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Unbreakable 2 Blog Tour by Amie Nichols

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Title: Unbreakable 2, The Mystery of Lilly (Cypress Grove Series)
Author: Amie Nichols
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 23, 2014

Unbreakable Two, The Mystery of Lilly, is the sequel to Unbreakable/ Cypress Grove Series. Not a standalone book.
Just when Lilly Sumnor thought everything was going well in her life, the thing she feared most happened. She is kidnapped by her stalker, and as far as she knows, Luke is dead. She learns from her stalker some shocking news that changes everything. She tries to keep it together in hopes of escaping. When it seems like all is lost Lilly gives up, and sees Luke in a dream. Is he really there, or is her mind playing tricks on her? Will Lilly have happiness, find out about her mother, and how she came to live with the Sumnors? Can she find truths to the mysteries that have been haunting her, her whole life? Just as in book one, Unbreakable Two, The Mystery of Lilly, will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat as one secret after another is revealed. This is the last book in the Cypress Grove Series.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆
This is the Second Book in this series you have to read the First Book in the Series to understand anything in this book. I enjoyed this book because it left me wondering after the first book and this book explained just about everything.
Lily Sumnpr has a stalker and he kidnaps her in the first book this book leads to her being found. It also finishes telling her family history, She was adopted so this book tells more about who he biological mom and dad are. It also explains more about who her stalker is and you also in a few of the chapters get to here his POV of what is going on and why everything happened. We had all of the same characters in this book so I loved them all. I love reading about how much Luke loves Lily and how much Lily loves Luke. It shows how they are soul mates. You can tell in this book how much love there is between them. There was drama in the book that made me mad. There was also some things between Luke and Lily's relationship that made you feel like you was in real life and not a book. The character I did not like was Sydney because she tried to ruin the relationship of Luke and Lily. Luke calles Lily his flower and I love that
This is the second book by Amie Nichols I have read and I really enjoyed reading. She is a very good author. I always wonder when reading books how the author comes up with there story lines and I am really dying to know this with this author. Because this story line is not like any other I have read. Everything was well written in this story. But I do believe there will be another story in this series the way this ended. Let's hope so because I still have some questions not everything was answered for me. If you like stories with a mystery to the you should read this series.

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About Amie Nichols
I live in Iowa with my amazing, supportive husband. He is my rock and my king, and treats me like all women should be treated. (Like a spoiled Queen.) I have two miniature dachshund's that are my babies, and they love to keep me company when I am writing away on my next WIP. I'm about to publish my 6th book, and can hardly believe how my life has changed. I'm called an author, and still can't believe it. I've have met some amazing women in my journey so far, and have learned so much. (Sometimes the hard way.) I've been like a sponge soaking up all the information I can on how the publishing world works. It's been a roller coaster ride so far with its ups and its downs. No matter what, I will never regret anything I've done. You can't succeed if you don't try, and if you don't try you won't succeed. One of my favorite quotes is, "If the dream is big enough the facts don't matter". Some other info about me: I love my family, friends, wine, and anything caffeinated. I also love writing HEA. For the same reason I won't watch a movie that I know will make me cry, (with the exception of Steel Magnolias) I will never write a book without an HEA. There might be a few twists and turns, a cliffhanger or two, but ultimately my stories will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. For me, reading is entertainment, a way to escape this crazy insane world. If a book leaves me feeling sad, mad or gut wrenched, it is not for me. There is enough gut-wrenching sadness in this world, I don't need to read about it too. I started writing 3 years ago, and have no plans on stopping. So keep your eye on me, because with the help of some amazing people, and my wonderful fans, this girl is going to be on the New York Times best selling list someday.
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