Thursday, March 4, 2021

Light of the Sky by Gina Sturino


Title: Light of the Sky
Series: Of the Gods #2
Author: Gina Sturino
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Release Date: February 26, 2021

“Gina created a world in the first book, Fruit of the Land, then gave us a totally new experience in Light of the Sky...equally wonderful! MUST READ!!” ~ 5 Star Amazon Review

Will she fly or will she fall?

After completing her divine mission in the mortal realm, Novalee is offered the ultimate reward: a station in the Kingdom, the heaven of heavens. Accepting this fate means she’ll become purely divine as an angel, no longer burdened by the ache of humanity.

Claiming her ticket to serenity should be an easy decision, but the repercussions—including losing the ability to transcend the realms—last an eternity. Unprepared to leave behind those she loves most, Nova questions her destiny and returns to the mortal realm in search of closure and answers.

Instead, she finds Dane.

Nova’s mysterious new neighbor has her swooning, but his yo-yo signals give her mental whiplash. As Dane and Nova fight an undeniable attraction, they find solace in one another, each seeking peace with the past. With Dane’s help, Nova sorts through her muddled, masked memories. But the bounty hunters of the divine are hot on her trail, and she must find closure before they find her.

The second book in author Gina Sturino’s Of the God series brings an unforgettable story of redemption, hope, and a love that defies fate. 

While each book in the series can stand alone, reading them in order prevents spoilers and offers the best experience. Enjoy the journey!

Gina Sturino has been devouring romance novels since her teenage years. After marrying her very own Prince Charming, she found the inspiration to write her debut novel. While her husband isn’t a god (like Nick in Fruit of the Land), he’s pretty darn close (he may or may not have told her to write that), and helped inspire the character. They’ve lived in cities coast-to-coast and have settled in their hometown outside of Madison, Wisconsin, where they are raising their daughter.


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