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It Was All The Cat's Fault by Elizabeth SaFleur


It Was All The Cat’s Fault

Book #2 (Meet Cute Series)

By Elizabeth SaFleur

An opposites attract, smoking hot, mayhem and madness, sexy romantic comedy.

Oh, and one very naughty Maine Coon cat.

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Eve can juggle work, school and a fixer-upper house just fine with a little help from YouTube. Well, she could, if her beloved cat, Thor, would stop getting into trouble—like getting stuck behind the walls. Thankfully, plumbers make house calls at ridiculous-o’clock in the morning.

Enter Brent who not only has all the power tools she needs, he looks like the God Thor. A mountain of muscle with movie-star hair, shining green eyes, and a perfectly scruffed, chiseled jaw. Just great. She doesn’t have time for all the lusty neediness rising where it should not be rising. Eve reminds herself and her weakening knees that she’s a strong, independent woman determined to make it without anyone’s help. But as more renovation and cat-astrophes pile on, she finds her fingers doing the walking to call Brent to her rescue. And she has to decide if keeping him at arm’s length fits her life plan, or if it’s the biggest miscalculation she’s ever made.

It doesn’t help Thor seems to be in cahoots with Brent when it comes to foisting romance on her.


Rating: 4.5*

A troublesome cat named Thor is the reason that Eve and Brent meet, when he decides to go on an adventure in the wall. The plumber that comes to rescue him is Brent. Whilst Eve is instantly attracted to him, she has a lot on her plate with juggling two jobs, school and fixing up her house. She has promised her father that she would stay focussed on the prize and not fall into the man trap. Brent has his own juggling to do as he is helping out his dad's company as his dad is fighting cancer and also trying to finish school.

Thor is my absolute favourite in this as he keeps getting himself in scrapes that he needs rescuing from. 

Eve was definitely a hard worker and was determined to be independent and not rely on anyone or anything. Unfortunately this turned into stubbornness and a refusal to listen to and accept advice and help when she needed it.  As she was so focussed on her own goals, she didn't always give any regard to how her actions or words would impact on Brent in particular.

Brent was generous with this time and his heart. For the most part he remained patient with Eve, especially when she was refusing his help in a way that could have been perceived as offensive. 

Whilst I found this book funny and quirky, there were a few inconsistencies in the story but these could be overlooked because of the fun I had whilst reading this.

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Elizabeth SaFleur writes award-winning, luscious romance from 28 wildlife-filled acres, which she shares with her husband and one very spoiled Westie. When not immersed in books she can be found dancing or drinking good Virginia wine—not necessarily in that order.

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  1. Thank you for your read and review. Much appreciate. Yeah, Thor, he was a troublesome one. LOL