Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review of "The Chronicles of Moxie" By: Z.B. Heller

"The Chronicles of Moxie" By: Z.B. Heller

Moxie is woman that pretty much everyone can relate with and that most would like to be more like.  She comes across as confident in herself, is someone that will speak her mind, is quick witted and full of sass.  This is true in all areas of her life but when her step-mom interferes in her love life by trying to set her up and constantly complaining about her weight.  It is then that her insecurities raise their ugly head.  This is her story about the trials and tribulations of the dating world. 

If something can wrong for Moxie, then it will go wrong.  Slightly prone to accidents and what I can only describe as incidents of verbal diarrhea, resulting in lots of laugh out loud moments.  Enter Miles, an incredibly hot, sexy man, who Moxie stumbles across on a drunken binge, resulting in a cringe worthy conversation and ending in her puking her guts over him.  Remorse filled Moxie goes to work as a Teacher and meets the father of a new student, Miles.  Add into the mix the athletically toned David, who has been sent in Moxie's direction by her step-mom, and lots of fun filled situations for Moxie to find her way through ensues.  Each of them are carrying secrets but one only of them can break Moxie's heart.  Which one will it be? 

With a great cast of supporting characters, this is a light hearted read, with lots of classic moments.  It is quirky and full of sass and wit.  Moxie charms with her openness and her ability to stand up to those less charming characters.  A really fun read. 

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