Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Lisa's Book of the Week: "Underneath" by Andie M. Long

Full of suspense and action, just the way I like it and you still get the trademark Andie M Long curveballs thrown in to keep you off balance.  I loved this book as there was plenty of time to build up to the trigger point and plenty of time to explore the mundane nature of family life.  It is a slow burner but I loved this element of it.  It gave Andie M Long the opportunity to fully show her writing prowess. 

The routine of family life can at times seem mundane and this is certainly the case for Lauren Lawler.  Feeling bored with life and somewhat neglected by her husband, she is getting through each day a day at a time by doing the school run, meeting her best friend Monique and running her own ebay business.  When she meets a new mum at the school gate, Bettina who just happens to be someone from her school days, things start looking up as Bettina leans on Lauren to get more involved in school events.  With temptation thrust at her in form of sexy teacher, Seb, and small things start going wrong, it becomes apparent that someone is out to get her.  Who and why?   

The tension builds as this story unfolds, with Lauren not knowing who to trust and what will go wrong next.  It builds so by the time you reach the shocking conclusion you are on the edge of your seat and your finger nails are in desperate need of treatment.  It is a book you will want to read in one sitting as it is not one you will want to put down.  Andie M Long has shown that she is a first class storyteller with this book. 

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