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In Too Deep by Morgan Jane Mitchell
"I'm going to fix you Loraine. I know what you need... you've never been with a real man. You need to let a man take charge for a change."
Loraine has no problem getting what she wants from a new man every night but has never let one in... literally. Rick needs it multiple times a day but has never kissed a woman, on the mouth that is... When two sex addicts agree to cure each other so they can be with other people, will they get in too deep?
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Never Too Late by Morgan Jane Mitchell
2 sex addicts had a deal... It didn't include falling in love...
The wildly anticipated second installment in the erotic romance series Table 21 includes Rick's POV and what comes after In Too Deep, a novella featured in bestselling erotica Forbidden Fruit Vol. 1.
Loraine, a sexual encounters addict wasn't suppose to have a fear of penetration. A freak of nature, she'd never let a man in until Rick decided he would fix her. Rick thought he hit the jackpot making a deal to be Loraine's daily fix. An addict himself, he thought he could fulfill his own addictions while he broke her in for another man... and so he could marry that man's rich Mother... until he fell in too deep. When a deal between two sex addicts leads to nothing but trouble and heartache, Rick and Loraine rediscover their addictions. Both think it's too late for love until Rick, doing the unthinkable, takes matters into his own hands.
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Never Too Late

Review of "In too Deep":

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ 

If you try to define this book you will come up short as it defies definition.  It tackles subjects that I have not seen tackled elsewhere, while dealing with the mainstream subjects as well.  Although it is short, it deals with these issues in a sensitive and in a way that leaves you thinking.  Your typical book in this genre would concentrate on man and woman falling in love but what happens when either or both have intimacy issues?  It starts with Lorraine attending a weekly meeting for those with issues around sex.  For Lorraine, she is a taker and is getting a reputation as being a tease.  For Rick, who happens to be her manager as well, it is the intimacy of kissing and going down on a woman that is the problem. 
Rick sets out to help Lorraine overcome her issues and, in turn, it helps him with his.  Both of them want to be able to have a long term relationship, Lorraine with Stephan, the guy she's had a crush on for years, and Rick with Molly, Stephan's mother.  For reasons unknown, Lorraine's life is being manipulated to suit them.  One thing is sure, who Lorraine should trust is not clear.  The end of the book reflects the misconceptions that people have about both Rick and Lorraine and this puts them both in a dangerous situation and the manipulation continues.   
With a cliff hanger that leaves you wanting more and a certain wow factor to it as Morgan Jane Mitchell pulls you into the story and does not let you go, this is a must read. 

Review of "Never too Late":

Continuing with Loraine and Rick's story after the events of "In Too Deep".  Both Loraine and Rick are trying to deal with the consequences of what happened as well as trying to deal with their deeper and growing feelings for each other.  Unfortunately, everyone else around them is determined to deal with things as they see fit and how they see fit doesn't fit in with what Loraine or Rick want.  Money and standing in society wins through.  Will Loraine and Rick find their way back to each other? 

A good portion of this book covers the events of "In Too Deep" through Rick's point of view.  While there it is a little repetitive, it also a fabulous insight into the way that Rick views himself, his situation and Loraine.  The realisation that he can be intimate with a woman comes as a relief but it brings the bigger realisation that he is in love with Loraine. 

Your sympathy will build for Loraine and, to some extent, Rick as their lives are decided for them by others and you find yourself desperately hoping that they will get their HEA.  Well as I found out that their story is set to continue, I think you can guess the answer.  Another superb piece of writing by Morgan Jane Mitchell as she keeps you hooked from the first page to last, screaming at the injustice, wanting the HEA and the final outburst of NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the end.  Really looking forward to the next installment.  

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