Sunday, January 29, 2017

Review of "No Apologies" By: Jess Bryant

"No Apologies" By: Jess Bryant
Rating: 4.5*

Colt Bomar: slightly more intense and walks closer to the dark side than his twin brother, Cash.  Everything that Colt does, though, is to protect his brother and to keep him clean.

Skylar has always held a special place in Colt's life but he has always kept her at arm's length to keep her safe.  Seeing his brother have more inspires him to see a possibility for more in his own life.  However, his extra curricular activities bring trouble down on them and pushes them both to their limits.

This was a slightly darker read as the rest of the Bomar clan became more involved.  Skylar's tenacity and strength stand out in a book full of testosterone.  'No Apologies' builds on the story that began in 'No Regrets' and I felt more invested in this installment because of it.

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