the man could practically melt a glacier, he refuses to stop teasing her which makes any sort of agreement impossible.  Both irritated and aroused by his cocky and playful attitude, she skillfully dodges his advances.
Maverick Ryder wears his ladies-man badge with pride, annoying Sexy Lexi every chance he gets. Although attracted to both her brain and her body, a bitter past experience stops him from acting on impulse. Determined not to make a second detrimental mistake, he settles into a routine that keeps them both on their toes.
Eager to strike a deal, the couple finds that teasing leads to full-blown arousal when they are forced into a dangerous game of truth or dare.

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Official uniform, my Aunt Fannie. Alexa Sharpe balanced a cardboard box on one hip while she tugged at the hem of her t-shirt with her free hand for at least the millionth time in the last twenty minutes, only to expose the tops of her breasts in the process. Never mind that the unforgiving cotton hugged her body like a second skin, one more good tug and she’d all but fall out. She exhaled a hard breath as she practically stomped across the dirt, headed for the dugout. She knew better than to make a bet with the devil, but those hypnotizing chocolate-dipped gaze and cocky grin had sucked her in. Again. And honestly, when he’d poked her with his silver-tongued pitchfork, pleasure flooded her lust-filled brain and dared her to spoil the fun. Unable to help herself, she pulled on the garment again, still convinced this was some sort of joke. No one played baseball in clothing this tight. No one in their right mind, anyway. And certainly not her. Determined to remedy the situation, she took a deep calming breath, and approached the dugout, prepared to negotiate. “Hey, Sexy Lexi.” She shifted the box on her hip and glared at the man who appeared to appreciate the scenery. “Maverick.” He lifted his gaze and grinned. “The girls are looking good this morning.” “Obviously you ordered me the wrong size.” “You told me to order a small.” “This is not a small.” “Yes, it is. Check the tag.” “Did you wash it first?” “No.” “Then I’m sure it’s a child’s size small.” He released a hearty laugh. “Don’t be a sore loser just because you couldn’t get your fine little ass up and over that wall.” As badly as she wanted to argue, he had a valid point. They had made an honest wager a month ago; she bet him that she could climb the endurance wall faster than he, and she didn’t. In fact, he had to boost her over the top. She’d always admired Maverick Ryder’s physique, she just didn’t realize how hard it was to carve it. And at least his t-shirt hugged his bulging muscles as well. “Fine,” she mumbled as she glanced around the field. “Where are the boys?” He frowned. “What boys?” “Your baseball team,” she drawled. He gave her a grin that made her want to yank that pesky top over her head and press the girls to his hard chest. “I don’t coach boys or baseball.” “Really? Then why do you need a bat girl and why am I here?” “The Seaside Seagulls are an eight-year-old girls’ softball team.  Think you can handle it?” “Piece of cake.” “Good, because you’re on.” He gestured with his head across the field where several little girls walked toward them. Lexi rolled her eyes at his lack of confidence. She was a girl, for Pete’s sake, of course she could entertain his female team. Unless there was something else Maverick failed to mention.
 Guest Post
Greetings from the hot and humid state of Oklahoma!  My name is Mia Dymond and I write sexy contemporary romance novels with a twist of sass. I currently have fourteen novels available on retailers including iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, and Smashwords. My most recent release is Steal My Heart, Book 3 in the Heroes of Seaside Point series.  This novel is the story of Alexa Sharpe and Maverick Ryder, who were introduced in Book 2, Cross My Heart.  To bring you up to speed, enjoy an excerpt from Cross My Heart: Lexi stood at the edge of the park and gazed at the tall, wooden structure that had been erected in the last several hours. From her observation, it appeared to be a wall with ropes attached in four places on top that hung down to the bottom. Was someone going to climb it? “Hey, Sexy Lexi.” She squeezed closed her eyes, cursing her curiosity. If she’d just unloaded the bottled water like Vanessa asked, she could’ve been gone by now, avoiding a confrontation with the voice behind her. She squared her shoulders and turned around. “Good morning, Maverick.” “Did you come to climb the wall?” So, she was right about the purpose. “No. Vanessa asked me to drop off a case of drinking water for the crew. What exactly are you guys doing out here?” “Endurance training. Once a year, we build an obstacle course and compete for the best time.” “The wall doesn’t look too difficult.” “Really?” He folded his arms across his chest. “The wall is only one part of the test. Do you think you can climb it faster than I can?” “Maybe. I’m a lot smaller.” “Let’s bet on it.” Lexi answered with a groan. “You give?” “No, I’m just not sure about making any kind of wager with you.” “Why?” “Because you cheat.” “I don’t cheat.” “Okay, so maybe not. But you have a way of changing the game once we start.” “Only because you let me.” “I do not! Fine, I’ll take your bet. What do I get when I win?” “If you win, I’ll retire your nickname.” “Oh.” Her sudden feeling of disappointment confused her. Why did that possibility not thrill her? Maverick had called her Sexy Lexi since the day they’d met and yes, it annoyed her – at first. Now, however, not so much. “Really?” “Really. But if I win, you become the official bat girl for the Seaside Seagulls. I’ll even order you a uniform.” She had absolutely no idea what being a bat girl entailed, but that didn’t really matter. She would win the bet with Maverick – even if she had to use creative measures to do it. “You’re on.” I hope you’ll enjoy Steal My Heart!  Happy Reading!!!


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Dream On – Aerosmith
Strong Enough – Apocolyptica
Miss Independent – Kelly Clarkson
Girls, Girls, Girls – Motley Crue
Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not? – Thompson Square
Done. – The Band Perry
She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

About The Author 

diamondMia Dymond  I write contemporary romance novels with sexy, alpha males and females with attitude to boot. I live in a zoo,hold down a full time job, and am trying to coax my creative muse from her cage. So BEWARE, the madness may rub off on you! Facebook

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 It all began with a sixth shot of Tequila ... Independent, carefree Annessa Dupree knows she has a knack for attracting trouble but doesn't realize her true talent until she witnesses a wedding day murder. Armed with the terrible secret, running home is her only option. Sheriff Casey McIntyre has loved Annessa since the tender age of twelve, trouble and all. Hell-bent on mending past differences between them, he welcomes her home with open arms. When Annessa is forced to reveal the real reason for her return, Casey must save her life while earning her trust.  

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Book Two - Cross My Heart Amazon ~ Amazon UK ~ IBooks ~ Barnes & Noble Sometimes honesty is a bitter pill to swallow. Attempting to escape a minor distraction in her medical career, Dr. Verity Thomas finds that statement to be true when she keeps her past private and her present, secret. Only, her meticulously-planned intentions go horribly wrong when her skeletons escape from the closet and take center stage. Paramedic Travis Dupree vows to keep Verity's secrets, determined to crack her resolve in the process.  Although he isn’t quite sure of her motives, intuition tells him he is wired to cope with the female psyche. After all, he has raised a pair of mischievous twin girls – he deserves a gold medal for patience. When minor distraction becomes a major roadblock, Travis is forced to break his word and the couple must dismember the skeletons bone by bone in order to build a future.  

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