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Book Smart by Amanda Pennington


Book Smart, an all new friends-to-lovers sweet romance by debut author Amanda Pennington, is available now in Kindle Unlimited!

Melanie Hirsch is tired of watching life pass her by…

I’ve spent the last few years watching my dreams of a writing career and true love fade away, settling for a dead-end job and denying my feelings for my best friend – until I find a list of dating advice for single women to “find a husband” in the 1950s. I decide to experiment: try out the 1950s advice on my 21st-century dating pool and write about the results. If love is timeless, some of the dating advice still holds value. Maybe my experiment will launch my writing career. Maybe I’ll get over my best friend and meet someone new. Either way, I’m done watching from the sidelines.

Cameron Whitacre can’t wait forever…

I’ve spent the last few years in love with my best friend, hoping she’ll notice my friendly overtures have more than friendly intentions – but before I realize what’s happening, she declares me her wingman for a dating experiment. This idea could launch her writing career, so I’m trying to be supportive. But her experiment turns my life into a desperation-fueled dumpster fire. I need to show her how I feel without jeopardizing our friendship, all before she falls for someone else.

‘Book Smart’ is a full-length contemporary romance and can be read as a standalone. Book #3 in the Work For It series, Educated Romance World, Penny Reid Book Universe.


Rating: 3.5* 

I love best friends to lovers stories because the premise is really special but this one didn't really live up to my expectations. Let me explain why. Melanie and Cameron have been best friends for years, with the other oblivious to how the other is feeling. They both work together as well at the University but it is not really what Melanie wants to do. She really wants to be a writer and after reading a article about how to attract a husband in the 1950's she decides to use her it as inspiration for a book. This is where it goes slightly awry for me. The concept really didn't translate into the modern dating world and because of the way women were viewed at the time had the impact on my opinion of Melanie.
I loved Cameron and his story - I would loved to have seen more of this. There were moments of humour throughout that kept me reading and when these two were together outside of Melanie's dating escapades, I found myself smiling at the two of them and also wanting to bang their heads together so they could see what was right in front of them! This showed a huge amount of promise and as a first book by this author, I would come back and read more.

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A man with perfect golden-blond hair and a slim-cut suit appeared next to me. He smiled with the bright ease of someone who’s had enough alcohol to lower his inhibitions but not enough to make him obnoxious—yet.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.” He gestured at my face with his Guinness.

“I’m new here.”

He grinned. “This is like a throwback to college days, huh?”

Not any college I’d ever been to.

“Right,” I said, “those good ol’ days.”

“So tell me.” He stepped closer. “Are you here for the business or the fun?”

My best friend Ivy hadn’t mentioned which business we were supposed to be involved in, so—“I’m here for the fun.”

Guinness’s smile took on an edge. “Excellent. Want to dance?”

Glancing around for Cameron and Ivy, I couldn’t spot them. The lone bartender was busy with a large crowd, so Cameron would be a long while, and Ivy must’ve been tied up with the host. Besides, wasn’t the point of being here to meet someone new? “Sure.”

We moved to the dance floor at the edge of the pool, swaying with the bass. The light of the chandelier above us cast a glow over everyone, and Guinness looked charming in the glass refractions, his golden hair glinting.

His lips brushed my ear. “You’re beautiful.”

It was nice, feeling charmed.

I took a breath to answer him with my own compliment—probably about his pretty hair—when my gaze locked on Cameron. He stood across the room, leaning one shoulder against an exposed pillar. I smiled at him, but he didn’t return it. He just stared. My rhythm faltered. Tossing back the last of his drink—which actually might have been the gin and tonic he got for me—he moved through the crowd without the ease and friendliness he’d had earlier. No mischief lit his face. He didn’t look away from me—not once—and I forgot that Guinness existed at all.

Cameron broke eye contact when he reached us, glancing at Guinness before opening his mouth to speak.

The crowd on the dance floor surged, jostling us toward the pool. Cameron’s hands reached for me at the same moment Guinness let go of me. An instant passed as we fell into the pool, and then warm, chlorinated water surged up my nose. Even though I didn’t stay under for long, I gulped breaths when my head broke through the surface of the water. The shock of suddenly being in the water, not to mention Cameron’s actions, had left me breathless.

“Pool party!” someone yelled—it sounded like Guinness—and people jumped in at random. The water churned, and chaos reigned. The suits and tuxedos and gowns made a colorful kaleidoscope in the turquoise water.

Cameron grasped my hand underwater. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. Are you?” I sputtered around a wave of water when someone cannonballed next to me.

A man swam into view but I didn’t recognize him until he spoke. The dim lighting of the chandelier was replaced with the harsh blue glow of underwater pool lights, and his golden hair was now flat against his head. He looked completely different. Wet Guinness was not at all attractive.

“Did you bring a swimsuit?” Guinness asked.

Irritation jabbed at me. Did I look like I was expecting a late-night swim? “No.”

He grinned. “I don’t mind.”

And that was my cue to leave. I already felt disoriented from the surprise swim, but this? It wasn’t his fault we were in the pool, or that he looked bad without his golden hair, but it was his fault for suggesting skinny-dipping at this exact moment.

Book note: The appeal of skinny-dipping relies entirely on the context.

I turned away and followed Cameron to the edge of the pool, moving through the water in that vaguely weightless, slow stride I’d seen Grandma use in her water aerobics classes. He climbed out first and then turned to offer me a hand.

I looked up. Oh.

Mr. Darcy at the lake had nothing on Cameron emerging from the pool. Clingy, wet clothes; rivulets of water streaming down his chest; his cowlick sticking on end even as it dripped. Frantically looking away, I took his hand. I couldn’t let Cameron see me staring—he’d never let me live it down.

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