Monday, May 12, 2014

Review of "Sliding into Home" By: Arlene Hittle

"Sliding into Home" By: Arlene Hittle Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Greg Bartlesby is the first baseman for the Arizona Condors, for four years running he has been known as the best brawler. At Twin Peaks he got into a brawl with a frat boy, but he knew that it was a bad idea, the reason for the brawl is because that the frat boy was disrespecting a woman. Twin Peaks is a strip club where Jade works and is the woman that the frat boy was disrespecting. Jennifer was running late for work, when she got there she was told that Mr. Stull wanted to see her. Mr. Stull introduces her to Jake Bartlesby, Mr.Stull wants her to go to court and get Jake's son off the hook by showing cleavage and leg to Judge Wyndham. When Jennifer met with her client Greg he thought that she was Jade from the club. She tried to tell him that she had a twin sister, but he didn't believe her, she went into the court room expecting Jude Wyndham but instead they got Jaqueline Troxler because Wyndham had a medical emergency. Troxler gave Greg 1,000 hours of community service to be completed in a years time. He goes back to Twin Peaks to see Jade again, he thinks that being a stripper is no way to live. He came up with a idea, he told Jade that if she needed a second job she could come work at Bartlesby Foundation. Jade of course said no, when she got home she called Jenn and told her that her admirer cam back to the club and thought she was Jenn. So Jessica came up with a plan to mess with his head a little bit, Jenn would go to the Bartlesby Foundation and take him up on his job offer. Jenn didn't want to but she did it anyways, she was given the job as assistant to Greg in doing the annual toy drive for underprivileged kids. Jennifer and Greg come up with a really good idea for the underprivileged kids. Does Greg every find out about the switch?  Greg got arrested again for starting a brawl, he doesn't want to get out from under is fathers shadow. Treating a woman right is the only thing that Greg and his father agree on. Greg's real name is Jacob Gregory Bartlesby II, his family always call him two. Jennifer is a lawyer, when she goes to work at the foundation she finds herself really liking it. She doesn't like to spend money on expensive clothes, when you can get the same stuff at cheaper prices. She has a twin sister Jessica's stage name is Jade, she seems like a very caring person and she doesn't date her clients. Jake Bartlesby is Greg's father, owns the Bartlesby Foundation. While reading this book I felt happy, I laughed out loud. One of my favorite quotes is “ So help me, if you apologize for kissing me, I will stab you with the scissors that came with my new desk set.” “ I wouldn't dream of it.” I also loved how the characters all went together. This is my first book by Arlene Hittle and it definitely will not be my last. It's a very fast paced story, I couldn't put it down. I read this book in less than one day! Arlene is a very talented author!! 

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