Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rematch by Rachael Slate Review Tour

"Rematch" By: Rachael Slate
Rating:  ☆☆☆☆

Wen is forced on Li by the Matchmaker after failing the test to become of the elite assassins of the Lotus League.  Li is hiding from the world after losing his magic. 

This story is wrapped in the legends and mysticism of Chinese culture.  There is much more to Wen's presence on Li's island than the Matchmaker leads them to believe.

Rachael's writing is so natural and she makes it seem so effortless in the telling of this story weaved with magic and mysticism.  You find yourself immersed in this world and carried away with the story and the characters.

Wen and Li can be described as complete opposites but have more similarities than differences in common.  Wen is a fighter and will never give up, even when it all seems hopeless.  Li has resigned himself to his lonely, secluded existence after his loss.  Wen's presence shakes things up in more than one way and brings Li a new perspective on life.

I loved the story telling and the flow of the story.  It all seemed so natural.  Rachael Slate is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine.


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