Monday, April 4, 2022

Flyin' Dirty by Paige Steele


Title: Flyin' Dirty
Series: Beautifully Dirty Series
Author: Paige Steele
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: April 3, 2022

Cole Kain and Trey Russell have been best friends since college, where you find one, you’ll find the other. Realizing they share the need for adrenaline causes a chain reaction of friendly competitions. If one does something, the other one has to do it bigger and better. Which is exactly how they discover their love of Freestyle Motocross.

Traveling around the country doing what you love is the best job in the world, and celebrating at the end of every night with a different lady in your bed isn’t a bad gig either. Being the best of the best in the FMX world is what the guys are known for, as well as being two of the most eligible men on the circuit.

No one has ever kept their attention long enough to make them commit, until suddenly they find themselves possibly falling for the same blonde who shows up to see them fly through the air. Competitors to the end, they decide on a best of seven wager. It’s seven dates—over seven weeks—in the end the choice is hers to make.Will one girl really flip their world upside down, making them question their friendship? Only time will tell if the guys play fair on and off the ramp, or if they’ll start…Flyin’ Dirty.


Paige Steele is an Amazon bestselling author, who lives in central NY. She enjoys writing romance that’ll give you butterflies while you flip through each and every page. She’s a loving wife, mother of two grown boys and a gramma to a beautiful granddaughter and handsome grandson. Throughout the week, she is working for an insurance company during the day and at night she’s using her imagination to write stories. On the weekends you can often find Paige and her family at a dirt track. Watching her boys’ race is what inspired her to write the Beautifully Dirty Series. Though when she’s home, you can find her playing with her grandchildren, catching a good movie or just relaxing during daylight hours, but as night falls, she’ll be working on another great romance. Friendships and falling in love are what you’ll find while reading her books.



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