Sunday, December 10, 2017

Review of "Unplanned Love" By: Roberta Capizzi

"Unplanned Love" By: Roberta Capizzi
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Right from the start I loved Charli.  At her worst she showed strength in standing up for herself.  It was her sass and confidence that drew me in.  In going to hide out for a while in Spring Harbor, Charli is out of her depth and her comfort zone, which sees her coming across as slightly snobbish.

Her first encounter with Kean shows her at her sassy best but Kean being the gentleman he doesn't walk away from her.  A conflict in priorities and different makes a developing relationship difficult.

Charli and Kean were sweet together but pushed each other with their verbal sparring.  Spring Harbor is an amazing place that feels like home.  Yet I loved the contrast of viewpoints with Kean loving the close knit community while Charli struggles with it.  It is seeing it through Charli's eyes that makes it special as her viewpoint changes.

Roberta Capizzi always manages to create especially sweet reads with characters that you fall in love with and this was no exception.  Sweet, lovable and no drama.  Loved it!!

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