Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Teathered Soul of Easton Green by Laura C. Reden


Title: The Tethered Soul of Easton Green
Series: The Tethered Souls Series Book 1
Author: Laura C. Reden
Genre: Romance (light paranormal)
Release Date: March 12, 2021

You’ve heard the term “old soul” before . . . But what if some souls simply never die at all?

It couldn’t be a worse time for Everly Beck to find her soulmate—the same day she is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Then again, the timing couldn’t be much better either. At twenty-two, a matter of months is all she has left, and her bucket list includes some epic items that demand a helping hand. Reeling from an impossible diagnosis, Everly chances upon Easton Green as he’s about to jump off the New River Bridge. Beck persuades him to stick around for just a little while longer, and as possible fate would have it, Easton is exactly what she needs to get through this difficult time.

Yet, there’s something unique about Easton that Beck can’t put her finger on. He’s hiding his past—perhaps for good reason. Could their bond be enough to transcend a lifetime?

So impressed!
No review will give this book justice. This book was so well written that it was made for the Big Screen! Full of detail and every emotion from smiles and laughter to passion and heartache. This is a timeless love story to last more than just one lifetime. Beck is so easy to relate to and Easton is someone everyone needs and wants in their lifetime. Easton is a “broken soul...a tethered soul” but one I would quickly without hesitation sign up to feel and share life with. I can’t wait for more! Well done!
Emotional tale that will make you laugh and cry. A love story that tears at your heart and leaves you anticipating the next book. It’s an easy read that you can’t put down!

“The first time I died was the hardest. I was a mess, not yet callused to say goodbye and overwhelmed by the fear of uncertainty. Still, it was one of my favorites . . . because that’s the one in which I met Easton Green.” –The Tethered Soul of Easton Green, By: Laura C. Reden

Laura C. Reden is an emerging author of paranormal, romance, and young adult urban fantasy.

Overcoming the struggles of dyslexia, Laura found that creative passion and hard work triumphs over her disadvantage.

Laura is a Southern Californian native, wife, and mother of two daughters. Her pastimes include video production, pottery, and horseback riding. While she received an education in social and behavioral science, she currently works as the chief financial officer for her family-owned law firm in San Diego.



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