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Abrupt Changes by Karen Renee


Title: Abrupt Changes
Series: O-Town Series
Author: Karen Renee
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 16, 2021
Cover Design: FuriousFotog

Weeks after a bitter divorce, tragedy brings me back to Orlando for the foreseeable future to care for my mother and determine what direction my life should take.
When someone unlocks the back door to my mother’s house, I expect an intruder.
I never thought I’d run into Clint Ramsey like this.
After nine years, my attraction to him hasn’t faded.
He not only has a key to Mom’s house, he has a key to my heart.
It takes all my resolve to steel myself against him and the magnetic pull he’s always held over me.

When I fell in love with Raegan, I fell in love with her mom and sister, too.
The day I left her in New York City was the worst day of my life. It destroyed our future, and I’ve regretted it ever since.
With Raegan back in Orlando, I’m determined to keep my distance to protect my heart and my peace of mind. The problem is deep down; I know this is my last shot at happiness and I won’t let it slip away.
When Raegan’s safety is threatened, I must fight to protect the only woman I’ve ever loved.

When had I lost my common sense? Whenever Raegan was around, that was when.

Years ago, my common sense fled around her because I was thinking with my dick. Now I had no idea why it took a hike around her.

It had been nice spending an evening with her at Cassie’s, but it fucked with my head. In my line of work, having my head fucked up wasn’t hazardous –it could be fatal.

A Hyundai Elantra pulled up in front of my house, the thudding bass audible even with the torrential rain.

“Goddammit,” I hissed.

I put my drink on the banister, reached inside the front door, and grabbed a golf umbrella. The wind had died down, so that was a relief. I trudged to the driver’s side door and opened the door.

“You’re gonna go deaf, as loud as you listen to your classic rock.”

She was leaned over the console, but she waved a hand at me in dismissal. “Save it, Clint. My hearing is perfectly fine. In fact, my hearing is why I’m here.”

I stood close to the car so she could get out without getting wet. “Come on, Mamá. Never know when the wind’s gonna pick up again.”

She glowered up at me but put her tiny umbrella aside. She straightened from the car, her handbag on the crook of her elbow. I threw her door closed, and she beeped the locks.

On the porch, I set the umbrella off to the side to drip dry. I turned to see Mamá scowling at my drink.

“So, it’s true. She’s back?”

There was no sense lying to Mamá. All of her children were transparent to her.

“She is, but—”

“But nothing. I hear Penny Connelly hopes you two will hit it off again.”

“There’s nothing to hit off again, Mamá. You shouldn’t have driven over here in this weather. Do you want to go in—”

She pointed a finger at me. “No. You know I just got off work, so I had to drive in the rain regardless. Plus, I was not going to have this conversation with you on the phone. You’re a grown man, Clint, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still protective. Do not let that woman do you wrong again.”

“Laura or Erica listen when you’re like this?”

She narrowed her eyes. “Don’t get logical on me, dear. Miracles happen, and one day the miracle will be one of my children listening to me. You can be my favorite son if you listen about this.”

I chuckled. “Ma, I’m your only son, and you love us all. None of us are your favorite.”

She arched a brow conceding the point.

A thought hit me and I canted my head at her. “How’d you find out Penny hopes we’ll hit it off again?”

A devious smile curled her lips. “I run a hair salon, Clint. Beauty might be my business, but I trade in gossip by the hour.”

I sighed because I damn sure knew that.

“You don’t cut Penny’s hair, though, and she doesn’t get out that often.”

She nodded. “Yes, but I know her stylist. And her stylist has the loosest lips.”

I looked out at the street. The rain had tapered off.

“So, what? You just here to lecture and run?”

“Of course. Rumor has it Erica is back with that no-good Carlos. So many lectures, so little time. I love you.”

I bent so she could kiss my cheeks. “Love you too, Mamá. I’ll walk you to your car.”

She waved me away. “Don’t bother. I won’t melt.”

“You raised me better than that. Let’s go.”

I stood on the sidewalk watching her car until she turned the corner, pleased to see she’d got her right turn signal fixed.

Sitting on the porch again, I smiled. It was good Mamá had dropped by, because regardless of my age, that was a lecture I needed to hear. Even though I heard every word she said, and I agreed with her; I wasn’t sure I could stay away from Raegan.

Karen Renee is the author of the Riot Motorcycle Club, Beta, and O-Town series of books. She once crunched Nielsen ratings data but these days she brings her imagination to life by writing books. She has wanted to be a writer since she was very young, but it's taken the last twenty plus years for her to amass enough courage and overall life experience to bring that dream to life. Some of those life experiences came from the wonderful world of advertising, banking, and local television media research. She is a proud wife and mother, and a Jacksonville native. When she's not at the soccer field or cooking, you can find her at her local library, the grocery store, in her car jamming out to some tunes, or hibernating while she writes and/or reads books.


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