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Snow on Magnolias Blog Tour by Hattie Mae

About the Book :
Rose Fabre has just been dumped at the altar, and not by just any man but the star quarterback of San Antonio’s Wranglers. To make matters worse, the embarrassing event is spread all over the news, and her own mother blames her. Though that is nothing new, after all Rose is never right about anything, according to her mother. She has to get out of Texas. Somewhere where maybe the news hasn’t reached.

So she heads for Bon Amie Louisiana where her aunt Odelia has been a live-in housekeeper for some rice farmers for years. If she remembers right Bon Amie is so small she doubts it even has a newspaper. The last time she was there she was thirteen years old and remembers having a great time with the farmer’s five boys.

Arriving at the LeBlanc Manor after midnight was not in her plan, but her spur-of-the-moment trip didn’t allow for wretched traffic or the herd of cattle who refused to get off the road. She is met on the lawn by one of the brothers, Sam, who mistakes her for an intruder. Once she explains her reason for a visit and he puts away his shotgun, and shows her to a room.

What do you get when you have a city girl living in a house full of superstitious farmers? Chaos, and plenty of it. Add in two kids, several lazy dogs and her lovesick aunt and Rose has her hands full.

Sam doesn’t like Rose very much and neither do his two young daughters. Rose learns that his wife took off years ago leaving Sam to raise the two girls. And for someone wanting to find a place to regain her peace of mind and forget about men, Rose has walked into a mess of them. Five LeBlanc brothers, all grown up.

Rose has some changes to make. She can continue trying to please her mother and trying to be someone she’s not, or she can embrace this new life she’s discovered and settle in. Bon Amie might not have a Starbucks, but the friendly smiles and unique characters not to mention the slower lifestyle. With this change of pace will Rose finally trust herself and to fall in love, this time its forever. But which brother will win her heart?

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20 fun facts About Hattie Mae
1. I’m an only child.
2. I married my high school sweetheart (we were both so young our mom’s had to sign for us)
3. Still married to the same man (52 years)
4. I was raised in Louisiana: the state with many lakes, bayous, and rivers. (I can’t swim)
5. I once caught a gator on a crab line.
6. Met Michael Jackson once, had a long conversation with him, (I didn’t recognize him).
7. We have 2 daughters, one son, 5 granddaughters, 1 grandson.
8. I’m a reality TV junky.
9. Mom was German, Dad Cajun.  (Cajun spoken in my home growing up)
10. I’m a very good cook. (So everyone tells me.)
11. Family called me Hatsy.  (Still do.)
12. I make the best pralines around.
13. Husband and I love Romantic Comedies
16. My motto is “You Only Regret Things You Don’t Buy”
17. My love of children made me want to be a teacher.  
18. I never got my degree so I wrote 7 children stories. (They are still in a drawer)
19. I love slot machines
20. Every year at Christmas I give our grandchildren a box of books.  I start when they are 6 months old and give them their box each year.  It has become the gift they look for.  Our oldest is 21 and the youngest is 3. They are all big readers.

Other books in the series :

With Under the Sassafras, award-winning author Hattie Mae introduces you to Bon Amie, a small town in the bayous of Louisiana full of delightful characters and sweet romance.

Nestled between the Atchafalaya Basin and Sugar Island lies Bon Amie, a friendly, quiet town, where nothing exciting ever happens. Until Joelette Benoit’s two sons find a man washed up in the murky water at the edge of the swamp.

Joelette Benoit, a widowed single mother, has sworn to never believe the promises of another sweet talking man. Fiercely independent and determined, she’s hidden away her heart, while struggling to provide for her two sons and lively mother-in-law. She swears the stranger will stay one night, and one night only, until she discovers he has no memory. Now duty-bound to aid him, Joelette decides to offer him a place to heal in exchange for his labor.

Against the colorful backdrop of life on the bayou, she watches as he immerses himself not only in her family but also in her town. She can do little to prevent her sons from bonding with the only man they’ve come to trust since the death of their father. Though she, too, is drawn to his kindness and vulnerability, she will not risk the heart of her family because without a past, this man cannot promise a future. But when his memory returns and he realizes he has blood on his hands, he knows he has unfinished business to attend to before he can claim the family he has grown to love.

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About the Author :

Award-winning author, Hattie Mae was born and bred southern, cutting her teeth on cornbread and greens and running barefoot through the canals of her small Louisiana town. So when it came to writing, there was no question as to where to set her books. She's now writing her fourth book set in Bon Amie, a busy little town nestled in the heart of Cajun country.
She's also published a short story in The Cup Of Comfort For Teachers. The love of books and writing runs in her family, Hattie's daughter is award-winning historical romance author, Robyn DeHart. When not writing you can usually find her playing with her grandchildren or cooking up some healthy versions of tasty southern fare. She lives in central Texas with her husband and one crazy cat.
Fans of sweet small-town romance will fall in love with the characters of Bon Amie. Upcoming titles include Snow on Magnolias and Sweet Tea & Mayhaw Pie.
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